Ailments that have stress as the prime cause in men

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First of all, we need to understand what stress is and how men react to stress both physically and mentally. According to American Psychological Association, men are not comfortable reporting emotional & physical symptoms of stress. Many evidences suggest that men are also like to be isolated when they are stressed.

Many studies also say that men are mainly stressed because of their home, work and relationships. Many specialist also believe that stress can make man sick, and it’s has a higher risk of disease such as cardiovascular disease and some sort of cancer. This leads men to intake pills such as Cenforce 200.

How stress influences men’s health?

Every men experience  stress less or more because our lives has many obligations such as school work, college work, Professional work, raising kids, taking care of parents, taking care of family and many more and it’s seems  like a stressfree day is impossible  . And this leads a very unfavorable long – term effect on men’s health.

If stress is coming in the way of men’shappiness then he should consider talking to doctors or physicians. Here are some of the complications men can face if he avoids the symptoms of stress.

  • Prostate Cancer a studies suggest that stress on nerves increase the risk of prostate cancer and support tumor growth and spread, men’s sympathetic nervous system ( SNS ) controls men’s body’s fight-or-flight response to stress. Men’s parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) operates to relax men’s body and in this case both play a critical role in prostate cancer. Now stress causes men’s SNS to release the chemical noradrenaline which was establish to trigger the cancer.
  • Erectile Dysfunction According to studies personal, professional and relationship stress are the main reason of causing ED and most of the time it’s found in the middle – aged man.
  • Men Infertility this is the effect of chronic stress on testosteronelevels and when sperm production and sperm quality boosts the risk for infertility.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases stress is always the main source of heart disease because stress that increase the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Chronic painsome stress can increase pain sensitivity, and it lead men’s muscles to tense, which is the main reason for neck, shoulder and back pain, it’s also cause headache, migraine and many more.

Now you all know how stress is going to influence men’s health but still there are many men who consider taking pills such as Fildena 100.

How we can measure stress?

In recent times there are many several methods for measuring stress but doctor preferred medical questionnaires.

In order to measure men’s stress doctor will ask men about their stressful event or circumstances which lead to start of the symptoms. The doctor may also suggest some medical tests to rule out the underlying medical condition.

Now you must ask what are the symptoms of stress men can include emotional change, change in behavior, change in the thinking ability and changes in physical health are some of the symptoms men can have if he is stressed.

But symptoms of stress can very because every individual handle stressdifferently. So men should discuss this things with doctor and here are some of the following symptoms men can have:-

Emotional symptoms 

  • Men become easily frustrated and moody.
  • Men become overwhelmed, as if they need to take control.

Physical Symptoms

  • Low energy.
  • Aches, pains and tense muscles.
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
  • Loss of sexual desire.

Behavioral Symptoms

  • More use of drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
  • Men become more nervous and this leads to nail biting, fidgeting& pacing.
  • Men started to avoid responsibilities.
  • Men stop eating or not eating enough lead to change in appetite.

Now you all know how men measure stress and what are those symptoms to understand stress, but if you really focus on the symptoms of your body then you can easily handle and manage it. Otherwise, men may need to depend on the pills such as Vidalista 40.

What are the others way to handle stress?

Stress management in men’s life is very important because men need to deal with many obligations in their daily life and for that they need to exercise regularly. And this is the key to long term stress management.

Many studies suggest that people who exercise daily have a better moods and more energy than those who don’t exercise regularly. This also lead to lower the risk of many health issues, men can also learn relaxation techniques or yoga which will surely help to manage stress. After all, we cannot remove all the stressful things from men’s life but you can change how you respond to them.

And this article is clearly discussing those important techniques to be happy and focus on your goal. Rather than focusing on the stress. But still many men will choose to stay with those high dose pills such as Cenforce 100.

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