Abnormally Normal Things at Disney World Adding Exclusivity

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Disney World won’t disclose everything before you set foot on the magic land. You might come across some things at Disney World that might not seem conventionally normal. The first-time guests seem completely baffled by everything going on inside the premises of Disney World. So, here are seven abnormal things that can be very easy and frequently spotted in Disney World.

Weird things at Disney World that make it unique

Let’s get started!

Pluto and Goofy are dogs

We all know Pluto, Mickey’s dog. There is no wonder or element of surprise there. He is a sweet little yellow puppy who will raise your serotonin level by wagging his cute tail.

But did you know he is not the only dog in the Fab 5 group? Goofy, another favorite character from Mickey Mouse, is also a dog. However, he is an anthropomorphic dog, just like Mickey is an anthropomorphic mouse.

Goofy’s voice actor Bill Farmer confirmed in an interview with USA Today in 1987 that he is indeed a canine. Moreover, he is also known by the name Canis Goofus.

Moreover, in the original 1932 comic strip, Goofy’s original name was Dippy Dawg. So, he was, at least initially, conceived as a dog.

He might also be dating Clarabelle Cow, whom herself has a puppy whose name is Bella. Well, this is indeed very confusing and abnormal.

So, a mouse owns a dog, and another dog dates a cow having a pet dog! This takes a lot, but nothing is weird inside Disney World.

Is Goofy a Cow

Cast Members’ treatment

Take some time and step out of the Pluto-Goofy debate because the next thing on the plate is much easier to digest.

You might feel that you are a part of the royalty because the cast members will make you feel that way.

Either way, they keep creating magical moments whenever guests are around. You can spot them drawing Disney characters with broom or water on the ground. Or, you might also spot them breaking out into flash mobs.

But, apart from these, there are times when Cast Members all guests as princes or princesses.

So, if you suddenly spot someone calling you that, don’t go into panic mode. They don’t mistake you for kids, and nor do they confuse you with other people. You are inside Disney World, folks; things got to be special!

Cast Members don’t only stick to prince-princess referrals. When you enter Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios, your character changes. Cast members can even call you by the name of a toy in this area.

In Galaxy’s edge, they may refer to you as a traveler, and you may greet the cast members by uttering Bright Suns.

Thus, Disney World is not about sightseeing and shopping only. It is about an experience, and the moment you step in, you become part of an elaborate timeless story.

Paying huge money to walk a lot

Disney World covers a huge area of land; even if it is where dream comes true, it is not all dreamy. You might have to walk at least 10-15 miles daily to cover all the shows, gift shops, restaurants, and, most importantly, rides!

Moreover, with global warming spreading its waves throughout the world, the temperature in Florida is also not going to do you a favor. So, if you plan to visit Florida between March and October, the temperature and the weather will test your patience.

However, you might prepare well to beat the heat before it hits you. Pack all the important items in the park bag.

Don’t ever visit the theme parks without your rain poncho/you should keep an extra cool t-shirt on hot days.

Another must-have for a Disney World trip is good shoes.

Also, buying the shoes one week before your trip won’t help you, no matter how good the shoe quality is. You should make yourself comfortable in the shoes before you put them on at Disney World. So, ensure you have covered extra miles wearing those shoes before landing at Disney World.

Watching the sunrise.. that too on vacation?

An expensive vacation, cozy hotel rooms, and luxurious room service should ensure a long sleep. However, if you want to enjoy every bit of it on your Disney World trip, you must set your alarm at 6.30 AM daily!

If you want to rope-drop at Disney parks, you must arrive early and at least 30 minutes before the park opening times. Also, if someone is staying at any Disney property, they automatically exercise the right to enter parks 30 minutes early. So, you will have to get to the park at least an hour before its opening time.

You will also have to plan for transportation time. The cues for transportation are usually very long in the early morning hours. Even the condition is the same in the Skyliner stations.

Moreover, if you plan to purchase Genie+, you must be wide awake before 7 AM to buy it for all your group members. At 7 AM, you will book the Lightning Lane Reservation, which helps you skip the cue at a given ride.

Thus, whichever is the case, it seems necessary that you will have to get up before 7 AM on your luxurious Disney trip.

Trash Can Tables

Eating from the trash cans isn’t a hygienic habit or something we endorse. However, have you ever thought about eating in the trash can? No worries about your grey cells, as Disney World has already done that for you.

If you can’t find a seat or table anywhere, at any counter service café, you can turn to the Disney Trash Can very well.

The super hygienic trash cans at Disney World are also used as make-shift tables. The top of the garbage cans is flattened so you can put your plate on it and have a quick snack break.

Especially this dining set is visible during EPCOT festivals. As the parks are overcrowded, these tables help you get a satisfying meal in peace.

Twinning with your family

Unusual Dressing is a usual thing in Disney World. While hovering around, you might suddenly notice a sea of the same colored t-shirts. Looking closely, you will see that some of them are identical. These are not Cast Member’s uniforms, nor are they worn by school kids. These are regular guests who choose to wear the same t-shirts.

If you have a large family, it is quite easy to spot your family member if you have the same t-shirt. Also, besides this practical point, families are often excited about taking cute photos together in the same dresses. You can add your names in the stylistic Disney font on your t-shirts and get super cool photos.

Disney characters are coming alive

In our school, we were often asked to dress as we liked. Those were the most fascinating and creative fashion days in our childhood. However, have you ever seen an adult doing that in the real world? If not, then you will have to visit Disney World to get that exquisite experience.

In this world of magic, you can dress up as your favorite Disney character, no matter your age. However, you cannot undertake a complete makeover. Imagine roaming Disney World streets and getting attacked by a swarm of small kids wanting your autograph because they mistook you for Cinderella.

However, if you have grown as an adult and your Disney dream is still unfulfilled, you can Disneybound. You can wear outfits that have taken inspiration from Disney Characters.

Thus, you can shine by wearing a bright yellow flowy dress with a honeypot-shaped purse and red belt and get on the character of Winnie the Pooh. Or you can dress as Sleeping Beauty by wearing that yellow dress. To become Gaston, you can wear khakis, a leather belt, and a red shirt.

Thus, at 14 years old or older, you can no longer wear a costume. But, what you can do is Disneybound. So, if you want to dress as Rey, you might have to wear white or cream jeans, with a beige top, a brown belt, and brown boots.

So, you are not allowed to wear character suits, masks, body armor, holsters, or robes.

But anything other than that and something inspired by Disney is good.

Abnormally Normal Things at Disney World

Final Thoughts

So, if you are a child in your adult skin, what better place than Disney World to unravel your delightful little self? Enjoy while the weird self of your and the world get their wings to fly!

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