Mistakes at Disney World That You Can Easily Avoid

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Some of the avoidable mistakes at Disney World only come with experience.

But what can you do if you do not live in Florida or do not have the opportunity to visit WDW often? You will want to know the best ways to play it safe but wouldn’t know how!

Fortunately, we list you with a few mistakes people generally make when visiting Disney, so you don’t repeat them!

Some people want to go for table service meals, while others prefer quick-service ones and stroll through the parks.

Some prefer staying in Disney hotels, while others are in off-site hotels. So, there is no homogenous way to prescribe a Disney trip. However, some small mistakes might ruin your trip. Here is how!

Mistakes at Disney World and how to avoid

Here are some things you might miss out on, but it will be worth being mindful about:


Give special attention to the shoes you plan to wear on your Disney trip. Many guests have shared this concern over not wearing the right shoes leading to regret real quick.

Disney World trip involves a huge amount of walking. For that, you need the perfect shoes.

Not only do you need perfect shoes, but you also need to get your feet comfortable in that pair. Otherwise, no matter how good the quality of the shoe is, it will lead to the same problems.

You might get blisters or might end up having a lot of pain. So, while you plan your outfits, remember to plan what shoes you will wear.

Summer is not the right time to go

Summer in Orlando is like rotting in hell. It has high temperatures, coupled with that very high humidity, making the heat even more unbearable. Guests even show signs of unavertable heat stroke.

So, if you are someone who does not have good chemistry with summer, it’s better not to take the trip to Disney World during the summer season.

However, if you go there inevitably, you must follow every measure to keep yourself hydrated and avoid getting overheated.

Not bringing your food.

Disney trip is a costly business. So, if you want to save money, you will have to be smart enough to do that. One of the easiest ways to do that is to save your food on money.

If you do not want to spend much money on snacks and save enough to have one luxurious Disney dining experience, then you should bring your food to the parks.

Disney snacks can get overpriced at times. So, buying that for yourself and the entire family eats up a huge amount of money.

So, while scrolling down Disney World streets, you will no longer have to worry about spending money.

You can make your list of favorite snacks and bring some of them to Disney World with you. Thankfully, food is allowed inside the parks. So, why not take full advantage of that?

Mistakes at Disney World That You Can Easily Avoid

To what extent should you plan?

Disney World trip needs serious research and strategies. However, some guests beg to differ, while others say they didn’t plan enough.

It might so happen that some guests get to know about reservations at table service restaurants the moment they step into Disney World.

Thus, many guests who have not made the reservations might stay starved. There is no expectation of getting any tables or spots free if you have not made your reservations early.

However, some guests think overplanning is also not always a boon. If you plan too much, you might lose out on feeling every moment in the park.

Moreover, it might also make you feel stressed. Thus, vacation is for relaxation; stress is a no-no item on that list.

Thus, you should know where to strike the exact balance to avoid missing out on important things and not stress over too much planning.

So, it is better that you sit with your group, talk about everyone’s priorities, and check what you need to do in advance before heading to Disney World. Do overall planning. If you want a detailed plan, you risk getting stressed out. Moreover, Disney World can shake the balance even if you have every plan set.

So have a basic plan and go with an open mind, and indulge in the overall experience of Disney World.


Disney World is a vast stretch of land. There are many things to see, many fantasies to experience for real. But, it is nearly impossible to cover everything on the plate. So, if you want to do everything, there is a high chance of burning out. You wouldn’t want to get burnt out on your dream vacation.

So, list what is the most important to you and see what reality will be the closest to your dream. Make a list of everything you want to do in the park. But don’t make a huge list that will leave you with no chance to have fun.

So, mix and match some time for chilling out and time for ticking off items from your bucket list.

If you have an extended plan, make sure to have short breaks. You are going there to avoid your fast-paced life, so don’t take that fast pace over there. Relax and enjoy the time at Disney World.

Leaving early

This is undoubtedly the greatest mistake one commits while traveling to Disney World. Had it been feasible, people would have loved to stay their entire life at Disney World, living in the fantasies of the world.

However, home-calling and work-calling are something that no one can avoid. Some people spend just 2-3 days in this land of magic, while others get to spend a maximum of 7-10 days. But, ultimately, everyone has to leave the place, which is the mistake they hate the most.

Mistakes at Disney World That You Can Easily Avoid

Final Thoughts

Apart from the inevitability of mistakes at Disney World, the rest of the mistakes are easily avoidable and make your trip memorable. So, follow those tips to avoid these common mistakes, and the rest of the trip should be fun!

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