Disney World Checklist to Be Prepared Before Your Visit

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We have spent most of our childhood watching Disney cartoons and movies. The association that we find with this franchise is irreplaceable. Thus, if we ever plan a trip to Disney World, that is a dreamy vacation. So, that trip should be as impeccable as possible, and for that, we must make a Disney World checklist to follow.

You must not go there and come back broken-hearted because you didn’t check some of the essentials before going. So, this article will help you sort those to-do elements before you are set to travel to Disney World.

Nothing remains constant inside the magic world. So, it would help if you keep yourself updated with the daily details.

Disney World Checklist

The reservations will soon open up for 2023 trips. If you have planned to make 2023 one of the most memorable years of your life, you should start planning early.

Guests are excited about the Park Pass Reservations, dining reservations, and Genie. Seatback and relax; we have it all covered in this article.

Disney Genie+

This tool was rolled out in 2021 and has come to much help to the visitors. But, the constant updates and changes in this tool can often leave you a little confused.

While the FastPass system was previously there for free to avoid long lines, now Genie+, a paid service, will help you with these lines.

However, if you have not read adequately about it and are unaware of its functioning, this article might help you. First, know how to use it to accrue the best benefit from it.

Genie+ is going to cost you $15 at Disney World. So, you should know how to make the most of it.

If you have linked your tickets in the My Disney Experience App, you can only buy them there. It will be launched on June 8, 2022. Even if you could make early reservations previously, that is not the case anymore.

From June 8, even if you have hotel or park reservations, you cannot use that to book Genie+. You can only book it for the day you are visiting the park. So, plan your schedule early for 2023, but you will have to try your luck to get a Genie+ on the day of your trip.

Moreover, the passes are not adequate and are completely subject to availability. So, be a little upstart while booking it. The booking opens from midnight. However you will have to wait till the morning to book the Genie+ selections. So, wake up early and sit with your My Disney Experience Apps. The moment the booking opens, grab the slots as fast as possible.

Disney World Checklist to Be Prepared Before Your Visit

Park Pass Reservations

Another thing that is very crucial before you head to Disney World is to be aware of the Park Pass reservations system. Previously, A ticket was enough for your entrance to the parks. However, now, after the pandemic, it has become mandatory that you carry a Park Pass to get into the parks.

If you check the Disney calendar, you will see that these passes are available until June 2024. So, there is no hope that you can get rid of this system anytime soon.

This system aimed to keep the guest flux in check and more organized the crowd. To use this system, you will first have to link your tickets with the MY Disney Experience app.

Followed by that, have a party with your friends and family. Choose the park you want to visit, and select the time and date. Then review and finally confirm your reservation.

You can only make one reservation a day. However, if you want to book another pass for some other day, click on “Make Another reservation.” So, even if you have a multi-day ticket, you will have to have distinct passes for each visit day. It would be best to follow the pass availability calendar to get regular updates about its availability.

Also, these passes can be canceled at any time. So, if you think you need to make a change of plans, cancel the present pass and book another if they are still available on the other day.

Early Theme Park Entry

Previously, one of the best features of the Disney World was Extra Magic Hours where you could stay for some extra hours after closing time.

But now, Early Theme Park Entry has replaced that. However, only if you are a guest at any of the Disney World Resorts will you be able to avail this experience. You will also need your valid tickets and park passes.

Even if it was a 50th-anniversary celebrations gift, the officials at Disney World have announced that this will be available for the entire 2023 year.

As the name suggests, this is different from Extra Magic Hours. Here, you can make an early entry at all four Disney theme parks.

Extra Magic Hours were available in some select parks on some special days. Moreover, the extra hours in early theme park entry are shorter; it is not even an hour, but rather 30 minutes. However, you could get one or more hours if you previously availed Extra Magic Hours.

To access early theme park entry, you will need a MagicBand, a way of recognizing you as a Resort guest, and park admission tickets and Park Psss reservations are a must.

Some merchandise and food joints are also open during these thirty minutes. So, if you want to make the most of this extra time, you can visit these places such as Peter Pan’s Flight and others in Magic Kingdom; Spaceship Earth and others in EPCOT; Alien Swirling Saucers and others at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; DINOSAUR and others at Animal Kingdom; All-Star Music Resort and other Disney Hotels.

Those thirty minutes can gift you an exclusive experience that other usual guests won’t have the privilege to have.

50th Anniversary Celebration Ending

The newest in the most continuous attraction at Disney World since October 2021 has been the 18-month-long 50th Anniversary celebration program in Disney World. It was all decked up with new features and celebration decorations. But, it too shall end.

If you are planning your trip to Disney World in 2023, you need to know that these celebrations will end in March 2023.

If you don’t want to miss out on the most magic mal time at Disney World, it would be best to make your trip before March the next year. Thus, you need to add this to your Disney World checklist and make your itinerary accordingly.

Disney World Checklist to Be Prepared Before Your Visit

Price hike

Many ardent Disney fans have been complaining about the rise in prices at Disney World. Even if it promises to give the most magical experience, not everyone can get their share.

One of the most important parts of planning a trip is to make a budget. You should know where to spend the mist to get the best experience and where to cut down on the budget.

So, being aware of the price is the essential thing of all. Here are some of the items where price rise has been the highest.

Those delicious and designer ice cream bars at Mickie Premium bar have undergone a price rise. Mickey Pretzel and churros are among the best treats at Disney World, but they have become too pricey nowadays.

Dole Whips, burgers, and chicken nuggets saw a similar price hike. The worst-hit of this is the table service restaurants. As they also charge service taxes, the increase has been huge. Sanaa, one of the most favorite restaurants at Animal Kingdom, increased the price of many items.

The price rise hasn’t escaped the drinks.

Even if many tours have returned to Disney World, they have returned with an increased cost. For example, the Keys to the Kingdom tour earlier cost $99, now $114. Even the airport shuttle is no longer free, and you will have to pay $35 for it.

Thus, before planning your trip, research a little bit and get familiar with these changes.

Closures and refurbishments

Imagine you have visited Disney World with a list of favorite places you want to tick off your bucket list, but you reach there to find out they are closed. So, it is essential to check early if your favorite destinations are open.

Often it so happens that some rides or parks are closed for renovations. This might leave you broken-hearted.

Wald Disney World Railroad is closed for now for maintenance and construction. Tron: Lightcycle Ron is under construction there.

The re-opening date has not yet been announced. Finding Nemo: The Musical is closed at the Animal Kingdom. Finding Nemo: The Big Blue is the name of the next show. Disney’s B; izzard Beach Water Park is closed for refurbishment.

Some of the hotels and resorts also remain closed. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Feature Pool, and Whirlpool Spa at Disney’s Contemporary Resort will be closed.

So, before making a detailed to-do list at Disney World, spend some time knowing what all are still functioning at Disney World.

Disney World Checklist to Be Prepared Before Your Visit


Disney World is not only decked up with new attractions, but it has also undergone a mini technological revolution. You ought to add this to your Disney World checklist as well.

Since an early time, MagicBands have been prevalent at Disney World. Even if you can’t get them for free anymore, people continue to use them due to convenience.

MagicBand+ will soon be rolled out with bigger versions and more diverse features. The color-changing lights are the most attractive feature of this.

However, by far the most interesting tool is the voice assistant Hey Disney which is yet to be launched. It will speak to you in different Disney characters, and they will be alive in your room as you connect with the hotel officials, plan your days, etc.

Airport transportation

January 2022 saw the end of Disney’s Magical Express, which used to transport guests from Orlando International Airport to Disney World for free. Mears Connect and the Sunshine Flyers have replaced it. However, they are not free. So don’t forget to include the airport transportation cost in your travel budget.

You can book a car, take your private car, or book a cab through Lyft or Uber.

As Disney officials announced in the latter half of 2022, the van service might return. Till then, these are the services that can help you out.

Other things on the Disney World checklist

So, these are some of the important things that you should check before putting your foot in Disney World. However, you should also be aware of other corollary stuff that can make your journey smoother.

Disney Dining plan has been announced to be returned soon. Thus, while planning to get to Disney World in 2023, keep in mind to check if it has returned yet.

One of the essential things to keep in mind is to choose the right to visit. The time of visit can tell hugely on your experience. Disney Crowd Calendars provides the best help in this regard.

Do you want to avoid the scorching sun of Orlando while traveling to Disney World? If yes, then summer is not the right time. Also, if you want your plan to be a little low on a budget, avoid the busiest times.

Moreover, keep in mind to check the busiest times of the year if you want a little peace of mind. However, this becomes difficult if you have kids and want to take the other. This is because the schools remain closed during holidays, and that is the only time when your kids can afford a trip. Unfortunately, those are also when the magical world loses some of its magic to the immense crowd.

Final Thoughts

So, as you see, thinking about traveling here is one thing, and creating a Disney World checklist to plan and make it happen is an altogether different business. However, if you keep these at hand, the dream can come true very easily!

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