Top 26 Disney World Restaurants and Why You Should Try Them

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Planning a trip to Disney World covers many things. Firstly, it is a dream vacation, and you would want to do everything during your stay. To do so efficiently, you need to know the best places for the type of fun you would want. So, if you love shopping and love food, Disney Springs is a one-stop destination for you. Here, we discuss the top Disney Springs restaurants to help you know where to eat when you are here.

Once your bags are full and you want to have some leisure while eating, these are some of the best food joints that you can explore. Most importantly, the foods aren’t cooked by any ordinary chefs.

Chefs who have won the James Beard Award present their masterstrokes in these restaurants. Tasting these foods can bring you the tastes of heaven if anything as such at all exists. So, if you want a slice of that, come and grace the restaurants with your presence.

However, not everyone will find the same restaurant equally interesting. Each of the restaurants has its flavors so do their visitors. So, we have listed the restaurants according to the guests and food lovers’ choices.

Disney Springs Restaurants

If you love pizza, we have a name for you; if you love beverages, we have a name for you. You name it, and they have it! Here is the list of the best restaurant Disney Springs:

1. Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming

If you love classic eats, you are going to love this restaurant. Those who are picky eaters can also try this option.

2. Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza

Pizza lovers’ one-stop destination is Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza. So, if your friend circle has different tastes in pizza, you can try this option out because they offer you individual customizations.

Top 26 Disney Springs Restaurants You Must Dine at and Why

3. Chicken Guy

After spending a full vacation at Disney World, many visitors try to cut the cost of eating.  If you still want to have a delicious yet cheap meal, Chicken Guy can please your heart. There are delicious sauces which you can try with the chicken fries.

4. D-Luxe Burger

When you stay at home and get tired from work, does your hand automatically gravitate toward the burger online orders?

If yes, spotting D-Luxe Burger won’t be difficult for you at Disney Springs; this quick-service spot can also be availed via Mobile Order. Thus, if you want to come back to the hotel in the evening and chat while snacking, this is the best option for you.

5. City Works

City Works is the best destination for those who cherish the sports-type restaurant environment and enjoy having time with friends over a glass of beer. This table service restaurant has beers from around the world and local breweries. It also has specialty cocktails, whiskeys, wines, and more.

6. Enzo’s Hideaway

ENjo’s Hideway has some of the best table service menus. The special highlights are Artisanal Cheese and Pure meat. You can also try vegetarian options. The Roma dishes will steal your heart when you try those with some “Prohibition-era cocktails.”

7. Earl of sandwich

If you want to have rest while traveling long miles, you can have your sandwich filled from here.

8. Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew

The one-stop destination for those who want lunch and dessert at the same place is EVerglazed Donuts and Cold Brew. Say cheers to your donut grilled cheese.

9. House of Blues

Have your dinner while enjoying a show. This restaurant is not very hard to get into because it doesn’t require a reservation.

10. Disney Springs Mexican restaurant Frontera Cocina

Do you love Mexican food? Enjoy them at Frontera Cocina, the only food joint at Disney Springs to sell Mexican food.

11. Jaleo

The best flavors of Spain are available at this restaurant. Conceptualized by Chef Jose Andres, this hub at Disney Springs will serve you the best Spanish food.

Decorate your platter with Spanish tapas, paella, sangria, and a wide variety of cheeses, sherries, and wines.

12. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar bar

If you are a fan of Indiana Jones, this is a Bar that you will frequent. Dishes with unique names such as Air Pirates, Everything Pretzels, and Rolling Boulder Meatballs will attract your attention. You can accompany these small cool dishes with unique cocktails.

13. Morimoto Asia

Being an Asian and being on a trip to Disneyland can make you homesick. So, if you want a taste of Asia in America, Morimoto Asia will serve you the best.

14. Maria & Enzo

Looking for Italian Disney Springs restaurants? You can try this cuisine in this restaurant, and the most delicious point of all is that you don’t need a reservation to get here.

Top 26 Disney Springs Restaurants You Must Dine at and Why

15. Terralina Crafted Italian

Another place to have some delicious Italian food is Terralina Crafted Italian.

16. Paddlefish

Are you someone who can’t only concentrate on food and needs to have a brilliant surrounding? Paddlefish and you are then made for each other.

Situated on a boat, this restaurant has a mesmerizing view of Saratoga Springs Resort and Disney Springs.

17. Boathouse

The Boathouse will serve you the best seafood in the place. If you love the sea and its food, go to Boathouse.

18. Planet Hollywood

Enjoying food and listening to Karaoke songs seem to be very good options. Planet Hollywood helps you have this experiment. So, take your family then and check out their menu.

19. STK

If your mind is singlehandedly directed towards a major steak experience, nothing can beat STK. Get there the day you reach Disney Springs.

20. The Edison

We will not recommend taking your family here. This place has a more adult vibe. This “industrial Gothic” style restaurant also has cabaret and live music.

21. Rainforest Café

This restaurant however is best suitable if you have family and kids with you. The restaurant’s theme makes you feel like you are amidst a jungle and greenery.

22. Wine Bar George

If you are a fan of good wine and food, visit the Wine Bar George to quench your thirst and fill your tummy.

23. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Nowadays, kids are more concerned about their health while not sacrificing taste. So, they are opting for gelatos instead of ice creams. If you are also a part of that family, visit this restaurant.

24. The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig serves the best barbecue in town. Also, if you are in a dilemma over choosing table service and counter service, this can be a good stop for you.

25. T-Rex

T-Rex is one of the best Disney Springs restaurants when considering the ambiance. Don’t let your kids miss this place as they will be the ones most happy to be here. As the name suggests, it is a dinosaur-themed eatery that will get your kids all excited!

Top 26 Disney Springs Restaurants You Must Dine at and Why
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26. Ragland Road

If you want to introduce yourself to an Irish environment and entertainment, Raglan Road is the best place for you to visit.

Final Thoughts

So, choose your type among the top Disney Springs restaurants and hop into them. Take a brain full of memories and a tongue filled with tastes back home!

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