Hack Your Four Major Hormones To Increase Your Productivity And Mood

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Hormones play vital roles in the proper functioning of the human body. These are the chemical messengers that carry the brain’s message to all parts of your body. However, several thousand hormones are active and playing their respective roles. There are some commonly known for their effects on your mood and performance. Could, you, please add a text?: To better understand and monitor these effects on mood, many individuals utilize mood tracker templates as a helpful tool.

You need to hack such hormones to work in your best interest. Let’s find out their roles and how you can control them.


Serotonin is one of the primary hormones that regulate your sleep, mood, happiness, and some other regulatory functions. When you do not sleep on time, your sleep-wake cycle gets disturbed and affects the release of hormones. If your sleep is messed up and you constantly feel down, it is a cue to boost your serotonin level. 

You should consume more tryptophan to trick your body into producing more serotonin. Tryptophan is the primary precursor of serotonin production in the body. It is an amino acid in eggs, cheese, salmon, etc.

You can also enhance your serotonin release by exercising regularly. If you are not a workout enthusiast, resort to daily walks for at least 30 minutes. That should be enough to bring your body back on track. 

Bask in the sunlight to benefit from the light therapy. You can take your daily walks under the sunlight or spread a yoga mat on your balcony facing the sun to meditate. All these activities play a vital role in enhancing serotonin release. So, kill two birds with one stone!


Endorphins are painkiller hormones that can relieve pain and stress to boost mood. When you have a sour temper or sudden mood swings, it indicates low endorphin levels. The decrease in endorphins can also lead to depression and anxiety. 

So you need to hack your endorphins with some little lifestyle modifications like:

Integrate a routine of exercising daily. Exercise is the best way to make your body function and return to normal. You should combine resistance training with walking to enhance endorphin levels for maximum results. 

Here’s good news for chocolate lovers. Cocoa can naturally increase the release of endorphins in your body, so you don’t need to hold back your cravings for dark chocolate. Lose yourself in the heavenly delight of dark chocolate while having a good laugh with your friends and family.


Oxytocin regulates your emotional responses and social behaviors. It is also called the love hormone.

When you are low on oxytocin, it causes poor communication, irritability, and a feeling of loneliness. You need love and attention to combat the lack of oxytocin in your system.

Try spending more time with your loved ones, sharing your feelings, and letting your emotions flow. Savor your soul by giving free hugs that light a wholesome feeling in your chest. Another best way is to spend time in the energizing company of your pets.


Dopamine is the pursuit hormone that makes you want to pursue things that give you pleasure. You must have used the term ‘dopamine rush’ without knowing its true meaning. It is the principal hormone that controls your pleasure feelings.

Too much cheap dopamine can ruin your focus, motivation, and drive. And if you feel blank, you must trick your body into releasing more dopamine.

How can you do it?

The basic hack of enhancing dopamine is to set daily achievable goals and cross them out on your to-do list; this routine grants you a sense of accomplishment. You should also reduce your social media usage as it limits your brain’s capacity to release dopamine.

Cold exposure for 10 minutes per week works wonders, releasing enough dopamine to fill you with energy. You can take an ice bath or cold shower at 45-60C.

The Bottom Line

A stable release of various hormones is vital to keep up your performance and mental health. You should try the means to boost such hormones. You can also supplement Nootropics from a trustworthy Wholesale Nootropics seller to promote brain health. Pay attention to your mental health to enjoy a mess-free life.

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