How quality of Blog writing affects your Business

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The forms of content distribution develop at an immense speed. Short videos replaced vlogs, and influencers captured the audience’s attention. Yet, blogs remain one of the most popular forms of information consumption. More than 70% of Internet users are reading blog pages. 

Blogs are an efficient way to promote machine translation products and services and share helpful information and news. More than 90% of B2B marketers use blogs in their marketing campaigns. Yet, not all blogs are equally helpful. 

The quality of the blog’s content significantly affects its efficiency. In-home writers may provide decent content for your blog. 

Entrepreneurs may look for a blog writer to hire at Skillhub or similar blog writer services. This article overviews how a blog’s quality influences business and how to create a successful blog. 

Effects of Blogging on Business 

A blog, serving as a valuable Research Guide, is an efficient way of informal communication with the audience. Blog posts may contain informative tips, promote something, or ask for feedback. Companies that know how to operate with blogs have a chance for successful business growth.

Building Online Presence 

Online presence is a vital part of any successful business. Online presence consists of different components: 

  • Social media accounts;
  • Youtube channel;
  • Blogs;
  • Web pages of the official faces of the company. 

Online presence creates an image of a modern company that follows all the trends and knows how to communicate with its audience. 

Audience Expansion 

Blogs can help to increase the customer base and attract new people toward the brand. If a company’s blog answers people’s requests and covers their pains, it will score more loyal customers for the brand. 


Blogs can also be an efficient pre-screening tool. People are suspicious of novelties and unfamiliar solutions. Businesses can familiarize their new clients with products and services and build the first step in trusting relations. 

Improvement Relations With Customers 

Blogs are a perfect way for informal communication with the audience. Blog posts do not create obligations and simply share information. Customers who read these articles may leave comments about the topic at hand or even about unrelated issues. 

Community management via blogs will help to communicate with the audience directly. Qualitative blogs and opportune communication with them will earn more customers’ trust and loyalty. 


How to Write an Efficient Blog 

The following blog writing tips will help a business to create and maintain a successful blog. They will be helpful for in-home writers and as a basis for the blogs’ vision. 

Stick to the Topic 

Blogs that follow a single topic will be more efficient than blogs that try to cover all at once. Naturally, more topics may gather a bigger audience. At the same time, the lack of quality will not hold it for long.  

Amanda followed several blogs about online shops to develop interesting features for her enterprise. Posts created by professional writers concerning efficient marketing techniques helped her to expand her shop. More nuanced and more profound articles will create a solid foundation that can be grown in the future. 

Post Consistently 

Consistency is a significant element of efficiency. Regular posts will keep the high traffic and make a blog attractive for advertising publications. A business can create and distribute a content plan between blog writing experts to maintain consistency. 

Make a Content Flow 

Content flow is a factor that determines how easy to read blog posts. The higher the content flow, the more eagerly users read the posts. 

Use Headings and Catchy Headlines 

Headlines draw attention, and headings help to navigate through content. Readers may not read the whole article from beginning to end but focus only on relevant parts. Heading will ease the navigation and make blog posts more appealing. 

Improve SEO 

Blog writers should apply SEO principles to all business blog articles: 

  • Improved readability;
  • Target keywords; 
  • Generating backlinks;
  • Metadata use. 

Blog articles with enhanced SEO will generate higher traffic. 

Be Authentic 

Blogs are not a combination of SEO practices and links. They are a way of communication. Authentic, genuine blogs that help solve people’s issues are more appealing than articles that reuse the same information. A unique blog’s voice is a part of the business branding and should align with corporate culture and values. 

Final Words 

Blogs are one of the most consistent and popular ways of communicating with the audience. A good blog may generate high traffic and be profitable to the business. Yet, it requires posting high-quality content consistently. The best way to achieve this is to apply to professional blog writers, like Skillhub blog writing experts. 


  • Do Blogs Help in Website SEO Optimization? 

Yes. Promoting a website in search engine results is hard without constantly paid advertisements. Blogs with qualitative posts are a more efficient and less costly way of website SEO optimization. 

Search engines react to long, diverse articles that have relevant information. Such blogs attract a wider audience and increase conversion and website popularity. Today a solid blog is a cornerstone of a successful online business. 

  • Where Can I Find Writers for My Blog?

There are many freelance resources that you can browse to find expert blog writers. You may apply to Skillhub: 

  • Skillhub;
  • Upwork;
  • Fiverr;
  • People Per Hour. 

These are the most popular platforms for finding professional writers. Yet, it is essential to remember that general freelance job marketplaces are not reliable. It will be more secure to order professional blog writing services from platforms like Skillhub.

  • How Much Time Does It Take for a Blog to Start Working?  

The actual time when a blog will start to bring profits depends on the initial popularity of a website or company. Big names like Coca-Cola or Seth Godin can launch a successful blog within a month. Small and medium-sized businesses will have to work up to a year to gain benefits from a blog. 

A well-made blog is a long-term investmet. It requires consistent posting of high-quality content to make it worthy. Once a blog has become popular with the target audience, it becomes a valuable asset for any business.

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