How to Check Disney Gift Card Balance and How to Use It Properly

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Checking your Disney gift card balance is an important job while on a Disney vacation to keep tabs on your expenses. Gift cards and vouchers illuminate our day. Especially if such cards exist during a Disney vacation, what else is required?

So, if you want to know about Disney gift cards and how to check their balance, here is the article you should read.

What is a Disney gift card?

Ranging between $25 to $1,000, Disney gift cards are immensely helpful in buying tickets to theme parks and merchandise and paying for your stays at Disney places.

There is no cash value attached to the gift card, nor can you add any amount of money. So, asking about the Disney gift card balance might be natural.

Moreover, the gift cards do not have any expiration date. Thus, no matter how much time has passed since you bought the card, you can still use it. Apart from this, only one gift card is valid for one order.

So, you might now ask, how to be eligible for this gift card? First, you will have to create your personalized Disney account. As a result, you can own up to six cards under the category of My Cards on

If you have them, you can perform several actions, such as checking your Disney gift card balance and viewing transaction history.

Moreover, a Disney gift card balance transfer is a viable option even if you cannot add cash to your gift card. By this, you can transfer balances between your cards.

Also, you will have to keep the cards’ digital and physical copies because they will be necessary for buying anything.

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Where to buy a Disney Gift card?

If you have decided to buy a Disney gift card, you don’t have to worry about where to buy it. It is available in different locations scattered throughout the Disney parks.

You can also buy it online on shopDisney. Or, you can buy the physical copies at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, or other Disney store joints in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

The cards usually take ten working days to get delivered to the address you have put while buying. Apart from that, you can also have the eGift card mailed to your mail address.

How does a Gift Card function?

Even if it is not like any mobile wallet, the functioning of Disney gift cards doesn’t require you to move mountains. The gift cards will only be functioning at eStore and Disney locations. When you buy a gift card, you will get a number.

So, while purchasing online, you will only have to enter that number along with your credit card number and email address.

If your Disney gift card has enough balance, you can continue using it. The moment the purchase exceeds the balance, the total extra sum will automatically be debited from your credit card.

Reloading the Gift card

The exhaustion of gift cards eventually leads to the question can you reload your Disney gift card? We had already stated that you could not add cash to the card. However, you can reload it for any amount between $5 to $1,000.

However, in any case, the total balance of the gift card cannot exceed $1,000. The answer is pretty simple if you ask where to reload your card. You can do this at any Disney location. Unfortunately, no online reloadings are currently available.

How to check your Disney gift card balance?

We have been talking about the Disney gift card and its balance, but the most crucial thing is how to check the Disney store gift card balance.

Usually, you can check your Disney gift card balance online. Or you can also dial the toll-free number printed on the back of the gift card to ask for the remaining balance. Thus, you can access your balance from anywhere, at any point in time.

By phone

If you want to check your balance by phone, first dial the toll-free number- 1-877-650-4327. Customer support will reach you. They will ask for the necessary details, such as the Disney gift card number and your name. After providing them with the necessary information, ask them about the available Disney gift card balance.


To check the Disney gift card balance online, you must go to the Check Your Balance page on the Disney website. This way, you can do all your work alone, and no customer support can keep you waiting.

Once you have reached the Check Your Balance page, you must enter the following information. Firstly, put the account number. You can spot it on the front of your gift card.

Afterward, flip the card over and check the Extended Account Number (EAN). This number is for security reasons and a PIN that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. The number is usually beneath a grey sheath. So, if you haven’t scratched that, scratch it to see the number.

After you have put all of this information, you will be able to know your balance. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the Disney gift card balance is not an exact number. Instead, it is a rough estimate. So, proceed to further purchases keeping that in mind.

How to transfer the Disney gift card balance?

If you possess more than one Disney gift card, you can transfer balances between them. You will have to first log in to and visit the section titled My Cards. After that, add your account number and the EAN from each Disney card to the My Card section.

Following this, you need to select the card to which you would like to transfer the balance. An option ‘Transfer funds to this card will pop up. Select that icon to transfer your fund.

However, here is a plot twist. You cannot transfer any sum unless you have a full card balance. Partial fund transfer is not allowed. Moreover, the place from where you have bought the card will also factor in whether your card is eligible for a balance transfer or not.

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How to check balance if EAN is not there

You can still check your Disney gift card balance if your gift card does not have the 4 or 8-digit security code. For that, you will have to call on the toll-free number. However, you should note that you cannot make online purchases if you do not have EAN.

What to do with the extra balance?

Often, you run out of options for buying, and there is some extra value remaining in your Disney gift card balance. In that case, you might think about the utility of that extra balance.

You can either buy something else within that value. Or you can sell the card to someone else. Either you sell it physically, or you can put it up for the same on any authentic online website. At times you can even return your card and get some cashback.

So, these are the options in case you have some extra balance on your gift card.

Where to use a Disney gift card?

This is a very pertinent question. After buying the gift card, it is obvious that you will think about how to put it to the best use. Following are the locations where you can use the gift card.

  • Disney on Broadway
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort
  • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort
  • Aulani, Disney Resort and Spa
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • com
  • Disney Store locations in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.s.
  • Disneyland Resort and
  • Walt Disney World Resort.

So, if you visit any of these locations, you can use your Disney card best. Be it for buying theme park tickets or buying any merchandise; the Disney gift card always comes to help.

There is another thing that you should pay attention to. As of February 3, 2021, account details added to are no longer available. You will have to create a new account.

Or, you can log in using your existing account and then sign in to Following this, you will have to enter the information regarding your gift card on the My Cards page.

However, always remember Disney gift card is not any mobile wallet. So, you should not expect to use it like that.

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Final Thoughts

While the Disney gift cards will not provide you with any happy discounts, you can make all your purchases in a consolidated way. Also, by using a Disney gift card, you can keep a tab on your purchase. Thus, it is essential to check the Disney gift card balance regarding which all the information has been given in this article!

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