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No matter how much the society calls reality TV shows a waste of time, the entertainment they pack is hard to let go of. Sprawled on our sofas and with our choice of drink on the side, we all are guilty of treating ourselves to the hilarity and bizarreness that happens in a reality show. Some of these shows even make up a chunk of our childhood memories spent glued to the screen and watched sneakily hidden away from the prying eyes of our parents. Now, they have become a getaway from the stress of our daily lives.   

We all have different tastes when picking shows that amuse us with their antics. From bizarre food addictions to adults yelling at each other, there are enough varieties of TV shows that let you into the crazy life of some unique people all over the globe. Some become mega hits among the audiences, while some are just niche favourites. In fact, they let you experience an alternate reality. Imagine going from just another person getting cake delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else to someone who watches teams compete about making the tallest cake possible on TV; this is the appeal reality shows have.

If cooking shows, in general, tickle your fancy, then baking shows will also be a refreshing addition to your watchlist. You will be surprised by what you will find on the baking side of reality TV, as it is filled with humorous challenges, interesting people and outlandish themes. Baking shows have been a rage for some time now. After all, they let you indulge in the sight of delicious sweet treats from the comfort of your home. They offer a perfect combo of satisfying your sugar cravings while keeping you amused.

If you are ready for another binging spree on the weekend or are tired of scrolling through Netflix, keep reading for the best baking shows to watch. 

Cake Boss

One of the most popular baking shows that got people intrigued about dessert making. This show, which aired on TLC, gives a peek into the busy world of Buddy Valastor’s bakery in New Jersey. Throughout all 13 seasons, you will be strapped to your seats as the talented bakers appear on the screen, hurling around 7 feet tall cakes in a frenzy to fulfill orders for grand wedding celebrations. From elaborate cakes that take hours and hours to make to cakes that dazzle with their decoration, Cake boss has it all. It is mind-blowingly captivating, especially for those who are new to baking. 

Is it cake?

‘Cakes that look no different than objects’ is the theme of this popular baking show. And not just any easy-to-imitate objects but intricate items with textures, hues and shadows. Each episode airs three people using their creativity and skills to make the most convincing version of a cake that looks like a bag, coconut, shoe, sandwich, and whatnot. The judges have to guess whether it is cake or not, and if the players manage to fool them with their mastery, they get to take home fantastic cash prizes. 

Nailed It!

The actual premise of the show couldn’t be further apart from its name. By taking a different approach from the traditional baking competitions, this show managed to create a following of its own. If the other shows have you marvelling at the baking talent of the competitors, this one will have you on the floor laughing at the monstrous creations of amateur bakers. After all, this is what the show is about, bringing together a bunch of home-bakers who are more suited to entertain than bake. 

Ultimate Cake off

One of the originals that started the saga of cake-offs and laid the foundation for the legacy of bakery shows thriving today; this show will make your jaw drop with the level of creativity and talent shown. The hard work and attention to detail that the competing teams put in their work to create stunning cakes are a pleasure to watch. This show will open up the world of cake decorating to you in such an elaborate manner that you will start using words like fondant and ganache in your daily life. 

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