Top American Animated Movies Everyone Must Watch In 2023

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When someone talks about America’s media industry, Animation is not exactly at the top of their mind. It’s only natural, the U. S’s media landscape is dominated by big-screen productions, television and streaming seasons, sports broadcasts, and of course the infotainment industry.  

But the dominance of all these different forms of media does not mean that U. S’s animation industry is small. America’s animated movies industry is massive and rakes in Billions of Dollars in revenues every year.

For instance, two of the highest-rated American animated movies earned well over half a Billion Dollars in revenues, each. And the other seven on the top ten list managed to bring home almost 4 Billion USD. These figures are powerful enough to force even the most cynical animations haters to take this industry seriously.

And America’s animation market is not in any way limited to these big-budget and high-earning blockbusters. The has churned out hundreds if not thousands of animated series over the years, many of which have gained critical acclaim from children and adults alike from across the globe.

Another stigma attached to animated movies is that this type of entertainment is limited to children alone. Even though, a vast majority of animated material being produced in America is directed towards folks over 18 and not the other way around.

Over the past decade, advancements in graphics and 3D technology have led to the creation of more and more realistic animated series. As a result, several big directors ranging from El Toro to even Steven Spielberg have tried their luck with animated productions.

So, if you are finally ready to binge-watch animations, here is a list of series you should start out with.

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Now that we have figured out your connection let’s jump onto our list.

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The Lion King is perhaps the most iconic animated movie to have ever come out of America’s entertainment industry and it enjoys an almost legendary status amongst millions of people worldwide. You could move to a village in Somalia and still hope to find people who have heard of Lion King.

Calling Lion King a mere movie is an understatement, the blockbuster is nothing short of a Saga. From extremely engaging music tracks to a well-thought-out plot to stellar voice acting, the movie has something for everyone.

Briefly put, the movie revolves around the story of a young Lion King who has his throne stolen from him by his murderous uncle and is forced to go into exile with his few remaining loyal friends. But as he grows so does his strength and courage. Until he is finally able to fulfill his destiny by taking back his birthright.


First thing first, ask anyone who has watched Up and they’ll tell you, albeit reluctantly, that they could not help but cry. No one could ever imagine that a movie about an old man flying around in his house with the help of a bunch of balloons would have the potential to be so heart-wrenching. But the directors somehow managed to pull it off.  

Up is one of the very few animated films to have scored the prestigious Academy Award for best picture. Moreover, the movie also received several awards for its stunning and original music tracks, which have the potential to melt the firmest of hearts.

Even though the movie’s basic plot line is very childish, the overall story arc and the extremely sentimental themes it explores make it an epic for people of all ages.


Wall-E is one of the most unique animated films to have been ever produced, and that is saying a lot. The movie will make you laugh then cry and then laugh some more until you completely lose track of how you are supposed to react.

No wonder Wall-E enjoys the acclaim of even the harshest critics of the entertainment world.

The movie is centered around the lonely life of an outdated and overworked garbage collector robot who is one of the last moving creatures to be living on Earth which was long abandoned by human beings.

Wall-E roams around aimlessly, every day performing extremely futile tasks, something that almost every modern human being can relate with. Until one day our protagonist chances upon a state-of-the-art robotic contraption that turns out to be a ‘She-robot.’

The movie explores themes of artificial life, grapples with the question of sentience, sheds light on human complacency, and even focuses on the impending climate crisis. And if all of this was not enough, the movie makes for a compelling romantic saga.

In short, it’s a must-watch.


For generations, audiences have judged animated movies for being too childlike and uninteresting. This trend is changing. More and more people are taking an interest in animated products and the industry is set to earn over 300 Billion worldwide. And if you are one of the folks who have recently decided to give animations a chance, this list will help you get started.



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