Fixing a Fire TV or Firestick that is frozen on the boot start-up logo screen

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On occasion, Fire TV devices will be unable to launch properly and will instead continuously display either the “Amazon” or “Fire TV” boot-up logo. If your device experiences this issue, sadly, it almost often indicates that the Fire TV has stopped working and there is no way to fix it. It is most likely to occur if the Fire TV is turned off at an inappropriate moment, which is another reason why connecting it to the USB port of a television is not a good idea. Before giving up on your Fire TV entirely, you should follow these steps to investigate whether or not the problem may be resolved using the Fire TV.


First, make sure that nothing is plugged in.

I am aware that you have most likely already attempted this, but for the few of you who have not done so yet, disconnect the Fire TV entirely from both the power supply and the HDMI cable. After allowing it to sit for at least five minutes disconnected, proceed to plug everything back in.


Make use of the power adaptor that was provided.

If the item that has been unresponsive is a Fire TV Stick and it is plugged into a USB port on your television, the problem may be that the Fire TV Stick is not receiving an adequate supply of power. It’s possible that this will happen despite the fact that it has always functioned well when inserted into the US port on your TV. Connect the power cord that came with the Fire TV Stick to the power adapter that came with the stick. If you are unable to locate the original power adapter or do not have one, you can try charging the device with any USB charger for a phone that you have lying about.


The third solution is to replace both the cable and the power adapter.

This primarily applies to Fire TV Sticks, however the problem could also be the result of a malfunctioning micro USB cable or power adapter. If you have access to another micro USB cable, try switching it out with the one that is currently connected to the Fire TV Stick. However, if you do not have access to another micro USB cable, I would not bother purchasing a new cable or power adapter because they cost nearly as much as a new Fire TV Stick and it is highly unlikely that this is the problem. If you have access to any USB power adapter, you should also attempt to replace that component. Any cable with a micro USB port and any charger for a phone should work. You might as well try another power outlet and/or power strip while you’re looking for a solution to this problem.


Use the remote to perform a factory reset.

Holding down the RIGHT and BACK buttons on the Fire TV remote together for around ten seconds will cause the device to begin the process of resetting itself to factory settings. Check out this diagram if you’re unsure which buttons correspond to the RIGHT and BACK commands on your controller. The problem with this technique is that it is only effective if the Fire TV has progressed far enough in its boot process to recognise remote commands by the time it is attempted. Because your firestick is frozen on the boot screen, it is highly unlikely that it can be reset using this approach; but, you should give it a try anyhow. Turning on the gadget, counting out five seconds, holding the buttons for ten seconds, and then waiting another ten seconds to see whether anything happens is the approach I recommend using. If that doesn’t work, try it once more while raising the initial count by 5 seconds with each attempt. If that still doesn’t work, try it again. Therefore, for the second attempt, you would count ten seconds after turning on the Fire TV, then hold the buttons on the remote for ten, and then wait for ten. Then, when you tried it for the third time, you would count 15 seconds, hold the buttons for 10, and then wait for 10 more, etc… You are doing this in the hopes that you will be able to hold down the buttons during the little window of time that the Fire TV has linked to the remote but has not yet gotten itself stuck.

Hold off for a very extended period of time

There is a remote possibility that your Fire TV is attempting to execute a task during the bootup process that is simply taking an extremely lengthy time to complete. Turn on your Fire TV as you normally would, and allow it to remain frozen on the logo for a period of at least a few hours, if not an entire day.


Resetting to factory settings using a USB keyboard

It’s possible that this fix is only compatible with older models of Fire TV, but it’s still worth a chance to try, especially if you already have everything you need. You will need to hook up a USB keyboard to the Fire TV in order to test this out. This indicates that you must have an OTG cable in order to use a Fire TV Stick. If you already have a way to connect a USB keyboard, then all you need to do is follow these instructions to make an attempt at resetting the device to factory settings. However, I do not recommend spending money to try this method because it is highly unlikely to work.


Contact Amazon

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but if you’ve already attempted everything that was said above, your only remaining choice is to get in touch with Amazon in the hopes of receiving a replacement gadget. Even if their Fire TV is old and no longer under warranty, many customers have been successful in obtaining a free replacement for their device through Amazon’s replacement programme. Be courteous and patient when speaking with someone from Amazon’s customer care because it is possible that they may need to walk you through some of the actions listed above, even though you have already attempted them. If Amazon does not agree to replace your item at no cost, you should at least try to negotiate a price reduction for a new one.


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