Ways To Implement Parental Control

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It’s not surprising, but kids make up the majority of active web users. The Internet has replaced them everything, from playgrounds to peers’ face-to-face communication. And unluckily, it results in children being exposed to numerous net threats. So, it’s critical for parents constantly follow their kids and tech activity and understand the dangers they might face. That’s why parental controls are irreplaceable if you strive to protect your little ones. Still, what are ways of its application? Before figuring it out, let’s review the most common web threats faced by children.

Widely Spread Internet Dangers for Kids

  • Inappropriate content

It goes without saying that the Internet contains a vast array of inappropriate content. Sometimes, kids can meet it even accidentally while doing their home tasks or looking for some cartoons. No matter whether it appears malicious ads encouraging children to pass personal info or violent/ sexual nature content, this may severely influence a kid’s mental health. So, parental controls on tech will doubtless save children from a negative psychological impact.

  • Cyberbullying

Another huge problem caused by the web stands cyberbullying. This form of bullying is hazardous as it happens online via tablets and smartphones and puts challenging to detect. Actually, digital bullying is even more frequent than the normal one. The reason for that is the ever-rising social media and online games usage. So cyberbullying is a 24/7 process since kids are easy to ridicule through these platforms.

  • Online Fraud

You’re entirely wrong if you think that only adults are targets for online scamming. Kids are also very vulnerable to them. Typically, children deal with emails claiming massive money winnings and require payments to receive them. It works as follows: malicious ads to download malware and infect the device target kids. That’s why screen time and child development are better not missing in this case. Remember, you are a parent and may manage the spend Internet timing of your children.

Ways to Use Parental Control

  • Set Screen Time Limit

Parenting can’t do without setting specific rules. It also relates to the time computers, tablets, smartphones and video games and children spend. For example, you can choose limits on the daily hours your kid may utilize devices and what actions they conduct. But before selecting screen time and child development filters, it’s essential to talk to your children and explain why you are doing this with convincing arguments. It will help you keep a good and trusting relationship with your little ones.

  • Access Block to Specific Sites

Considering your kid’s age, you can go for some restrictions on sites and downloads you suggest as inappropriate. The good news is that many devices provide in-built parental controls to make children impossible to access improper sources. For example, set up a filter for your kid could find only appropriate video games for a 6 year old and nothing else exceeding this maturity level.

  • Set Social Media Rules

Youtube parental controls are more relevant for younger kids, but when it comes to teens, social media overview is a must. As a parent, you have to check the privacy settings of your child’s accounts and ensure they enable high-level security. Multiple risks are coming from social profiles, but stalking and bullying head the list online as well as offline. Plus, public location showcasing may lead to serious safety issues in the future. So use a screen time guide for parents and disable location services on your kids’ phones and apps.


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