Fastest Roller Coaster in Disney World That You Need to Know

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Disney World is full of thrill rides. If you wish to know about the fastest roller coaster in Disney World, then you’re at the right place.

Top 8 eight fastest roller coaster in Disney World

Here are a few rankings of the fastest roller coaster in Disney World:

Space Mountain

Space Mountain takes its riders on a galactic ride ‘to the stars’ as one would like it. Riders zoom through the stars after they take their seats.

There is some general confusion when it comes to tracking the speed of this ride. Some believe that the ride moves at 35 mph, while others believe it moves at 28 mph.

The special effects and the absence of light make the rider feel like the ride is moving faster than it is.

Space Mountain

Primeval Wheel

Primeval Wheel is an old ride located at Animal Kingdom in DinoLand.

The ride is small and is not the biggest ride at Disney World. However, it spins fast and whips the guests around at a fast pace. The ride moves at a speed of 29 mph. The ride is not operating now owing to maintenance work.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This roller coaster is based on Snow White’s story and takes guests on a ride based on that story. The train starts slow in the mine cart vehicles, which rock the guests. However, the ride picks up a speed of 34 mph towards the end.

If they are lucky, one can even spot Snow White and Dopey dancing right before unloading.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This ride sends guests dropping from a thirteen-story elevator suddenly. The drop is quite random. There is time build-up before the drop so that the riders cannot suspect the exact moment of the drop.

The ride drops at the pace of 39 mph. The haunted theme of the ride further encourages the thrill of the ride.

Rock n’ Roller Coaster

This ride moves very fast. The ride has 125 speakers, with one speaker on every ride vehicle.

You are in for a surprise if you’re wondering how fast is Rock n’ Roller Coaster is. It moves at the speed of 57 mph in less than 3 seconds. The ride is about one and a half minutes long. However, you will feel like you’re zooming even after stepping out of the ride.

Expedition Everest

This ride will have riders scaling the back of the Himalayas on a speedy train. However, once the ride hits a dead-end, the riders plummet backward. The ride takes intense turns and sudden drops.

The ride has one frightening yeti, an intense track, and a ride that moves at the pace of 50 mph. It is considered one of the fastest rides of Disney World 2021.

Expedition Everest Disney World

Slinky Dog Dash

This ride was built after the Toy Story series. One should not get fooled by the cute-looking theme as guests get whipped soon enough on the ride.

The ride has two launches, one at the end and the other at the beginning. It has intense turns and moves at the speed of 40 mph.

Test Track

This is the fastest ride and fastest roller coaster in Disney World, where guests move around in SIM cars. Riders design their vehicles here and take them for a spin to check how they are doing on the tests. Riders ride the car only after being fully tested and safe for use.

Here, the riders are whipped around three stories in the air at a 50-degree angle track at 65 mph.

These were some of the fastest roller coaster in Disney World that you needed to know of. We hope you have more clarity on what rides to pick for your adventure.

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