A Brief Comparison of Reverse Image Search Facilities

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Reverse image search facilities are the need of the time. Daily, ordinary internet users watch tons of images while scrolling down their social media feeds, reading news articles, or using WhatsApp. 

In most cases, we see a few images and ignore them. But some photos get our attention and force us to learn more about them. 

Getting data about those photos was almost impossible a few years ago. 

However, reverse photo search facilities have helped people acquire more data about any image they have on their devices. 

Moreover, these image search engines also allow them to find similar images. Due to its extensive benefits, most people now use these picture search facilities regularly. 

Many of them are pretty happy about the image search engines’ performances, but a few believe these facilities only waste users’ time. 

Why does not every user give the same reviews about these reverse photo lookup facilities? Because everyone uses different platforms. And every search engine has its way of working, pros, and cons. 

This brief article will compare various image search engines to help you determine which one to select.

Google Images

Google Images is one of the best picture search engines worldwide. As the name suggests, Google Images is a utility that Google provides to facilitate its users. 

Google Images provides users with the most accurate results against their queries as it has a great picture finder and a vast database. 

How does Google Images work?

Google Images was less efficient than it is now. However, the modification in its algorithms and steady improvements in Google Lens have made it much better than ever. 

Now it uses the latest computer vision and AI technologies to analyze pictures and accurately detect every element in the photographs, including vectors, lines, shapes, colors, faces, etc. After the picture analysis, Google utilizes its extensive database to show results based on similarities.


  • Allows people to crop images after uploading.
  • Offer users the opportunity to use any kind of image as a query.
  • Shows instant results.


  • More precise than many image search engines.
  • Any device or browser can access it.
  • Easy to use.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t show the best results.

DupliChecker’s Image Search

DupliChecker’s photo search facility is considered one of the most underrated picture search platforms in many circles. Although this platform provides many online utilities, its reverse image search image has become its identity. That’s why most marketers, E-Commerce store owners, and netizens use it whenever they have to search for similar or royalty-free pictures.

How does DupliChecker’s Image Search work?

DupliChecker’s unique algorithm is the key to the success of this photo search facility. It gives the results from the database of all big search engines.

When people search by image using this reverse image search facility, Its algorithms fetch data against the input from various picture search platforms. 

After that, it shows the results acquired from those search engines, mentioning their names. Users’ can check the results of each forum with just one click.


  • Provides results from multiple image search utilities.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows users to search by keywords and URLs as well.


  • Shows the most complete and accurate results.
  • Save users time.
  • It helps users find the data they need.


  • DupliChecker does not have a database of its own, but it makes it its strength by covering it perfectly.

Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the most famous and used stock image platforms worldwide that provides users with reverse image search facilities.

 According to some sources, Getty Images has billions of images in its database, making it a great reverse image search platform. 

Although most people use it to find royalty-free and high-quality images to use in their blogs or other forms of content, it is also an excellent platform for searching for similar images.

How Does Getty Images Work?

Getty Images works like any other reverse image search engine. It analyzes the inputs using advanced AI technologies and brings similar images to users’ screens to meet their needs.

Moreover, users can also apply some filters to make their inputs more comprehensive and get the exact data they need. Out of those filters, the most commonly used ones are image style, color, location, resolution, and orientation. 

Those who perfectly apply all the filters can get the images they are looking for. In addition, users can also use keywords and videos as input. If they don’t have any pictures to use as input, they can use text as well.


  • Allows users to upload videos as input.
  • Very easy to use compared to many big industry names.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.


  • Provides royalty-free images.
  • It helps people search for similar images.
  • Assists users get all kinds of graphical data.


  • Don’t have a broad database like Google and Bing.
  • Sometimes users have to pay to get access to watermark-free images.

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