3 Causes For Choosing Custom Built RV

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There are several methods to buy an RV, such as looking for Used Diesel Pusher Motorhome for Sale. Purchase new or used goods? Do you prefer the most recent model or one from a year or two ago? Do you visit the manufacturer, the dealership, or that guy on Craigslist? There isn’t really a right or wrong method to go about purchasing an RV, with the possible exception of that last one, but each strategy has pros and cons.

Custom ordering your next RV via the dealership is a fantastic option that has been available for almost as long as RV manufacturers have been producing them, but is frequently disregarded. Although taking this path would require a bit more patience, the extra advantages might be worth the extra time for you.

We’ve developed a list of the top three reasons why you should consider purchasing your future RV specifically from The RV Shop.


Anybody who has previously purchased an RV, regardless of how they acquired it, is aware that they are often not inexpensive. The reasoning behind this is that if you’re already prepared to spend a significant amount of money on an RV, why not buy the model you actually want?

Most technicians will tell you it’s easier to include these kinds of features during construction than it is to install them after the unit has already been assembled. Many owners already spend extra money, either at the dealership or through a third party, to add features ranging from exterior speakers to custom cabinetry.

The wait time before using your new vehicle is undoubtedly the largest disadvantage of custom orders compared to buying off the lot, but buying an RV has never been an easy procedure for those who need instant satisfaction. Many first-time customers are astonished to learn that they will instead be leaving the trade fair with an appointment to pick up their fifth wheel rather than a brand-new fifth wheel.


The RV market can be unpredictable due to shifting state and municipal laws, shifting supply chain concerns, and the sporadic epidemic. Dealerships have recently had difficulty maintaining specific RV models in their inventories, mostly owing to a scarcity of staff and production.

This implies less possibilities and more compromises to a consumer who is browsing the lot, but if they order the ideal RV instead, it won’t be a problem.

Extending their search area, often to the entire nation, is one method many seasoned full-timers have overcome the issue of generally limited inventory in the business.

There are innumerable tales of individuals travelling hundreds or even thousands of miles in order to get the RV that they truly desire. You might save a tonne of time, work, and gas if you place your order through your preferred dealership.


You not only receive the precise home-on-wheels you desire when you order an RV from a respected dealership like The RV Shop, but you also have access to their educated sales team and skilled service technicians, who are frequently RVers themselves. Your chances of finding further savings through specials or discounts with their finance department are good.

Starting your search at the showroom is a wise move since you may become familiar with the brands, models, and floor plans that are offered there. Utilize the salesperson’s knowledge of the sector and inquire about the materials, choices, and features. Determine the precise features and aesthetics of your ideal RV, and then talk to the dealer about putting a custom order with the manufacturer. They will probably be glad to assist you in starting the process because they will also gain a great deal from taking this path.

Final thoughts

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need more than just a trailer or fifth wheel to utilise an RV, especially if you’re intending to buy your first one. Even an Ultra-lite couples coach requires a suitable hitch unless you intend to camp in front of your house indefinitely. Before they are road-worthy, larger types like toy haulers and fifth wheels need additional hardware like stabilisers and sway bars installed. When you place a bespoke order with a dealership, they can anticipate your needs, make sure all of your bases are covered, and they’ll probably even install the items for you!




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