The Secrets of Our Most Difficult Escape Room – Can You Escape?

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The number of high-quality and unique escape rooms is growing not only in our country but worldwide. Its popularity can have several reasons, whether we talk about a trend among young people, a team-building event for companies, or an exciting leisure activity for families and groups of friends.

Nowadays, there are businesses operating as networks, allowing escape room enthusiasts to indulge in their passion during their travels. You can visit escape rooms belonging to a network, such as cracking codes in Budapest today and being puzzled by the mysteries of PanIQ Escape Room Stockholm tomorrow.

Each escape room guarantees diversity for us. Typically, every location presents featured special rooms, which are the most difficult ones. Even professional escape artists have a high chance of struggling in these rooms.

What kind of rooms are these special ones?

The most difficult escape rooms are usually the largest among them all. Due to their size, there are plenty of objects, tools, devices, and hiding places available. There are many possible variations for placing puzzles and even more opportunities to discover the keys to solving them.

How should we approach the game?

One of the best pieces of advice is to search! Constantly and immediately. Regardless of the peculiarities of a large and complex escape room, it provides the same limited time as its smaller and easier counterparts. Time is scarce, so it adds to the challenge. No matter how great the company and the good mood are, do not stop to joke around or ask unnecessary questions! Don’t hold back your teammates! Just focus on the task at hand. Concentrate on finding the keys, as it may be the only chance to escape due to the room’s difficulty.

What and where should we search?

At this difficulty, we have to examine everything thoroughly from top to bottom as quickly as possible. We must consider extraordinary solutions when searching for keys. In a desk with drawers, professionals do not stop at simply pulling out the drawer or examining its bottom. More is needed here. Look for double walls, secret compartments, and hidden spaces. We need to find connections as well. Finding a mobile phone may not be enough, as it may require a code and possibly a charger to progress. These elements provide extra excitement.

Immersing yourself in the details

We must think ahead. We have to examine the functionality of each object with meticulous detail and anticipate tricks that we would not normally consider. For example, if we come across a piece of writing that tells us a story and includes the names of countries or cities, we should immediately think that there must be a globe somewhere in the room, which will be essential for an additional task to proceed.

Never stop

There is not a lot of time to celebrate. If we manage to solve a puzzle, we should immediately write down information and data about it and continue to search and investigate. An extremely difficult escape room does not provide an opportunity to rest. If we stop, we may not be able to complete it within the available time and fail.


You are not alone. Divide the tasks and areas among yourselves. This way, you have the opportunity to explore in multiple directions. It can also be a good solution if you get stuck, for another team member to recheck the areas that have already been searched. It can be surprising how sometimes we fail to notice something trivial that the other person recognizes immediately.

Therefore it would be helpful to discuss a strategy before starting the game, which will serve as a guideline for your play. This way, the process will be smooth, and everyone will enjoy the escape from even the most difficult escape room. Let the game begin!

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