Who Is the Strongest Marvel Character?

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It is probably difficult to say who is the strongest Marvel character. MCU does have a lot of heroes and villains who are extremely strong. From Captain Marvel to Thanos to Guardians of the Galaxy, there is no end to the number of villains or heroes in this multiverse series.

Moreover, MCU has so many great characters that we can even make the top 100 most powerful Marvel characters. But in today’s article, we will feature only the top 19 most powerful Marvel characters. So, let’s begin!

Who Is the Strongest Marvel Character – and why?

#1 Odin

In the MCU, we haven’t seen Odin doing too much other than expelling Thor from Asgard. But in the comics, he is powerful. Moreover, he is the leader of Skyfathers. Also, he has a lot of influence and power in the cosmos.

Furthermore, his power is similar to Zeus but much stronger. He can hold his cosmic entities, such as Galactus, in a fight.

Lastly, he also has the power of Odinforce, which is very strong magic that will allow him to do anything he wants.

#2 Hulk

If you wonder if Hulk will be in who is the strongest Marvel character, then, of course, he is in it. We know when Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns to Hulk. He becomes a green skin giant beast who is unstoppable and will destroy anything that gets in his path.

The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he will become. Moreover, he has an invincible exterior, and his strength is almost unmatchable. He is powerful enough to press more than 100 tons. If he wants, he can even destroy meteors as big as Earth with his bare hands.

Who Is The Strongest Marvel Character

#3 Dr. Strange

One of the strongest Marvel character Avengers is Dr. Strange. He is the magic man and Sorcerer Supreme, and the strongest wizard in MCU.

Moreover, his control over magic is immense, allowing him to perform magical acts such as astral projection, levitation, time travel, dimensional travel, teleportation, and other powerful magical stuff.

Furthermore, if he is in his best form, then he can do anything. He was the user and protection of Time Stone.

Dr. Strange

#4 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is another person who is in our who is the strongest Marvel character list. Even though her origin is slightly different in comic books and movies, she is powerful in both versions.

You can consider her to bewitch, a scientific experiment, mutant, or all three. Moreover, she can fly and can blast the villains with energy. Also, she can use telepathy and telekinesis.

Furthermore, she is a Nexus Being. They are very few and rare people in the world and can alter the future of the world.

Who Is The Strongest Marvel Character

#5 Cyttorak

He is an extra-dimensional mystical creature, and Cyttorak lives and looks over Crimson Cosmos. In this place, he is omnipotent, but it is unclear how strong he is when he is outside.

Moreover, he can create life and has created a whole race of elves with his magical energy. He did it so that there was someone who could adore and worship him.

Also, he has given objects to other characters, which has helped them in a fight. He has given Crimson Brand of Cyttorak to Doctor Strange, which expands his ability, and Crimson Gem of Cyttorak to Juggernaut, which helps him gain more strength.

#6 Phoenix

One of the most powerful Marvel character 2021 is Jean Grey, aka Dark Phoenix. She is ageless, immortal, and a cosmic entity that represents every life in the Marvel universe. This entity’s favorite host is Jean Grey, who is a strong, telekinetic X-Men member.

Moreover, Jean Grey has unlimited cosmic power, and it is connected to every psionic energy in the omniverse. Omniverse includes pocket dimension, all multiverse, etc.

#7 Vulcan

Vulcan (Gabriel Summers) is the brother of Havok, who is Alex Summers, and Cyclops, who is Scott Summers. He is a mutant at Omega level and former emperor of the Shi’ Ar Empire.

Moreover, he can manipulate and absorb any energy and then use that energy through his blasts.

Also, Vulcan has the power to nullify his enemies’ power and use them. We have seen he has used the telepathy technique used by Marvel Girl against her.

#8 The Magus

The Magus is another character who is on our who is the strongest Marvel character list. His life began as the powerful Adam Warlock. However, the In-Betweener abducted him and sent him to another realm.

In this realm, he learned about Mast Order and Lord Chaos’s dark secrets and all the truth about life and death.

Order and Chaos send a cocoon in the past where Adam developed as The Magus. In another battle, he defeated Thanos, and then Adam meddled with his timeline too much that Adam started to fade. The Magus’s powers were cosmic powers, life absorption, and even control the Infinity Stones for a few moments.

#9 Thanos

If we are making a list of the strongest Marvel character in the MCU, Thanos will be on the list for sure. He was born on Saturn’s Moon (Titan) and was the kid of Sui-San and Eternals Mentor.

Also, he carries the genes of Deviants, and his build and physical appearance are similar to them. While growing up, he was obsessed with Mistress Death to the point that he even killed his family for her.

Moreover, Thanos can expand his powers and strength with the help of artificial and mystical things. This means he can become even more powerful than the Eternals.

Furthermore, his strength is extremely vast, and its limit is unknown. We have seen him destroying planets with his blows and even punched away the Hulk effortlessly.

Also, he is super intellectual, and that can destroy all forms of life.


#10 Sentry

He is one of the strongest characters in the MCU. Although many people say he is a clone of Superman, his character is much more complex.

Sentry has been both a villain and a hero because of his past drug addiction and dissociative personality disorder.

He has the power to destroy millions of suns, and thus his strength is immeasurable. Even when he was mentally fragile, he could break Hulk’s limbs. He is extremely intelligent, can perform molecular manipulation and psionic powers.

#11 Hercules

Hercules is an Olympian demigod and the son of Zeus. He is the most powerful Olympian, and his strength is immeasurable.

Moreover, he has knocked Abomination with just one blow and then murdered Ragnarok with weapons he uses. Also, he can carry the weight of the heavens single-handed in the mythological era.

Being a literal God of Strength, he is extremely powerful, and thus he is on our who is the strongest Marvel character list. Also, his long-time rival and friend Thor has admitted that Hercules has the upper hand in physical strength.

#12 Eternity

Eternity is the twin brother of Infinity. He is an abstract entity who represents the reality and time of the Marvel universe. Both Eternity and Infinity are cosmic beings, and they both represent the time and space continuum.

Moreover, he is an immortal embodiment and almost an omnipotent of the universe. He has the unlimited capability to manipulate matter, energy, time, magic, space, and the world’s reality.

Also, Eternity has the power to manifest himself as a force that is living in Earth Dimension. Besides, he has also defeated and abducted Death’s physical embodiment.

Furthermore, after the destruction, he was able to reconstruct Earth like before.

#13 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the top 10 strongest Marvel characters of all time. She is much more powerful in the comics than in the movies.

Moreover, she can shoot photon beams, is indestructible, has the ability of interstellar flight, and is extremely strong. Also, she can control light and gravity and has the power to absorb and manipulate magic and radiation.

In the comics, she can even tether herself in a white hole, giving her even more power.

Captain Marvel

#14 One-above All

One-Above All is the creator of every life in the multiverse and beyond and also a Celestial. It is omnipotent and is superior to the Living Tribunal. Also, One-Above All is known as Above All Others.

The entity exists beyond space and time. It can even alter its appearance and represent itself either as a female or male.

Since it is the supreme and ultimate being, it has the strength and capabilities that are beyond any human and the superhumans in MCU.

#15 Proteus

Proteus is an Omega-Level mutant. He has the same ability to change and twist reality as Scarlet Witch. But his capabilities do not end there.

Moreover, he can teleport in the multiverse and Marvel universe anytime he wants. Also, he can terraform planets, manipulate molecules, and can generate forcefields.

Proteus is one of the few people who can travel to the Astral Plane. Besides, his telekinetic and telepathic capabilities are beyond our imagination. In his natural form, he is composed of pure energy it means that it makes him immortal. However, it does not make him cosmic.

Furthermore, Proteus needs to possess a human host to feed on. Once he leaves one human body, they are just like zombies.

#16 Molecule Man

Molecule Man is another character in our who is the strongest Marvel character list. He was created in an accident that involved an atomically powered device.

The accident gave him the power to control all molecules, and after gaining this power, he wanted to take over the world.

However, it did not happen as his power was hindered due to the psychological issues he got from his mother. But since the whole universe is made of the molecule, he can do anything to anyone at any time.

Moreover, he can manipulate every form of matter in every universe. He can transform an object’s subatomic or atomic level, which means he can change one thing to a completely different entity.

#17 Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal is one of the powerful beings in the universe. Unlike others, Living Tribunal has no counterparts. Moreover, the Living Tribunal’s main work is to protect and maintain a balance in the multiverse.

Also, to maintain and preserve the mystic balance, it can destroy any inhabited planet. Living Tribunal can create supernova power from the stars. Besides, it has unlimited power, which is far more powerful than Thanos.

#18 Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the son of Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. He was a born mutant and could use his power when he was a kid, unlike other mutants who could not use it until they reached puberty.

Moreover, the Celestials have said that Franklin is an Alpha Level Mutant which means he is Beyond Omega Classification. They even said he is the most powerful mutants present on Earth.

Also, he can create a pocket-size universe at any time and is equal to Celestials.

When he became an adult, he could turn Galactus into the herald and defeat two Celestials. He has limitless power and will become much more powerful once he matures to handle his powers.

#19 Beyonder

Beyonder is from the race who are known as The Beyonders. The physical form of the entire multiverse is known as Beyond Realm.

At the time of the Secret Wars arc, Beyonder has created a planet which is called Battelworld. He created this world by taking pieces from many other planets.

Moreover, in this world, he has forced a lot of superheroes and supervillains from Earth to fight in a never-ending battle between evil and good.

Furthermore, it is stated that his powers are much stronger than Living Tribunal and Eternity. He can cause demolition on a multiverse level, and at the same time, he can control the mind of every living being on Earth.

Another reason why Beyonder is on our who is the strongest Marvel character list is because he has the psionic ability and limitless strength, which is beyond every superhuman and most of the cosmic entities.

Final thoughts

Marvel has hundreds of characters who are extremely strong. We have only posted 19 most powerful characters from the Marvel universe. Let us know who do you think is the strongest character in Marvel in the comment section below!

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