Weird Facts About Disney World That Are Too Funny to Be True

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If you’re someone who visits Orlando Disney frequently, you should know some of the weird facts about Disney World. You fall under the category like us who love Disney and want to know about all things related, and you’ve seen the regular side for far too long.

Weird Facts About Disney World

Disney World is full of surprises, with incredible rides, events, shows, and food. But finding weirder kinds of stuff in such a majestic place is exclusive.

The below list will make you feel a little icky, but guess what? They all hold some facts attached to them in some way or the other.

1. Liberty Square’s “Poop” River

Walking through the Liberty Square of Magic Kingdom, you would notice the pavements are painted in two different colors. Ever wondered why? The real story will surprise you.

The brown-colored pathway of Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square mimics colonial times. So, in the colonial era, people threw pot waste from their chambers into the streets. Gross right? But that’s how it was back then. The roads would be like a river of poop flowing across.

2. Rafiki’s Planet Watch conducting Animal Operations

Disney World’s Rafiki’s Planet Watch will keep you shunned by their animal operations. A window at the Conservation Station will let you watch animals’ vet work when they go for procedures or check-ups.

Many guests wait for this sight to experience these operations in real-time. But do you know how gross it can be to look at?

It is not a thing that happens every next day, but if you have a fetish for such an experience, this is apt for you.

Having an experience in such operations is quite gross to look at. But this might not interest you if you are squeamish as this might give you some memories you can never forget.

3. EPCOT Mission Space

If you have ever been to Disney World, the rides provide you with barf bags, which makes sense.

EPCOT’s Mission: SPACE is best known for making riders sick because of its intense spinning and G-forces. Hence, the rides are filled with bags for nauseous souls.

Barf bags are also handed out to guests on the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, as there is a possibility that you may experience motion sickness.

Make sure you have a steady heart and are ready for such a crazy experience, or you may use these barf bags.

Weird Facts About Disney World That Are Too Funny to Be True

4. Trash Chutes

Disney World has giant backstages and underground spaces that have massive trash chutes. That’s a ride for garbage but a smellier one.

Because of the vast gatherings and crowds that accumulate in Disney World, it needs a system to manage the thrash. Since there’s a lot of trash in the park, it needs an overpowered system.

Hence the massive disposal system for all the garbage. It is one of the most advanced systems to manage trash you would have seen before. This system is called majorly known as an AVACS system.

As per reports, it runs through garbage weighing about 80,000 pounds daily.

5. Club Sodas

You might be surprised why soda is listed under gross kinds of stuff. Before you get confused, chill. Not all of them are gross.

But the iconic ones, Smart Sour Plum and Beverly aren’t that famous among the guests.

People do not like the drink Beverly introduced in the OG Club Cool because of the bitter aftertaste. However, after it opened in the new location, Smart Sour Plum, which tastes like barbecue sauce.

Though gross, they are still available in Disney World for a reason.

Final thoughts

If you are open to the experience of trying new stuff at Disney, explore these weird facts about Disney Orlando and see them yourself.

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