Best Food at Hollywood Studios That Are Worth Trying

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To find the best food at Hollywood Studios is a tricky game for sure. It is something that you must know beforehand if you are planning a trip here. We are sure you must be wondering what is the reason, correct? Let us have a look.

You can do many things at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. From Star Wars Galaxy Edge, Toy Story Land, Tower of Terror, to Wonderful World of Animation, there is a lot to enjoy here. But, when it comes to food, Hollywood Studios is rated the worst of all.

Best Food at Hollywood Studios

If you are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying a proper full meal, this place surely is not what you are looking for. However, there have been quite a few additions to the dessert section that is at least worth trying in the recent past.

What is tricky is to know what these desserts are since there are an array of foods available at this place.

Hence, below is a list of the best food at Hollywood Studios that is a must-try.

Jack-Jack Num Num Cookie: Toy Story Land

Are you a fan of cookies? Then you would root for the Jack-Jack Num Num Cookies. It is because this is one of the best food at Hollywood Studios.

The Jack-Jack Num Num Cookie is a warm and huge cookie made of chocolate chip. The side of the cookie is crispy, while the center of it is soft.

The cookie is large enough to be shared with three people easily. Hence, if you are in a group, you can grab one of these easily. But, we are sure that the cookie is so delicious that you would not want to share it.

This cookie debuted first on Disney’s California Adventure in Pixar Pier. Just in a few days, it had made its way to everyone’s heart, becoming one of the must-have cookies.

Soon after, this cookie made its way to Hollywood Studios. Needless to say, here too, it has made its way on to become one of the few must-have snacks.

This cookie is available at Toy Story Land. It is present right beside the old entrance of the Toy Story Land. The entrance has now been shifted to another place. Hence, if you are not aware of that place, you can ask anyone for help.

Image Source: LA Dreaming

Brownie Sundae: Hollywood Scoops

Hollywood Studio houses many ice cream houses for all the ice cream lovers. One of such the most popular ice cream joints is Hollywood Scoops.

This quick-service outlet is located at Sunset Boulevard. The outlet is housed at its very own building, and thus you would be able to spot this one easily.

To put it straightforwardly, Hollywood Soops serves one of the best snacks at Hollywood Studios. It has a massive menu with a variety of options to choose from.

There is an array of flavors, from the traditional to the quirky one. Thus, you can choose to have any that you wish to have. Along with that, there is several options in which you can choose to have your ice cream. There are cone options a variety of cups, sticks, and sundaes.

Hands down, the most favorite attraction for everyone here are the sundaes. The best sundae amongst all is the Brownie Sundae. If you are a lover of the traditional way of having ice creams, you must give this a try.

The Brownie Sundae is made of vanilla ice cream, a classic traditional snack, hot fudge, which is topped with whipped cream. We bet that the sundae is so delicious that you would not even think of letting someone have a scoop.

best food at hollywood studios

Carrot Cake Cookie: Trolly Car Cafe

Most of us here are a fan of carrot cake, are we not? If you are too a fan of carrot cake or even if you are not, we are sure you will love this dessert.

Carrot cake cookie is a must-have for many people who come to Hollywood Studios. We all are extremely fond of a slightly modern take on our traditional carrot cake.

We bet you are wondering what a carrot cake cookie is. A carrot cake cookie contains two extremely chewy cookies with a cheese frosting between them. The cheese frosting is exceptionally smooth and an absolute delight for everyone who gets to have a bite.

Everyone who has it boasts about how the perfect texture and flavor of the carrot cake and the cheese frosting. If you have a small appetite, we would suggest you not take one carrot cake cookie alone. Well, that is because it is enormous in size. Even the people with a really good appetite would find it a little difficult to have it all alone.

You would get to savor this dessert at the Trolley Car Café that is located at Hollywood Boulevard. Apart from just the carrot cake cookie, it also contains many more desserts and beverages on its menu. Many people find this cafe the perfect spot to grab a coffee and some snacks before they begin their day. Hence, a person can easily say that this place serves one of the best snacks in Hollywood studios.

Carrot Cake Cookie
Image Source: Disney Food Blog

Peanut Butter & Jelly Milk Shake: 50’s Prime Time Cafe

We cannot make a list of the best food at Hollywood Studios without including the Peanut Butter & Jelly Milk Shake.

We emphasize that you try the Peanut Butter & Jelly Milk Shake even if you are not a fan of milkshakes. Because we bet after you taste this, you would become one.

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Milk Shake is one of the best Hollywood Studios snacks. It is that quintessential treat that you must try when you are here.

Let us talk a little about how this milkshake is made. Well, this milkshake is made with jelly and the best peanut butter that you can think of.

The twist is when they amp up the taste game by adding ice cream and chocolate. The next thing you know is that they blend and serve you what is known as the best Hollywood Studios snacks.

We are not sure if you are impressed by the description, but we can assure you that it tastes nothing less than heaven.

You would get this milkshake at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios. Apart from just this milkshake, this place also serves an array of other refreshing drinks that you can try.

The good thing is you can order this drink even if you do not have a reservation here. But the tricky part is, it is challenging to find a seat because it is always loaded.

Image Source: Disney

Butterfinger Cupcake: Trolly Car Cafe

Next on the list of the best food at Hollywood Studios is Butterfinger Cupcake. When we talk about having cupcakes in Hollywood Studios, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Butterfinger cupcake. And the main reason for this is because it tastes delicious.

If you have been to Hollywood Studios before, you would be aware of the demand for the Butterfinger cupcake. Previously, this cupcake used to be available at the Starring Roll.

The quantity of the cupcake used to be enormous and impossible for a person to have alone. Along with that, its price was also way cheaper than what it is now.

On the contrary, the Butterfinger cupcake is served at the Trolley Car Cafe in the current times. The quantity of the cupcake has been reduced a little from what it was previously.

Additionally, the price has also seen a hike. But what remained the same was the taste of the cupcake. Each spoon of this cupcake promises a riot of flavors and delivers the same as well.

Let us thus dig a little dip into how the Butterfinger cupcake tastes. The inner portion of the cupcake is loaded with vanilla cream and chocolate.

You would find that the main layer of the cupcake is made of chocolate that you would absolutely love.

The main thing of the cupcake that makes it a huge hit is the topping that is made of Butterfinger. In total, this deliciousness makes up for all the penny that you would spend on it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Blue or Green Milk: Milk Stand

When we talk about the best food Hollywood Studios, there is mainly one refreshment that creates a debate. They are green or blue milk. You would get this right outside the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Milk Stand.

The specialty of these milk choices is the unique ingredients used in making them. This delicious refreshment is made of rice milk and coconut. You would get many options of citrus and tropical flavors to choose from.

But a drawback is that this refreshment digs a hole in the pocket. Just a tiny portion of this would cost you around $8, which is a lot. But what is worth it, it is delicious.

Image Source: WDW News Today

Chocolate and Hazelnut Lunch Box Tarts: Woody’s Lunch Box

The Chocolate and Hazelnut Lunch Box Tarts is one of the most loved food at Hollywood Studios.

You are not suitable if you think they are just like any other pop tarts, and there is nothing to get so excited over it. The tarts served here are among the most in-demand snacks at Hollywood Studios.

You would get these best-selling and the most delicious tarts at Woody’s Lunch Box. There are numerous flavors of tarts available at this place.

Some of the most famous ones are chocolate, hazelnut, and raspberry. Along with these, you would also get some seasonal flavors that you can get during each season. These are made in-house and served fresh.

The debate on the best flavor has been going on for a long time now. What most people like are the chocolate and hazelnut ones. Thus, if you are here and love these flavors, the Chocolate and Hazelnut Lunch Box Tarts are a must-try.

best food at hollywood studios
Image Source: A Night Owl Blog

Ronto Wrap: Ronto Roasters

When you talk about the best food in Hollywood Studios, you cannot afford to miss out on Ronto Wraps.

If you are anywhere near the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you must make it a point not to leave the place without getting yourself one of these wraps.

Hands down, these wraps can easily own the first position when we talk about the best food at Hollywood Studios.

Image Source:

There are many options and varieties of wraps that you can choose from. Let us have a look at some of the most famous ones.

  • Endorian Chicken Wrap: This wrap includes cucumber relish, feta pesto sauce, yogurt, and marinated chicken.
  • Ronto Morning Wrap: This wrap contains shredded cheddar, scrambled eggs, peppercorn sauce, and pork sausage grilled all wrapped together in a pita.
  • Ronto Wrap: This wrap includes roasted pork and peppercorn sauce wrapped together in a pita.

If you ask which of these wraps tastes the best, then all of these are equally good. However, some people may find the Ronto Wrap and the Ronto Morning Wrap slightly better than the other ones.

When you talk about the price of these wraps, it might be a little on the expensive side. That could be a drawback of being the best food at Hollywood Studios.

Additionally, the quantity might also not be very filling compared to the price that a person would pay for it. However, these wraps are certainly very delicious when it comes to taste.

Hence, these fancy wraps would be able to fill your heart, even if not your stomach altogether.

Final Thoughts

That was our list of the best food at Hollywood Studios. Do not forget to try this when you are at Hollywood Studios.

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