Disney World Tron Ride All You Need to Know

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Disney World Tron ride is the latest thing that every WDW enthusiast is crushing over. If you frequent Disney World, you have experienced the most exquisite rides and attractions. Something new is exciting, and to answer all your queries, I’ve made a comprehensive list of all you gotta know.

What is the Disney World Tron ride like?

Like the Avatar ride, the Tron ride is designed based on a Hollywood classic. It is not like an original ride idea at Disney but revives the euphoria of a 40-year-old film franchise.

There is a lot of buzz around Tron, and that’s evident given the legacy of the movie. Released in 1982, it welcomed us to a parallel world we see going closer to reality every day.

The movie revolves around the character Flynn. He is a computer guru who believes that an ENCOM executive stole his gaming programs. So, he is on a mission to find out the truth while battling his way out.

The lightcycle is a tool that helps him get his way. Interestingly, it is also what will help you, as a rider, make yours.

People want to have an immersive experience, which is what this rollercoaster ride is about. So, when you get your turn to hop on a Tron Lightcycle, you will move into an adventurous time that gives you an out-of-the-world experience.

You will race against programs to surge past one after another and move to victory. It is a race where you need to compete to level up by surpassing one program after another.

Your mission is to keep your team on top so you can keep going. But here you are, not fighting anyone. Your battle is with digital programs, and you’re trying to outrun them.

Disney World Tron Ride All You Need to Know

Disney World Tron ride experience

Let us go through all the things you should know before signing up for the Tron Lightcycle Disney World ride:

When will Tron open at Disney World

The Disney World Tron ride will be open to the public on April 4, 2023. We are roughly six weeks away from finding out how it will change our Magic Kingdom experience forever.

You can avail of Park Pass for April 4 if you want to be one of the first to set foot into this one. It is available along with Theme Park tickets.

If you are an Annual Passholder for Magic Kingdom, it is sold out for this date. But you can check the available dates to use your pass to book the next available slots.

If this is your first time visiting Magic Kingdom, note that you require a Park Pass. You also need a valid ticket to get bonus points when added with Park Hopping features.

If you can park hop and come over to Magic Kingdom on April 4, all you need is to pay for Individual Lightning Lane.

Being a Disney World fanatic, it is evident to have all the excitement for the Disney Tron ride. However, if you wait for the reviews, ratings, and insights, you will have a better idea of what to expect.

Tron ride height requirement

There are a lot of speculations and assumptions revolving around the Tron Lightcycle Magic Kingdom. People want to know what type of ride it is, the cost, the height requirement, and much more.

Well, you are in for a roller coaster because that’s what the ride is like!

Yep! It is supposed to be one of the fastest roller coasters in the history of Disney theme parks. So, it is for adventure lovers who want their adrenaline to shoot up.

You need to be at least 48 inches tall to participate in this ride. So, if you are above four feet, you are welcome. Let us also decode the fact that most children will not be able to be a part of this ride. If you have bigger kids over 122 cm tall, you can take this ride with them.

The virtual queue for Tron ride booking

Do you want to know how to get into the Tron roller coaster Magic Kingdom ride? Do you need to wait in long lines like you have to for most?

Well, thankfully, no!

Tron wishes you give you a better experience than what you have had so far. So, the first thing it does is breaking off from standard queue processes.

You can get to Tron by waiting in a virtual queue. For now, there are no charges for this feature; hopefully, it will continue to be so. However, it will be paid if you choose the Individual Lightning Lane.

How to book Tron ride Magic Kingdom?

Here is how you can virtually wait for your turn to experience Tron:

  • download and/or open the My Disney Experience app
  • set your account if you haven’t already
  • link your park ticket to the account
  • link park tickets of people who will come along with you

Once you set it up, you will find all the details you need to experience Tron on the same day. Tron is accessible to everyone only once per day during a normal theme park day. Coming over to Magic Kingdom in larger groups might be difficult to accommodate.

You need a valid Park Pass for Magic Kingdom to get access. That’s the first thing to ensure before booking a virtual queue.

Disney World Tron Ride All You Need to Know

Individual Lightning Lane for Tron ride

If a virtual queue seems dicey to you, try this other alternative. Lightning Lane, as you may already know, is a pay-per-ride option.

Disney Genie plus and Tron are not aligned, so you cannot avail it for this ride. You need to separately pay to skip the online queue.

Things to know before using Lightning Lane

Now, there are some protocols to know in advance:

  • The availability of Lightning Lane for the Disney World Tron ride is limited.
  • One person can access Lightning Lane twice per day and cannot repeat the facility for the same ride
  • The cost attached to Lightning Lane can differ according to date – for example, it will be higher during holidays and lower during a normal weekday
  • Staying over at select Disney hotels will let you access Lightning Lane from 7am
  • You can access it during regular opening hours when not staying at Disney


Tron roller coaster ride will not allow you to bring in large bags. Carrying belongings while on the ride is impossible as there is no space, and your hands will be busy holding the Lightcycle handlebars.

Thankfully you can avail of a double-sided and digitized locker system to keep your belongings while you enjoy the ride. It is free and easily accessible with MagicBand or MagicBand+.

You can also avail of ticket media, a card offered for you to scan if you do not have a band. You simply need to tap the card or band to lock or unlock the locker.

A small compartment is allocated for every rider in Tron that lets you keep tiny belongings. For example, your smartphone, wallet, tiny cameras, glasses, and so on.

Just make sure you come ahead of time to use the locker services. It will add the minutes you take to have a complete experience across the Tron ride before moving on to other attractions.

Getting early access

Want to be on-point with the Tron Lightcycle game? Coming over early on April 4 can be just what you need to be one of the first people ever to experience the historic moment at Magic Kingdom.

But you can have the upper hand in getting access to the Tron ride if you know a cast member. While this is not an official statement, Cast Members currently preview Tron and have access. Before the ride opens for all on April 4, they are allowing cast members to try it themselves and invite three people to enjoy an exclusive experience.

If you are Annual Passholder or DVC member, you can find out if there are special preview offerings for you too. It is an amazing opportunity to take the Disney World Tron ride amidst no crowd.

Making memories on Tron

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t risk taking your own photos and videos when onboard. The rollercoaster is super-fast, and you will want to enjoy it. You would find it safer to keep away expensive belongings in the locker.

 How to click pictures on Tron ride?

Disney confirmed that the Tron ride will have an onboard photo and video option. You can preview it when you are the Tron and get pictures automatically sent to your My Disney app.

To get these images, you need to keep your Bluetooth on to get updates on the app. You also need your account to be logged into the app or open it before hopping onto the ride. Make sure your battery is not in low mode.

To access the snaps, you need to carry the device to the Tron. Bluetooth range is limited, so you can use the compartment you get while on the ride.

If you don’t want to risk your phone, you can use MagicBand for the same purpose. Make sure the product has adequate charge. Before hopping onto the Disney World Tron ride, verify that your MagicBand is linked with the My Disney Experience app.

Seating arrangements on Tron

If you look at the YouTube video below, you will notice that Tron is not your usual rollercoaster.

Yes! It does take you for a ride, and you can also find similarities with Flight of Passage. The Tron ride looks like an advanced bike. When you sit inside, you will feel like it is a motorcycle. However, when you put your legs inside, they will not hang out like it does when riding a regular bike.

You have specific areas to rest your feet that look like a pedal. You can also relax your knees and legs to enjoy the ride comfortably. Lean forward to get a grip on the handlebars, and the back of the seat will adjust according to your physique. You will not find yourself locked inside and ready for the ride.

Now there is a seat option you can try if you want to go with something other than the former. It is an upright seating, much-like regular rollercoasters. It is perfect for people who either do not fit into the bike-like ride or have physical ailments restricting them.

Since the bike design is more common and you might get it organically, ask cast members for help if you need the other one. Suppose you are traveling with someone who has a disability. In that case, it is best to priorly inform the cast members and seek assistance.

Final thoughts

If you’ve decided to experience the Disney World Tron ride, it is time to book your slots. If you need an idea about the 1982 film franchise, it should be your must-watch before coming to Magic Kingdom.

Stay tuned to Disney Wire to learn more about the Tron Lightcycle. Have an immersive experience, and let us know what it was to be a part of this incredible journey.

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