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Kovu Lion King is one of our favorite childhood characters. This blog post remembers Kovu and what his character signifies.

In the 21st century, we are born at the core of human civilizations. How could our lives be if we were born in the deepest forests of the Amazon or the remotest spread of the Sahara desert? No one knows.

Thus, this call for wilderness and the desire to reach the unreachable gets quenched when we watch films like this. So, if you also want to accompany Kovu Lion King on his journey in the African wilderness, follow this article!

Who is Kovu?

We all know our favorite Kovu Lion King character. For those unfamiliar with him, Kovu is one of the protagonists of The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, a Disney film made in 1998.

It was the sequel to The Lion King, made in 1994. In this film, Zira’s son lives in the Outsides. His two siblings are Vitani and Nuka. He develops a love interest for Kiara, the daughter of Simba, the head of Pride Lands of Africa.

Background of Kovu Lion King

Zira followed Scar closely, who was previously the ruler of the lands. Zira’s son is Kovu, and Scar had chosen him to be the successor, but he didn’t mention his relation to him. This is why the Outsiders referred to Kovu as the chosen one.

This frustrated Nuka, Kovu’s sibling. However, Kovu couldn’t be the successor as Simba attacked and killed Scar and established his authority over the throne. Also, the Outsiders were sent to exile by Simba because they protested Simba’s rule.

Thus, Zira and the Outsiders looked up to Kovu for re-usurping the throne back and killing Simba. So, right from childhood, Zira imparted harsh training on Kovu to make him suitable for the fight.

Kovu Lion King

Personality of Kovu from Lion King 2

Whenever someone utters the word lion, the image of a ferocious and violent animal conjures up in the mind. Even if Zira and her other two sons are precisely like this image, Kovu Lion King is just the opposite of it.

He is a friendly, kind, and relaxed character who doesn’t always believe in violence or evil ways. However, he obeys his mother very thoroughly.

So, if his mother asks him to do a particular thing, he will try to follow that closely. He can even approach Nuka, his elder brother if he doesn’t follow that.

Thus, it was easy for Zira to manipulate Kovu Lion King into believing the cruel nature of Simba and that he murdered Scar and is the greatest enemy of the Outsiders. However, his love affair with Kiara and his friendship with Simba change his mind.

Zira even plans to attack Pride Land. However, Kovu decides to stop him. Kovu Lion King is a character who wouldn’t encourage violence just because the past is violent.

The audience gets hold of Kovu’s nature when he and Kiara stop Zira’s attack and when he bonds with Lion Guard as his brother-in-law. So, Kovu Lion King is a gentle character who has won the heart of lion King fans.

Physical appearance

Scar never mentioned his relationship with Kovu, Lion King. However, he has striking resemblances with him. So, even fans have come out with several theories regarding their silence of Scar about Kovu.

The color of Lion King Kovu far is auburn, and his underbelly, paws, and muzzle are creamy brown colored. His head tuft is dark brown, and the color of his elbow joints matches that of his tail tip and head tuft.

Kiara must have fallen in love with his dark eyes resembling his siblings. However, the emerald eyeballs are a unique feature of his own which matches with none of his family members.

When he enters adolescence, Kovu Lion King 2 develops a rich dark brown mane that matches the dark patches of tail tips and elbow tufts. Also, he creates a scar on his left eye, reminding one of Scar.

Now that you have a little introduction to the character of Kovu Lion King let’s take a deep inside the twisted storyline of The Lion King II.

Lion King 2 Plot

The Pride Land

King Simba, the ruler of Pride Lands of Africa and the husband of Queen Nala, is a very overprotective father that annoys their daughter Kiara. He is so possessive of her daughter that two of his childhood friends – Pumbaa and Timon, are constantly employed to keep a close watch on Kiara. This enrages Kiara, and she tries to avoid them.

The Outsiders

One day she enters the forbidden Outlands where the Outsiders live. Here, she meets Kovu Lion King, a young cub.

In this encounter, a bunch of crocodiles attack them. With outstanding teamwork, they navigate their way past the attack, and even Kiara saves Kovu at one juncture.

When Kiara and The Lion King Kovu start their friendship, Simba confronts Kovu, and Zira confronts Simba. In the heated arguments that follow, Zira reminds Simba that Kovu was chosen as the successor of the Pride Lands by the late ruler Scar.

On the other hand, Simba takes this chance and reminds Zira about the fateful past when Simba exiled Zira and the outsiders.

Upon their return to Pride Lands, Queen Nala returned to Pride Rock. But Simba stays back to lecture Kiara about the dangerous Outsiders.

He also lets her know that once they are together but evades the topic of exile. On the other hand, in Outlands, Zira brings back the memory and tells Kovu that Simba murdered Scar. She also tells him that he exiled his ancestors.

However, he is credited for his non-violent nature. Kovu Lion King suggests that Kiara is harmless, and their friendship doesn’t have anything to do with the past.

Kovu Lion King

Zira’s plot

Zira sees this as an advantage that she can use to her benefit and to avenge Scar’s death. Thus, she doesn’t stop Kovu Lion King from meeting Kiara and silently starts waiting for the opportune moment to attack Simba.

Many years pass by, and both of them enter adulthood. Kiara now embarks on her solo hunt when Vitani and Nuka, as part of Zira’s plan, attack her. However, Zira also allows Kovu to save her and hence wins the heart of Simba.

One night Simba has a nightmare where he tries to save Mufasa, his father, from falling in a stampede. Scar stops him, who then takes the shape of Kovu and kills Simba.

Even if Kovu thinks about several dimensions of killing Simba, Kiara’s friendship stops him from doing that, and he gets trapped in a dilemma.

Meanwhile, Rafiki, an advisor, and shaman, lead them to spend meaningful love, and they fall in love. On that night, Kovu Lion King stays in Simba’s Pride Rock. However, Kovu cannot kill Simba, inspiring Zira to form a trap for them.

The last day

On the following day, as Simba takes a stroll with Kovu, they confront the Outsiders resulting in the death of Nuka. Zira scratches Kovu giving him the Scar. Simba exiles Kovu.

Kiara cannot convince her father and hence takes off to find Kovu. They eventually find each other and confesses their love.

Kovu and Kiara then come back to Pride Land to stop the fighting. But Zira had irrevocable anger and attempted to kill Simba. However, she dies when a dam bursts washing her away.

Kiara and Kovu get the throne

This time Simba accepts the Outsiders and even apologizes to Kovu. Kiara and Kovu are thereby appointed as successors to Pride Lands.


Most Lion King fans are generally inclined to know about the trivia associated with the film. So, if you are a fan of Kovu Lion King, here is the general trivia to feed your thirst.

  • In the Swahili language, the Scar is the meaning of Kovu
  • Kingdom Hearts II’s Sora’s lion had an uncanny resemblance with Kovu when he was a cub.
  • At first, Kovu was destined to be Scar’s son. But. Michael Eisner didn’t want to encourage an incest relationship between Kiara and Kovu. Hence, Scar never mentioned any connection between him and Kovu. Also, the color of his mane was initially black but then changed when his relations with Scar were cut off.
  • Initially, he was Scar’s son, and his name was Nunca. One can relate this to the meaning of the Spanish word “Nunca,” which means never.
  • Andy Dick was supposed to give voice to Nunca. But then, as the script took its course, he played the role of Nuka, Kovu Lion King’s brother.
  • Kovu Lion King gets the teenage killer’s name in the documentary Proud of Simba’s Pride.
  • In The Lion Guard series, he is depicted as the least aggressive among the Outsiders. This means that Zira’s imparting of intensive training didn’t yield the result she wanted. But he could stand up to Nuka and even save Jasiri when the latter tried to attack her. Thus, the training contributed to his assertiveness even if it didn’t result in aggression.
  • In the finale of The Lion Guard series, Zira says she trained Kovu after the debut episode of Outsiders. However, this doesn’t match the chronology of the second film. Thus, it might have so happened that assertiveness was the product of his innate personality.
  • The deep voice of Kovu in The Lion Guard series implies that he has reached his adolescence. Also, Kion is shocked when he learns that Kiara is friends with Kovu, Lion King. Thus, when they first met, Kion might not have been born, or maybe he was just an infant.
  • Zira’s plan for Kovu to usurp the throne was successful. However, she didn’t live to see that. Upon her death, Simba accepts the Outsiders and arranges the marriage of Kiara and Kovu. Hence, Kovu becomes the heir to his Pride Land, along with Kiara. He is also a benevolent ruler who decides to rule for the sake of his subjects and not for his benefit.

So, Kovu Lion King is a character who is not like his fellow species mates winning a place in the fans’ hearts. The general trivia suggests many other background stories that might be attractive to fans of The Lion King II movie!

Voice cast


Simba is the son of Sarabi, and Mufasa is the father of Kiara. Matthew Broderick has played his role. Cam Clarke is behind his singing voice. Ian Harrowell supervised Simba’s animation.


Neve Campbell played Kiara’s role. Liz Callaway gave the singing voice of the older Kiara. Kiara’s supervising animator was Lianne Hughes. Michelle Horn played the role of young Kiara. Ashley Edner performed her lion grows, while Charity Sanoy played young Kiara’s singing voice.


The voice of the protagonist Kovu Lion King was given by Jason Marsden. He also played the role of Vitani and Nuka. Gene Miller played the singing voice of Kovu. Kovu’s supervising animator was Andrew Collins. Ryan O’ Donohue played young Kovu.


Kovu’s mother, Zira, is a very impactful character, and Suzanne Pleshette played her role. Her supervising animator was Kevin Peaty.


Another powerful female character of Lion King II is Nala, the mother of Kiara and the Queen of the Pride Lands; Moira Kelly played the role of Nala, the daughter-in-law of Mufasa and Sarabi. Ian Harrowell, the supervising animator of Simba, played the same position in the case of Nala.


Timon, the loyal meerkat of Simba who was employed to keep a watch on Kiara, was played by Nathan Lane. The supervising animator was Bob Baxter.


Another loyal friend of Simba was Pumbaa, a warthog. Ernie Sabella played his role, while Bob Baxter was the supervising animator.


Robert Guillaume played the role of Rafiki, the old mandrill.


Jim Cummings played the role of Scar, the younger brother of Mufasa.


Andy Dick played the role of Nuka.


Meredith Scott Lynn played the role of Vitani.


James Earl Jones played the role of Mufasa.

The beautiful voices of these cast members made the jungle of Africa lively!

Final Thoughts

So, Kovu Lion King should be bliss to the eyes to watch. If you haven’t watched the film now, you shouldn’t miss this 1998 Disney classic. The call of the wild will go answered if you watch this!

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