Chip Beauty and the Beast and the Significance of This Character

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Hailing from the 1980s and 1990s, it’s no wonder a TV addict will turn out to be a Chip Beauty and the Beast fan. No, we are not talking about the recent Beauty and the Beast adaptation released in 2017. Instead, the floor is excited about the 1991 classic fantasy film Beauty and the Beast produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Walt Disney Pictures released the film.

A brief history

Who even takes an interest in these statistical details? A Chip Beauty and the Beast fan should surely have no business understanding these data. However, if you are someone interested in the Disney franchise and want to know in brief the importance of Beauty and the Beast, here are some facts that might cater to your interest.

The movie derives its name from a fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, written in 1756. The author of the story was Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The film also has ideas from the French movie of the same name whose director was Jean Cocteau.

Even if you are not an ardent follower of Chip Beauty and the Beast, it should delight you to know that this is the 30th Disney animated feature film.

Linda Woolverton did its screenplay, while the directors of this 1991 animation classic were Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale.

Did you know before its production in 1991, Walt Disney himself wanted to make a film out of the story in the 1940s and 1950s? However, the attempt was hugely unsuccessful.

It was only after the grand success of The Little Mermaid in 1989 that Richard Purdum took up the baton of producing this film.

This finally led to the historic moment when the movie won the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Best Original Song at 64th Academy Awards. It also ran as a Broadway Musical until 2007, after its initiation in 1994.

So, we have talked enough for the data-driven minds of some Beauty and the Beast fans. Now, let’s turn to Chip Beauty and the Beast. However, before doing that, let’s introduce the overall storyline of the movie to the readers!

Chip Beauty and the Beast and the Significance of This Character


Beauty and the Beast, at the very beginning, provides a background story about what turned the selfish prince into a beast!

When an enchantress asked for shelter at the prince’s palace, the latter refused. The prince couldn’t recognize her, as she was disguised as a poor woman.

However, on the refusal, she curses him and turns him into a beast. All his servants also get transformed into objects. Only if he can love someone and she reciprocates his love, will he be free from his beasthood.

Many years pass by. Belle is the adventure-loving daughter of Maurice, an inventor. Gaston is her suitor, who is attracted to her beauty. Maurice seeks shelter at Beast’s castle when the latter imprisons him on a fateful day.

When Maurice’s horse returns home, Belle ventures to find him when she comes across the beast’s palace. She offers that she can be a prisoner and that her father should be released.

Chip Beauty and the Beast and the Significance of This Character

In her imprisonment term, she makes several friendships with the objects turned servants. Chip Beauty and the Beast fans, this is where she meets Chip.

Chip is a teacup, the son of Mrs. Potts, who is now a teapot. Cogsworth is a clock and Lumiere is the candelabra.

In an incident that ensues, the Beast rescues Belle from a pack of wolves and gets injured. While nursing him, Belle and Beast fall in love.

Meanwhile, Maurice’s return to the village fails to convince anyone about what happened back at the palace.

Taking it as a sign of lunacy, Gaston convinces and bribes the town’s asylum warden Monsier D’ Arque, to imprison Maurice. However, by then, Maurice has set foot to rescue his daughter alone.

Beast and Belle have a romantic dance when she sees her father collapse in the middle of the woods using Beast’s mirror. She goes to rescue them, and Beast gifts the mirror to her.

At the village, Gaston imprisons Belle and Maurice. He also takes the villagers to the palace. Meanwhile, Chip Beauty and the Beast rescues and takes Maurice and Belle back to the castle.

Chip Beauty and the Beast and the Significance of This Character

In the ensuing battle, the Beasts’ servants ward off the villagers. Gaston takes the upper hand to defeat a depressed Beast. However, the latter springs to life when he sees Belle. But, he can’t avoid Gaston’s fatal blow.

While he falls to death in Belle’s arm, the latter confesses her love. The last petal hasn’t fallen till then. Thus, the confession helps to undo the spell, and the Beast and the servants restore to their human forms. Belle and the prince then live happily ever after.

Who is Chip

So, no wonder why Chip from Beauty and the Beast has won his fan’s hearts. After all, he snuck into Belle’s house as a stowaway. Let’s now talk about Beauty and the Beast Chip.

As we all know, Chip is the son of Mrs. Potts, a house help at the Beast’s palace. She turned into a teapot, and her son turned into a teacup.

However, it was Chip Beauty and the Beast who finally rescued Belle and Maurice from the trap of the villagers.


Chip is a seven-year-old boy of Mrs. Potts. They were entrusted with the responsibility of managing the kitchen of the palace. However, like others, their lives turned upside down when an enchantress cursed them. However, when Beast and Belle fell in love, they returned to their original life as humans.


Chip, just like another seven-year-old kid, is always too curious about the world. He is also a very adventurous and cheerful boy. However, he is always very afraid of Beats and his temper. But, he wins everyone’s hearts when he heroically saves Belle and Maurice to rescue Beast from the attack of Gaston and the villagers.

Belle, to him, is like a big sister and his best friend. He also has an overactive imagination. Thus, when she informs his mother about the arrival of a girl at the castle, his mother rebukes him.


Inside the palace

A true fan of Chip Beauty and the Beast will be very excited to learn about the character’s appearances in the movie or other places.

He first appears when someone pours tea into him and serves that to Maurice. The latter even tickles him when Beast arrives and Chip, afraid of Beast, hides behind his mother.

He is further seen when Belle comes to the palace to rescue his father. He is the one who goes to Mrs. Potts and informs him about her arrival. However, she doesn’t believe his son and even rebukes him while putting him in the tub. However, just after that, Fifi, who was turned into a feather duster also says she saw the girl.

After this, Chip and his mother arrive and serve Belle some tea. Chip Beauty and the Beast even entertains her by showing a trick that is blowing bubbles. But, again, his mother scolds him for that.

After that, they engage in a conversation where Belle tells them about Maurice and her fears around him. However, Mrs. Potts assures him that everything will soon fall into place and then takes Chip and leaves.

Chip keenly watches Belle when she takes care of Beast after he got attacked by wolves while trying to rescue Belle from them. They also become best friends in this period. Beast also gives Belle the library. Chip watches all of this along with Fifi, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts. When he asks his mother about what they were doing, his mother sends him back to the kitchen.

Outside the palace

Belle sees in the mirror that Maurice has collapsed in the forest. She leaves to rescue him, and Cogsworth tells this to Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere.

Hearing this, Chip’s secrets slip into Belle’s bad. Chip hops into Maurice’s hand when they finally settle at the cottage. He even asks Belle why the latter left.

But, Gaston storms in and tries to take Maurice to asylum. However, Belle shows Gaston the beast’s presence with the mirror’s help. He locks them up with the help of the villagers and goes to the palace to defeat him.

However, Chip Beauty and the Beast now uses his invention of Maurice and help them escape. They get on the horse of Maurice and Phillippe and rush back to the palace.

After Belle and Beast fall in love and Belle confesses that to Beast, the spell gets broken. Chip returns to his human form. He, Maurice, and Mrs. Potts happily watch Prince Adam and Belle dance to their happiness. Chip Beauty and the Beast fans can watch him in the glass window at the end.

Chip also features in the film’s sequel, where you can see him trying to open Christmas gifts. Prince Adams also develops a loving relationship and presents him with a gift.

He appears in Belle’s Magical World, where he plays a considerably smaller role.


If you are a true fan of Chip, you would want to know who played the role of this adorable cute character.

Bradley Pierce played the role of Mrs. Potts’ son- Chip. Pierce impressed the makers with his performance. Thus, even if only one line was conceived initially, the makers expanded his character, and he is winning everyone’s hearts.

David Pruikisma was the supervising animator of Chip and his mother, Mrs. Potts’ characters.

Paige O’Hara played other significant roles. She played the character of Belle. O’Hara was cast in this role because she supposedly has a unique voice. Mark Henn and James Baxter were Belle’s supervising animators.

Robby Benson featured in the role of Beast. Glen Keane was his supervising animator. He even went to the zoo to thoroughly study the animals’ anatomy and physical appearances that inspired the Beast’s creation. Benson’s warmth and big voice contributed greatly to his characterization of the Beast.

Are you curious about how Beast was animated? If yes, follow this! He had the head of an American bison. The body and the arms resembled those of a bear.

The eyebrows were like that of a gorilla. Lion’s mane and teeth inspired those of the beast. The tusks were of a wild boar. Finally, the tails and legs of the beast were like that of the wolf.

Richard White played Gaston’s character, and Andreas Deja was his supervising animator. Jerry Orbach played the role of Lumiere. David Ogden Stiers’s voice acted in the role of Cogsworth. Angela Landsbury featured in the role of Mrs. Potts. Rex Everhart played Maurice’s character. Ruben A. Aquino was the supervising animator in this role. Jesse Corti featured as LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick.


Often, we want to commemorate the characters we love the most. The vibe in our room becomes more familiar if we surround ourselves with the characters we relate to or adore the most.

Imagine sipping from Beauty and the Beast Chip cup. After a day’s work, you sit by your window in the evening and sip tea from that cup. That is the best feeling ever.

If you have a little one at your house who is also a fan of Chip Beauty and the Beast, gifting them a Beauty and the Beast Chip costume will make them happy.

The merchandise of Beauty and the Beast also covers a range of other products like toys, decoration items, and others.

Final Thoughts

So, if you still haven’t watched this timeless classic, watch it without further ado. In this world of tragic endings, the happily ever after of Beauty and the Beast might gift you a magical reality to escape!

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