7 Nodejs Best Practices Every Nodejs Developer Should Follow

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Each developer will always have different coding style options when working as a team on a project. Most developers prefer custom styling to make code readable. Although the syntax is easy to understand, making it ideal for event-driven and asynchronous programming, the complexity of the code can cause malfunctions. So there are some tricks to make coding and code processing easier for Node Js. 

7 Node Js Best Practices Every Nodejs Developer Should Follow

Let’s take a look at some Node js development practices that every developer should know Node js development practices that every developer should know

Avoid Using V8 Engine Flags For Garbage Collection

Hapi.js is the best Node.js web framework used to develop front-end applications. Thanks to the powerful Hapi.js plugin, you can fully control the development process. Hapi.js encourages the developer to focus on reusable logic instead of spending time building infrastructure. Although Express is already a fairly reliable framework, it is used on a much smaller scale compared to such analogs as Rails, CakePHP, or Django. 

Express is more comparable to a tool like Sinatra and unfortunately hasn’t yet made a significant effort to move away from its Ruby roots to something more natural for JavaScript. In any case, it’s much easier and faster to use than to build your framework, and at the moment it’s the best choice.

Study of the Relational Model

The relational model is used far more than any other specific model, and developers need to learn the relational model well. Developing a powerful and appropriate relational model for a non-trivial requirement is not a trivial task. You can’t build good SQL tables if you don’t understand the relational model. New and more specialized software infrastructures continue to appear. While it’s often difficult for developers to keep track of so many different options, each one targets a specific audience and requires a very specific skill set. 

Action Hero Js

Socket.IO acts as a server-side library for Node.js and as an external library in the browser. Another important characteristic of the interface is ergonomics. The design of the program should not only be beautiful, modern, and made in corporate colors, but also be convenient to use. Understanding the principles of ergonomics is necessary for a programmer to create a quality product. Come up with your suggestions even after you’ve done your research.

Your Program Must Remain Stateless

No details are needed, but you should know to ask the DBA about these things. Customers need to understand the need for data integrity and be able to specify where data is checked and what to do if problems are found. It doesn’t have to be in the database (where it would be difficult for the user to issue a meaningful error message), but it has to be somewhere. Over the past 15 years, databases have come to be used to store persistent data associated with only one application.

Use Log Libraries

Instead of using agents that increase resource usage and latency, this method is better for logging. At no additional cost, journal libraries help organize, format, and deliver journal messages. As a result, you need to use async/await as a Node developer rather than relying solely on synchronous functions.

Use Hapi.js Functions

Their direct duties include updating, maintaining, and creating applications and sites. Again, this is due to heavy loading. There is simply no time and energy left for learning something new. It is enough only to update one’s own knowledge and skills.

At its core, Hapi uses many of the latest ES6 JavaScript features, such as ES6 promises. If you’ve ever used Express, Hapi will be your prototype, because it lets you try something new and provides the latest JavaScript features. The following companies are based on this framework: Concrete, PayPal, Disney, and Walmart. 

Denormalization of Koa Js

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Consider denormalization as a possible angel, not the devil, and consider NoSQL databases as an alternative to relational databases. If there are any problems with the execution of the request, you can solve this problem yourself.

And the concept of “full-stack developer” in the usual sense appeared even later. However, there is already a list of technologies that such a specialist must know and use.


А professional coders must master more than a dozen languages and be fluent in each of them.

If you do not understand the algorithm used, learn everything in practice. Indexing is the #1 topic to keep in mind when working with databases. You should of course be aware not to tamper with production data, production code, or anything like that, and that all source code goes to VCS. You should have a basic knowledge of how to get a plan and how to read it in general (at least enough to tell if the algorithms are effective or not). 

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