Disney Characters That Start With N and There Characteristics

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How many Disney characters that start with N do you know of?

When asked like that, we know how difficult it is to name even five of them.

Hence, if you are searching for the Disney characters that start with the letter N, you are surely at the correct place.

Most children all over the world have grown up watching Disney characters. From Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and friends to Cinderella, Beauty, and other princesses, all Disney characters hold a special place in our hearts.

Needless to say, we all have a list of our favorite Disney characters, which we still adore as adults. Do we not?

There are two kinds of Disney characters when talking about Disney. The first one is the main characters, be it the heroes or the villains, who all are aware of.

The other set includes the side characters. Although they play a very crucial role, these characters are not by many.

Hence, in this article, we have mentioned the Disney characters that start with N. It includes a list of Disney’s popular and not-so-popular characters. Hence, read on to know more about them.

Disney characters that start with N

Let us look at a list of the Disney characters that start with N. Let us also have a look at how many of these characters you are aware of and remember:


The first on our list of the Disney characters that start with N is Nala, who appears in The Lion King franchise.

If you are a fan of The Lion King, you would know who Nala is. If you are not much aware, Nala is a lioness and a heroine of Walt Disney Pictures.

She was introduced to the world through the movie The Lion King, released in 1994.

Nala comes out as one of the most prominent characters in the first film of The Lion King franchise.

However, in the movie’s sequels, we see her losing out on her prominence. As a young character, she was seen as the best friend of Simba, who also was a kid back then.

Currently, Nala is the queen of Pride Rock. This is for the fact that she is married to Simba, who is the king of Pride Rock. With Simba, she also has two kids named Kiara and Kion.

Image Source: Flickr


Next on our list of Disney characters that start with an N is Nemo.

We bet there are hardly any Disney lovers who are unaware of who Nemo is. But however, in case you are not aware, Nemo is an extremely zestful and free-spirited clownfish.

And, you have not watched him yet; you must know now. This is because Nemo is also one f the most popular characters of Disney.

Nemo was introduced to the world through the movie Finding Nemo which was released in 2003. The movie’s concept revolves around Nemo, the clownfish being caught by scuba divers in the Great Barrier Reef.

His father, a very shy, fearful, and timid clownfish called Marlin, sets out on a journey to free him to Sydney. He is accompanied by Dory, who is a regal blue tang.

In the initial part of the movie, we see Nemo as a young clownfish who wants to break free and explore the world. He feels extremely suffocated being with his father, Marlin, who is shy and timid, and extremely over-protective.

However, in the latter part of the movie, we see the otherwise friendly fish becoming lazy and scared. In total, Nemo is one of those Disney characters that start with N that would leave a mark on your heart.

Here is a fun fact. The name Nemo means no one. Hence, the movie means Finding Noone. This stands true because Nemo is not real and is a fictional character. Is that not amazing?

Disney Characters That Start With N

Nanny Cook

Nanny Cook, who is popularly known to everyone as Nanny is also one of the prominent Disney characters’ names that start with N. The character Nanny was introduced to the world in 1961 through the movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Needless to mention, she is one of the most loved characters in Disney.

The Radcliffe household hired Nanny as their house help and also a cook. However, in a very short span of time only she became an important part of the Radcliffe family.

She also appeared in the movie’s sequels, which is known as 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure and 101 Dalmatians: The Series.

Here is a fun fact. Well, most of us who have seen the movies Nanny has appeared in have thought that she resembles one of the fairies from the movie The Sleeping Beauty. Did we not?

Well, that is because it is true. Nanny does resemble one of the three fairies called Merryweather. In fact, if you look closely, you would see she resembles all the three fairies a little.

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Napoleon is one of the two dogs that appear in the animated movie The Aristocrat. Lafayette is the other dog mentioned here. Here is a fun fact.

In the movie The Aristocrat, these two dogs never come face to face with the cats even for once. This is because these two dogs were added to the movie to provide comic relief to the otherwise intense story.

As for the character, Napoleon is a street dog. He stays with Lafayette in a French courtyard on a windmill site that is not used anymore. His hobbies include just chasing anyone who seems to come across their territory.

As for the breed, Napoleon is a purebred bloodhound. He is huge, wears a brown collar, and has deep brown ears and brown fur. When you compare the two dogs, Napoleon comes across as the more mature and clever one.

Since the other dog is extremely stupid, Napoleon’s wit outshines almost every time. Naturally, amongst the two dogs, he feels himself to be superior and the bossy one.

Along with his wit, Napoleon also has an incredible sense of hearing. He can figure out a lot of things by just keeping his ears open.

Together Napoleon and Lafayette have appeared in two films. They are The Aristocrat and the House of Mouse.

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Next on our list of Disney characters that start with N is Narissa. Narissa is one of Disney’s most popular and powerful antagonists. She was introduced to the world in 2007 through the movie Enchanted.

In the movie, Narissa is the Queen of Andalasia who banishes his stepson Prince Edward’s girlfriend out of the fantasy world, Andalasia. This is due to the fact that upon marrying his stepson, Princess Giselle would naturally become the reigning queen causing Narissa to lose out on her throne.

Hence, she banishes her away to another world from which she can never return. This world, in turn, is the real world, New York City.

The character of Narissa has been made by combining some of the greatest villains of Disney. They are Maleficent, Lady Tremaine, and Evil Queen. Narissa carries both the good and evil characteristics of all these characters.

Needless to mention that apart from being incredibly beautiful, she also carries many powers and abilities. However, there are three powers that drive who she is.

The first one is her ability to see where anyone is in both worlds. Both the world includes the real world where the princess is banished, that is, New York City, and the fantasy world where she reigns is Andalasia.

Secondly, the second most important power of hers is her ability to shift forms and shapes. Lastly, the third one is her ability to make poisonous apples by casting spells on them.

Image Source: YouTube

Naveen (Prince Naveen)

Prince Naveen made his debut in front of the world back in 2009 through the movie The Princess and the Frog.

Naveen here plays the role of a deuteragonist. As of status, Prince Naveen is the eldest prince of the fantasy world Maldonia.

In appearance, he has lean muscles, is of average size, and boasts pretty amber eyes and brown hair that has waves.

The story revolves around the Prince getting turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor. The only way he could turn into a human was if a real princess kissed him.

If you watch the movie, you will know that Prince Naveen is extremely proud of the way his appearances are.

He also claims to have had thousands of girlfriends in the short lifespan that he has loved until then.

However, Prince Naveen is not someone you would really like when it comes to personality. Although he is not an antagonist in the movie, it is just his personality that is a turn-off.

Prince Naveen is extremely lazy, and spoiled especially as the movie begins. The credit goes to all the privileges he had in his growing years.

Furthermore, he was extremely protective of himself. He always found it extremely difficult to accept all the wrongs that he did.

Instead, he always found it easier to blame someone else. However, many people loved his fun-loving nature. On the good side, Prince Naveen loves to fill joy in others’ lives.

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Last on our list of Disney characters that start with N is Nyx.

Nyx made her debut with the Disney fairies film Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. She is a scout fairy who guards the magical kingdom of Pixie Hollow against any unwanted threats and dangers.

She comes across as the most devoted leader of all the other scout fairies who follow everything she advises without a second thought. The other scout fairies include Chase, Shade, Di, and Fury.

As of the way she looks, the size of Nyx would be about the hand of a human. She is well built and mostly resembles an athlete. She is a young, fair-skinned fairy.

In her hand, she always carries a porcupine quill which is her main weapon in caes any emergency pops up.

Nyx has strong features when it comes to the way she looks. She has pointy white wings on her back and has hair of good length. She looks more serious and tough rather than soft and sweet.

Nyx in the movie Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is essentially an antagonist. Rather, you can easily say that she is the real antagonist of the movie.

She can go to any grounds to protect the magical kingdom of Pixie Hollow from anyone who wishes to come near it. However, she is not evil.

She is just devoted and can also sacrifice her own self for the safety of others. Nyx carries tins of positive attributes along with her.

She is fearless, brave, and extremely determined. She is incredibly aware of her duties and is always loyal and alert towards them. This fact clearly pops up in how she never lets her guards down no matter what.

Disney Characters That Start With N
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Final thoughts

Disney has numerous characters that play a role in making every film what they are. Big or small, all of these characters are essential in completing the movie as a whole. Some of these characters leave a mark behind. They can be the protagonist the antagonist or just the comic support to the film.

Hence, here was our list of the top 7 Disney characters that start with N. The contains some of the characters that you can love, and/ or hate but simply cannot deny their importance. How many of these movies have you watched? How many of these characters are you aware of? And which of these seven characters is your favorite?

In case you have not watched any of these gem of movies, this weekend is the time to do so.

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