Omega Bad Batch in the New Star Wars Animated Series

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Being a Star Wars fan won’t evade the fact that a new television animation series of Star Wars has now been launched on Disney+. Star Wars: The Bad Batch has hooked its audience to the bed. The initiation of the new character Omega Bad Batch is the center of all discussions nowadays.

Who is this Omega Bad Batch, what is it doing in the animation series, and what are its backstories? Everything will be revealed in this article! So, if you are truly a fan of Star Wars, stay tuned to know more.

Clone Force 99 group

As we all know, May 4 is Star Wars Day, and that is the day when Disney Plus released The Bad Batch. The center stage of this new series is a group of defective clones known as Clone Force 99 or Bad Batch.

Wrecker, Crosshair, Echo, Tech, and Hunter are the five mutated clones that make up this group. This group goes on many missions on behalf of the all-powerful republic and eventually becomes the best of all characters in the Star Wars Universe.

You might ask an important question here. From where does Omega Bad Batch get introduced in this group? Have some patience, and we will take you there.

The first season of this series, named “Aftermath,” is a feature-length episode that highlights the moment when the Galactic Empire rose to power.

There are also many crossovers in this series that take on events from earlier series, such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Resistance, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars Episode III- Revenge of the Sith.

Thus, with all these, this series is one of the best television series about the Star Wars universe. So, the arrival of the Omega Bad Batch has stirred up much water.

Omega Bad Batch in the new Star Wars animated series


Like the other Clone Force 99, Omega is also a genetically enhanced defective clone. Jango Fett, the bounty hunter, his DNA was the backbone of Bad Batch Omega. However, you will get to know more as you progress on the series.

Omega’s origin

Bad Batch’s ninth episode reveals that Omega is none other than the direct replica of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Boba Fett, another bounty hunter, has this same genetic link.

In Bounty Lost episode, when there was a near-death scene with Fennec Shand and Cad Bane, it was Tech who revealed the truth about Omega’s genetic combination and mutation.

Thus, it got revealed that Jango Fett is her father and Boba Fett is her sister. Also, while the genes of other clone members were tampered with to let them grow quicker, nothing of the sort happened with Boba Fett and Omega.

Omega’s initiation

So, if you wonder how all these ended up with Omega’s introduction to the Bad Batch,  here is the answer.

Kaminoans on Kamino had raised Omega, and she appeared first when Clone Force 99’s elite soldiers returned to their place after executing Order 66.

Chancellor Palpatine ordered the execution of Order 66. The medical assistant to Nala Se in this group was the Bad Batch Omega.

The rest of the clone army was also born in Kamino, but one can notice something different regarding Omega the Bad Batch.

Further explanations suggest that this is because the genetic build-up of Omega is stronger than her counterparts. Also, interestingly Omega is the only Clone member who is a girl, while all the others are men.

But, the DNA used was that of a male person. Then how could this possibly happen? Also, no other clone members other than Omega has blond hair.

Omega Bad Batch in the new Star Wars animated series

The backstory

All of these details might seem a little disorienting to the readers. Why does all of these matter? To know the details of that, you will need to understand the backstory of Omega.

Many theories suggest that Omega Bad Batch is sensitive to Force. However, the way she targeted the weapons and won every contestant at the Dejarik game proves something beyond this.

Fans have stirred much water regarding the relationship between Star Wars The Bad Batch Omega and her father and sister Jango Fett and Boba Fett. In this series, we see kaminoans hiring Bounty hunters to keep Omega’s most prized possession safe. Thus, for some unknown reasons, it is pretty clear that trouble shall soon pay a visit to Clone Force 99.

The Prime minister of Kamino, Lama Su, was determined to bring back Omega and terminate her before anyone could know about her origin and identity.

The only source of the powerful DNA of Jango, Omega, was priceless to them. This is because they had lost track of Boba Fett much before. He had even appointed Cad Bane to bring her back, extract the required DNA, and terminate her before anyone knew her origin.

Omega’s skills

Now that Omega is a part of Bad Bathc, how does she uses her skills? The Zygerrian Energy bow is the most prized possession of Omega. She earned while being trained by Wrecker. She also quickly adapted to backfiring the attacks of Crosshair. The most important part is how she learned to tackle the bounty hunters in the intergalactic empires.

She uses her skills very tactfully in Bad Batch. One can never ascertain if this is a beginner’s luck or anything like that. But her first weapon target was immaculate. Also, her wins in the several Dejarik games point to the talent of Omega. So, she is not a regular clone like many others.

Many even predict that she is the most successful heir to the place Crosshair has left. This is because of the way she negotiates with her team members. Also, with the rapidity with which she learns military skills, no one can be better than her.

Final Thoughts

So, Omega Bad Batch is a turning point in Star Wars: The Bad Batch series. If you are into Star Wars, this story will appeal to you.

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