Escape rooms are growing in popularity –  What are the potential reasons?

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Whenever you think of the term team building,  you find the job to be awkward and daunting but the truth is that team building doesn’t always have to be lame or boring.  Thankfully,  with escape rooms as your ticket to fun,  the right can actually become productive. Escape rooms help in building communication and Cohesion. They seem to be perfect for developing time management skills, problem-solving abilities,  and creative thinking. 

If you are based in Las Vegas and you’re thinking of the most productive events in Vegas,  don’t forget to consider the escape room activities that are popular here. Let’s take a detailed look into what escape rooms are.

Escape Rooms – What they are

Imagine the fact that you have locked your entire team in a room and they are given a series of interesting puzzles to solve. Time is the main factor here. In order to escape before time runs out, you’ll have to utilize collective brainpower. Escape rooms are responsible for testing teamwork abilities, and problem-solving skills by providing a fun environment. Your team members can successfully participate in escape room activities without any prior experience. It just gives them a sense of adventure and improves their teamwork spirit. 

Why are escape rooms growing in popularity?

It was in the year 2003 when board game lovers all over the United States of America crowded in Indianapolis and this was where the first escape room game was styled and hosted. Since then,  escape rooms started popping up in various places all over the world. In the year 2020, the United States was home to 2500 escape rooms and 69% of the respondents to a survey admitted that they had visited an escape room at least once.

Not only are there thousands of physical escape rooms in different countries over the world, but there is also a staggering growth in the number of virtual escape rooms.  Team members cant print out materials and try to solve puzzles by looking at their computer screens,  doing everything without leaving their homes. 

How can escape rooms make work and learning more fun?

It is no longer a secret that what can sometimes be stressful and boring. According to the studies by American Psychological Association,  3 in 5 employees had a negative impact of stress related to work, which included lack of motivation,  lack of interest,  lack of effort to work,  and lack of energy.

Escape rooms play the role of a perfect antidote to all the above-mentioned stats. They are not only fun but they also throw a physical and mental challenge to the participants that intern improves their communication,  Team Spirit,  and creativity. Escape room activities are perfect for releasing stress and gives employees a break from their daily monotonous jobs. 

Escape rooms offer a physical puzzle game where players get locked inside a room and should use the clues and steam work to escape within a certain period of time. Players have to work together in order to decode the clues and solve puzzles that are quite challenging. This is how escape rooms build cooperation within a team.

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