Everything You Need To Know About The INDO Scooter

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The INDO Trick Scooter is a breed of stunt scooters that have been developed as an alternative to skateboards, bikes and skates. You may have seen it around and wondered what it is. Well don’t worry because we’re here to answer any questions your might have about this trick scooter.

What is the INDO Scooter?

The INDO Scooter is designed to be made to do one thing: doing tricks. This is not a toy. It’s a high-quality tricking equipment that can be uses inside, outside on the street, in skate parks, and it’s really, really rad on the trampoline.

The board is made from durable and flexible material that gives you the maximum bounce and a soft landing. The handlebar is made from super lightweight aluminum that gives you precision and control when you’re grabbing air.

How to use the INDO Scooter

An INDO trick scooter is different from a normal trick scooterThe most obvious difference is that scooter does not have wheels. Bearing that in mind, you’d be right to assume that the scooter will be lighter. It is also made from a special foam material that will allow you to land more difficult tricks – and if you hit yourself with it, it won’t hurt as much as getting hit the typical metal scooter desk.

The scooter’s deck is flexible, and the flexibility of the deck gives you opportunities to come up with awesome new tricks and challenges like the “Indo Quint Challenge”.

You can practice the majority of your tricks with the Indo scooter in your house without the need for a trampoline or a sunny day. Even in the middle of winter, even if it’s raining or snowing, you can still practice in the comfort of your room and keep your magic touch.

On INDO’s website, you will see how-to videos from some tricks that you can land with both a normal scooter and an Indo Scooter: Bar Whip, Kickless, Bri Butter Cup, Bri Flat, Bri Twi Single or Double, and many more.

Types of INDO Scooters

The INDO Scooter comes in a variety of models. Here they are:

  • INDO BUG: great for little ones getting started (age 3+)
  • INDO 570: great for older kids learning tricks (age +6-11)
  • INDO 670: also great for older kids (age +9-15)
  • INDO PRO: for youth/adults pushing the limits (age +12)

What are the benefits of using and INDO Scooter?

The INDO Scooter is quickly becoming the preferred choice for stunt scootering, dues to its many benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. The scooter is much lighter and makes it easier to maneuver and perform tricks
  2. The wider deck provides more stability and control when performing stunts
  3. The softer wheels make for a smoother ride and are less likely to damage surfaces when landing tricks
  4. The scooter’s unique design makes it standout from the crowd – perfect for showing off your style!

Where can you buy an INDO Scooter?

INDO Sooters are available for purchase online at indotrickscooter.com and are also sold on Amazon.

How much does an INDO Scooter cost?

Price varies depending on the model but range from $59.95 to $149.95.

What type of rider is the INDO Scooter designed for?

INDO scooters offer a variety of models designed for everyone of all ages looking to have some fun!

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