Can You Store Luggage in King’s Cross? Discover Your Options

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If you are traveling to London, there’s a chance you are wondering about storing your luggage. More specifically, you might be wondering if there is luggage storage in King’s Cross Station. Depending on where you are traveling may make a difference in where you want to store your luggage. If you are traveling through King’s Cross Station and you have some time to kill before your next train, using luggage storage in King’s Cross Station may be ideal. However, if you arrived at King’s Cross Station, but don’t plan on going back to King’s Cross Station, luggage storage in King’s Cross Station facility may not be the best option. Understanding all of your options can be beneficial for your travels so you can make the most of your time in London. There are pros and cons to using luggage storage in King’s Cross Station and luggage storage near King’s Cross Station.

 Luggage Storage in King’s Cross Station

If you are looking for luggage storage in King’s Cross Station, there are some options that might work for you. Luggage storage in the station itself is really only convenient if you are arriving and departing from King’s Cross Station the same day. Prices for luggage storage in King’s Cross Station can be costly, especially if you are using storage space for more than two hours. Storage space is also limited. You can book online, but if their location is full, then there aren’t any more options. There is limited space for storing luggage in King’s Cross Station so if you don’t book enough in advance, you risk not having a spot for your luggage. If you are only arriving or departing from King’s Cross Station, then there might be a better option for you. During its busiest hours, King’s Cross Station can be crowded and a little chaotic. If you don’t have to go back to the station, it might be better to find luggage storage near King’s Cross Station away from the crowds of people trying to catch trains. If you just want to sightsee around King’s Cross Station but actually have no need to go into the station itself, then finding luggage storage in places nearby would be a better option for you.

Luggage Storage Near King’s Cross Station

There is a lot more flexibility when it comes to storing your luggage near King’s Cross Station. There are several locations to store your luggage that are within walking distance of the station. If you are just arriving in London and you can’t quite check into your hotel, you can find luggage storage near the station while you go and explore the city. Then, when it’s time to go back to the hotel, you can simply swing by the location you chose and keep on going to the hotel. This way, you avoid the foot traffic of the station, and you find a location that is conveniently on the way to the hotel. Also, as you get out of the walls of the station, luggage storage gets cheaper. There are companies, like Bounce, who partner with local businesses to provide luggage storage to the public. For just £5 per bag for a 24 hour period, you can safely store your luggage in a convenient location for you. Because there are multiple locations, you don’t have to worry about there not being enough space for your luggage to be stored. If one location is full, you can look at the next closest location for an opening. Also, because they are local businesses like retail and convenience stores, the hours vary. You can pick the best option with the most convenient location as well as the hours it’s open. If you have to pick up your bag later, you can choose a location that is open later into the evening. Some places are even open 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about picking up your luggage by a certain time. 

Is It Safe to Store My Luggage Near King’s Cross Station? 

You might wonder if it’s safe to store your luggage in places near the station. Storing your luggage in businesses instead of a locker allows them to be monitored by a well-trained staff. When you arrive to drop off your luggage, you are given a security seal to place on your bags for added protection. You are also offered $10,000 in insurance to cover your items that you are storing. You can rest assured your luggage is held to a standard of safety that you can rely on so you can go into the city, baggage free.

Leave Your Bags Behind 

Being able to store your bags while you freely roam the city is a great feeling. You no longer have to plan your trip around when you check in or out of your hotel. You also don’t have to sit in the train station with your luggage and miss out on opportunities to enjoy things in the city. You can go get a bite to eat or take a walk in the park without the burden of your bags. You can easily choose the best luggage storage option for you and your time in London.

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