How to give your kid a Disney-worth experience?

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In the summer, kids have a lot of free time because of their school break, so parents need to engage their children in interesting activities that allow them to have the best time of their life. Unfortunately, choosing the best variant can be challenging because kids get easily bored and are known for resisting trying new activities. But what do you say if you come up with ideas inspired by Disney World? It sounds like something your kid might enjoy, as what is better than watching Disney series all day other than being part of some experiences you only see in the movies? Now all that remains is to think of alternatives to implement this concept. 

But don’t worry; we have created a list to give your kid the best Disney-worth experience, so keep reading if you want to learn more. 

Visit Disneyland

How can you immerse better in the Disney World other than going to Disneyland? This destination will put into action all your kid’s dreams that they were having while staring at the screen thinking ~How would it feel to be there?~. As it is said to be the happiest place on earth, your little one will radiate joy and have the opportunity to spend the best vacation in an area that looks exactly like a fairytale and offers plenty of options and activities to enjoy. Do you know which are your kids’ favorite characters from cartoons? Is it Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White or Spider-Man? The good news is that Disneyland offers the possibility to encounter all, and your kid will surely want to shake hands and take pictures with them. Plus, your children will not pronounce the word boredom even once, as there are so many activities that they will not have time to try them all. For example, they can go on crazy rides, attend shows and parades, eat Disney-related food, or buy stunning souvenirs. 

Attend a summer camp

You have probably heard of Camp Rock more than once, as your kids keep singing and dancing around the house exactly like the campers from the movie, so why not give your kid the possibility to participate and make their memories instead of just imagining it? Summer camps are great ways to spend the free time during vacations as they offer plenty of activities to keep your kid busy while creating friendships and lifetime memories. For example, Brooklyn camps provide a safe environment where your kid can develop important life skills and learn how to behave as part of a team. Children will have the same bonuses also in Queens NY summer camps, as they will attend activities that include dancing, swimming, and cooking, which will let them have a great time and also teach them how to work in a team, make essential choices, and solve problems on their own.

Summer camps are a great way to socialize and make friendships with kids with the same interests and passions, and because they get to spend so much time together, they will bond with other children and keep in touch even after the camp ends. And who knows, maybe they will also make a band to show off their musical and dancing talents, exactly as they have seen in Disney movies. 

Enroll them in several courses

Courses will offer the possibility to develop new skills while spending time in an environment that promotes learning and creativity. They will allow your kid to gain new experiences, meet new people and discover new passions. Here are some options your kid may want to try.

Singing lessons

Because your kid has seen so many films where characters were performing on the stage, having fun and composing a song, singing courses are surely something they might want to try. Music could improve some skills your kid needs while growing, including better communication, creativity, and self-esteem. Because kids spend plenty of time in front of the screens, they tend to become shy when they need to talk to someone face-to-face, but singing lessons will help them build confidence, and you will see how slowly they bloom and overcome their fears. Plus, they will learn important musical concepts, how to compose a meaningful song, and what musical notes suit each piece. 

Dancing courses

Dancing is also something your kid has seen from their favorite characters, and they will give it a try to feel how it is to be in their role. Dancing has several benefits: it improves physical health and confidence, provides socialization and develops social skills and creativity. Your kid needs to have a healthy life and routines, and if they are not into sports, dancing can be a good solution, as it increases balance and coordination and develops a good posture. Additionally, your kid will have the chance to meet new friends and socialize with people that are not from their usual circle. 

Throw a Disney theme party

Throwing a Disney theme party is also a great way to spend time during the summer break because it will bring a lot of fun and excitement to all the participants. Decorations are significant for a party of this kind, and you can choose balloons, banners, plates, napkins and cups to recreate a Disney world. Don’t forget to tell everyone attending the party to pick an outfit inspired by the theme to give the vibe of the Mickey Mouse universe. Also, create a playlist with good music, and you can increase the fun if you consider doing karaoke. The distraction will be guaranteed, but make sure you plan before to reduce the last-moment stress.

Which of these activities will you pick for your kid this summer? 

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