Building Your Personal Lightsaber Collection

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If there is one thing die-hard fans of Star Wars have in common, it’s that they love to collect memorabilia from the franchise, from action figures, artworks and character costumes to lego toys, comic books and replica lightsabers. But when we talk of iconic symbols of the franchise, the lightsaber has to be at the top of the list. Fans love these fictional energy swords so much that there are now several companies that manufacture replica lightsabers just for them to be able to feel the force. If you’re a Star Wars faithful looking to build your own personal lightsaber collection, you’re in the right place. In this article, we have highlighted some of the things you need to build your own lightsaber collection.

Start With Your All-Time Favourite Lightsaber

Asking yourself what lightsaber you like the best out of all the Star Wars movies is a good place to start when building a lightsaber collection. You can also get yourself a replica of your favourite character’s lightsaber. This will not only make a nice addition to your collection, but it can be a way for you to feel close to your favourite character. Thankfully, several companies and online stores sell highly accurate replicas of most of the lightsabers used in the various Star Wars films, so finding your favourite shouldn’t be difficult.

Add a Dueling Lightsaber

Every Star Wars fan has, at some point, fantasized about re-enacting their favourite lightsaber fight scene from the movies. Having a duelling lightsaber in your collection can make this fantasy a reality. Bear in mind that not all replica lightsabers are designed for duelling; some of them are meant for display purposes only. So if you plan on engaging in lightsaber duels, you need a neopixel lightsaber in your collection. These types of lightsaber are highly durable (the blades are heavy-grade and the hilts are strong) and equipped with advanced sounds and effects to make duels more realistic and fun. 

Add a Rare Find

Your personal lightsaber collection should contain different styles and designs of lightsabers, including rare and limited-edition ones. This will make your collection stand out and of course, give you bragging rights. A good example of a rare find is Yaddle’s unique orange lightsaber which was featured in the Star Wars expanded universe. Having a lightsaber like this in your collection is sure to catch the eye of any Star Wars fan.

Add a Custom Lightsaber

Like any true Jedi, you should have a lightsaber with a design that is unique to you, so consider adding a custom-crafted replica lightsaber to your collection. Custom-building a lightsaber can be a way for you to add your own creative touch to its design. 

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Take your lightsaber collection a step further by investing in some accessories. These include; a good-quality lightsaber stand, a lightsaber case, and extra parts for the hilt.


Building a personal lightsaber collection can be a great way for you to stay connected to the force as a Star Wars fan. Your collection should contain different types and designs of replica lightsabers, including a duel-ready lightsaber, an accurate replica of your favourite character’s lightsaber, and a custom-crafted lightsaber.

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