Luxury Watch Guide: A Complete Checklist for Beginners

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Are you planning to purchase your very first luxury watch? It sounds exciting but can also be a daunting and challenging experience for any first-time buyer. Unlike fashion watches that are inexpensive but not cheap, a luxury timepiece has a hefty price tag. It makes it understandable that you want everything to be perfect for the purchase, so it’s advisable not to make decisions hastily. After all, plenty of brands and models of watches to choose from, and just browsing online and offline catalogs will take time. Hence, it’s vital to think hard before getting a Bvlgari Octo, Serpenti, among others. 

As it’s your first luxury purchase, you want to avoid making any mistakes that could make the whole experience a regrettable purchase. With this in mind, here’s a helpful guide to help you with the watch shopping and buying journey.  

A Checklist Guide for First-Time Buyers: Things to Consider

To ensure that you’re going to be satisfied with the luxury timepiece you will purchase, here’s a checklist of things you should consider. 

1. The brand of the watch

Even before you start browsing brands and models, you might already have an idea as to what are considered to be luxury pieces worth purchasing. It makes the shopping and buying easier from the outset, as you might have already narrowed down your choices. But if you didn’t and still need help, that’s fine too, as you can learn about various brands and ask the watch retailer for other details applicable to your decision-making. It’s important to note that some brands are priced a little higher than others, but it will help to research the brand’s quality, performance, aesthetics, and more. 

2. What’s the purpose of buying one? 

Since it’s not a small purchase, it’s essential to determine first the purpose of buying a luxury watch. As there are different types to get, such as dress and sports to dive watches and more, you need to decide on which occasions you will be wearing the item. A dress watch will suit you perfectly if you’re attending many functions. If you’re a little adventurous or athletic, it’s worth considering getting a watch with a chronograph, illumination, and more. You can ask the retailer or through your research for a versatile timepiece that you can wear on any occasion. And from there, you can build your collection by buying specific watches for specific events.

3. Setting the budget for the purchase

Luxury watches come with a hefty price tag, which may mean saving money and setting a budget to stick to when browsing online and physical shops. Upon your first visit to a shop or browsing online, you may get overwhelmed with the prices. The budget helps narrow down your choices and set your expectations as to what pieces you can afford to get. Through your research, you’ll be able to focus on brands and models within your price range – check their complications, finish, quality, and more.

4. What’s the perfect size for you? 

From the brand and purpose of the purchase to the budget, another thing to cross out in your checklist is the watch’s size. It may seem like an unimportant factor, but it becomes one when it looks big or small on your wrist. Although there are no rules to follow, it’s good to have a guideline to end up with a watch that’s comfortable and not too small or big on your wrist. Whether you like bulky ones that protrude or not, it ultimately is your decision. But it’s another essential factor that shouldn’t be omitted from the checklist. 

5. The watch’s features or complications

Timepieces today are not only created to tell time but have additional functions too that make them a worthy purchase. Though you may be the type who likes it simple, it won’t take up a lot of your time to check various functions/complications and features. From dual time zones and perpetual calendars to tachymeters and chronographs, there are different functions that modern timepieces can now do. You will encounter or hear these terms as you go along with the shopping journey. In addition to your research, it’s good to ask retailers about these watches, their additional functions and features, and many more. It just might help you limit your choices and decide. 


Hopefully, the above checklist opened your eyes to important factors to consider first before buying your first luxury watch. After all, it’s a large purchase that you may want to consider for some time. Taking your time, doing your research, asking questions, and many more will help in making it a worthy purchase.

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