What Do You Do if Disney Tech Is Difficult for You to Navigate?

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They say techies run the world, and rightly so. But, is the world a dead-end for those who aren’t that comfortable with technologies? If you plan to visit WDW, you can’t help but be a tech-savvy person to use Disney tech.

However, if you follow this article, navigating the Disney tech shouldn’t be a problem for even the most non-tech-savvy person. So, come aboard and learn to enjoy Disney World to its fullest by employing seamless navigation support.

Disney tech you can familiarize with to ease you trips

To access the planning in the Disney tech World, you will need a smartphone. But, if you are not comfortable using one, here is your help.

My Magic+

January 2013 marked the year of a technological revolution inside the Disney World. This year, Disney Parks and Resorts announced and introduced MyMagic+, a hub of technologies that help make the Disney world dream vacation easier and more seamless.

Some of the best tools that you will get in MyMagic+ are My Disney Experience, MagicBands, FastPass+, etc.

My Disney Experience

One of the best travel guides in Disney World is the My Disney Experience app. As the name suggests, it will guide you all through your journey in Disney World.

You can navigate through the maps to order food to avoid long queues. You can also try scheduling Lightning Lanes. Checking wait times for rides are also available on the app.

After creating an MDE account, you can create a list of your friends and family so that the vacation plans don’t have to be shared individually in Whatsapp groups.

You can share them in this app only. Also, this is helpful if you need a Boarding Pass. There are many more features, and we will discuss all of them in detail.


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 Magic Mobile

Another hugely helpful app in Disney World that is a must on your phone is Magic Mobile. With this app, you can link your already booked Annual Passes or tickets to generate a digital version of the sane through the My Disney Experience app.

Then you can show them in the queue in the parks. However, this app is not available on android or iOS. But, if you have an apple watch or an iPhone, Magic Mobile is available for your service.

Also, you can even access the digital passes without unlocking your phone. You will have to have the express version of that feature.

Here, we discuss some of the perks of these apps in detail. If these perks excite you, then wait no more and download the apps. The perks include:


We all do early check-ins at airports nowadays. But what if you could also do early check-ins at your Disney resort?

My Disney Experience App helps you with that. Even if this feature is not guaranteed, you can also submit the arrival time in advance, and the arrangements can be made likewise.

Thus, you will not have to wait in the lobby to get your check-in done. Then you can either use the linked Magic Band or use the My Disney Experience app to unlock your door without any hotel formalities.

While checking out also, the My Disney Experience app comes to help. Thus, if you want to avoid waiting in lines and the hotels’ bureaucratic interactions, nothing gives you better service than the My Disney Experience App.

Dining with Disney tech

Many Disney Hotels need prior dining reservations. So, this app makes reserving tables at your favorite restaurant easy. Tap on the screen’s bottom center and select the check availability option from the long tab. Here, you can find the most suitable restaurant reservations.

They also would require all types of specifications. So, mention the party time and the number of members for reservation. To narrow down the search, you can select any particular time or any location and then search the places.

After making your reservation, you will not have to go to the restaurant to check if your table has been prepared. You can directly check that through your My Disney Experience App. The app will also send you a message when the table is set, and you can directly enjoy your dining experience.

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Mobile Dine Walk-Up

Mobile Dine Walk-up waitlist will help you get into a waiting list at your favorite restaurant. My Disney Experience App added this feature in the 2020 summer.

You will have to tap the “join the walk-up list.” This is helpful if you don’t find a reservation at your favorite location in any case.

You can even click the option “now” and check if there are any current reservations at table service dining.

If the restaurant you have selected is far away from you, you can even find restaurants closer to you.

Additionally, they will also provide you with a list of restaurants not currently available. So, you will not have to widen your search by searching the restaurants which are not available.

You will also notice a QR code at some locations and restaurants that you can scan to know the details.

Table Service To Go

Some of the specific restaurants at Disney World will also offer you a special service under the ‘Table Service To Go” option. You can access the table service in your own Disney hotel if you are not in the mood to dine via the quick service method.

Here, you can choose some select food items from the table-service menu in the restaurant, and then you can enjoy that food at your hotel.

The “Table service To Go” will help you find that. The famous restaurant Sanaa at Animal Kingdom, Disney World, has this feature. Thus, if you make great use of this feature and stay at a Disney hotel, you can enjoy your favorite food without worrying about reservations and long lines.

Mobile Order

However, if you want to save your money and go for quick-service restaurants, My Disney Experience will also help you out. Some of the specific quick-service food joints allow the Mobile Order option, and if you can use this, you will not have to stand in long lines for food.

My Disney Experience app has the Mobile Order option. The screen bottom of the app has a plus sign. Click on it and then select the ‘Order Food’ option below ‘Check availability,’ where you can search for restaurants. You can select the arrival time in’ order food’ and eventually place your order for the sumptuous meal.

When you think you are in the mood to lay your table, you can simply select “I’m Here, Prepare My Order.” They will notify you when they have prepared your food.

However, it is best to schedule your arrival time earlier because the time slots get filled up very quickly. So, plan your day early and book the arrival time so that after a tiring day, you don’t have to sit at restaurants. You can enjoy the comfort of your hotel and enjoy an equally delicious meal.


My Disney Experience app has Individual Lightning Lanes, paid Genie+, and a Ginnie planning system. Here you can keep on selecting Genie+ Lightning Lanes the entire Day. Thus, if you have decided to use Genie+, My Disney Experience is a must. There is always a fear of the battery getting out. You might even lose $15 for the Genie+ pass. So, keep in mind to take battery backup with you.

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Virtual Queues

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is one of the newest rides at the Disney Parks. These new rides offer virtual queues. My Disney Experience App is a must-have in that case.

If you have an EPCOT pass, the virtual queue will open from 7 am. If you are already inside the park, you can access it from 1 PM. As the space is not unlimited, you will have to download the app well ahead and sign in to have the best experience.

Mobile Check Out

You can even use the Mobile Checkout feature on the My Disney Experience App to buy your favorite merchandise.

Go through the shopping mart and scan the items you are thinking of buying. Those will be added to your virtual shopping cart.

Once you have scanned all the items, you will not have to pay them individually or at the counter. All of that can be done in the app, and you can also avail yourself of discounts.

When you get out of the store, a shop member will simply scan a QR code. Then you will be provided with a back, and you are ready to go.

Say hello to simple and easy access buying opportunities by using Mobile Checkout. It is time to bid adieu to long checkout queues.

Photo Pass Disney tech

Most of us forget to save our pictures in a safe place. Rather, all of us are not good archivists. However, a Disney trip is a lifetime event whose memories need to be managed well.

So, if you buy Photo Pass when buying Annual Pass or Disney Tickets, you can have your photos saved to your device. By using the My Disney Experience App, you can even access these images.

The Photographers with Photopass are cast members. They will click beautiful pictures of you and your family at the most important spots. Thus, if you need a box of memories, then Photopass is your savior.

The photographers will either give you a card or get the MagicBand scanned. Then you can link those photos. Thus, this is the easiest method to get these photos.

MagicBand and MagicBand+

MagicBand is a very useful thing at Disney World. After linking it with the My Disney App, you can link your tickets, access Disney World Hotel Room that you have booked for yourself, get to the park entrance, and pay for merchandise and food.

MagicBand+ has not yet been officially launched in Disney World. However, once they release it, MagicBand+, as the name suggests, will have more innovative ways to offer the guests. You don’t need it for your park visits. However, it can amplify some of the experiences for you.

It will also have the regular MagicBand features. You can even continue the old MagicBand. However, if you want to enhance your experience, MagicBand+ is good. You will not have to wait long for the launch. It is set to be launched in the summer of 2022.

Hey Disney!

One of the most useful technological hacks in Disney World hotels is Hey Disney. However, unfortunately, if you don’t have a booking at the hotel, you will not be able to use it. But, this is an Alexa voice help that is complimentary at the Disney World hotel rooms. So, if you are a guest there, they won’t force you to use this, but it can keep you entertained. Are you wondering why?

This Alexa help can even tell you Mickey jokes. If you have trouble finding the room amenities, you can ask for its help. The app also helps to stay connected with several guest services. You can even plan the day with the help of Hey Disney!

Most importantly, you can listen to Disney characters and talk to them! No, unfortunately, they won’t come over to your room. But, Hey Disney, Alexa will talk to you in the several Disney character voices such as Mickey, C-3PO, Olaf, and others.

You can even learn about the times of bus departure with the help of this assistant. These services are provided by Disney Magical Companion, which is available with this app.

It has not yet been launched. But, 2022 is the year set for its release. So, stay tuned to receive updates about it. You can buy it on Amazon Echo devices at home. Please get to the Amazon Alexa Skills store to buy it. Moreover, you can even buy Mickey stands for Echo Show 5 devices.

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Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best Disney tech tools that might help you spend your Disney days more dreamy.

Hope this article helped you navigate the Disney tech. Rest assured, your vacation will be the best in your lifetime!

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