The Top 4 Ways You Can Stream from Your Home

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In a world of ever-growing technology, struggling to find a convenient platform for watching your favorite TV show, Sports match, or Anime is no longer a common challenge. By knowing the right platform for each category of shows, you will be able to have much more time actually enjoying your desired content.

In this article, we go over the top 4 ways you can stream from your home, by only using an internet connection.

1. Streaming Services

Video streaming service is a platform using which you are able to watch movies, TV series, and other streaming media on demand, as known VOD (Video on demand).

These services usually offer a cheaper substitute for on-demand content compared to companies that provide cable and satellite like DirecTV. The videos are often hosted on a cloud-based network. There may be regional differences in the service’s accessibility, content, and pricing. Evidently, paying for streaming services requires a subscription or paying per view. There are actually DirecTV packages for existing customers that could save you a lot of money.  You’ll need to negotiate these discounts yourself or use a bill negotiation service.”

It is noteworthy that streaming and downloading are different. The main distinction is how the content functions after it is on your device. A download must first be stored in memory before it can be fully played, a streaming file can be played as soon as the sections of the file you wish to view become accessible.

Here are the main advantages of streaming services:

  1. Video can be played instantly with no delay and no need to store a file
  2. There is no commitment to one particular show and you can switch at any time.
  3. Lower cost comparing to satellite TV

2. Live TV Streaming

We can say that live local channels and cable channels, and TV guides (plus DVRs) that you receive through cable or satellite are quite similar to what you get with live TV streaming. Channel selection and the number of available channels, the operation of the channel guides where DVR is stored on your device are the differences.

The main advantage of using a Live TV streaming service is, even though you are paying a high price, you will have access to a great collection of Live channels for Sports, movie channels, News, and VOD channels for anime, series and more. These services can give you a premium experience.

3. Cable TV

A variety of services, including analog and digital video, digital audio, high-speed data, and telephony, are offered through modern “cable television” networks. These are the key traits that set cable television networks apart.

In the United States, cable television systems first appeared with the aim of enhancing commercial network broadcast reception in rural areas. They were implemented in numerous cities in the 60s. However, the hype has completely died out and users are steering away from cable TV. Here are the main disadvantages:

  1. Package Deals: Yes, this is a real disadvantage. Not having the ability to customize your package and having too many irrelevant channels is a hassle for which many users left cable TV.
  2. Cost: When it comes to pricing, Cable TV proves to be the most expensive. Looking the quality of the service provided, it is an unwise choice.
  3. Lower Quality: The channels are mostly in HD, which way lower what competitors offer suck as Full HD and 4k resolution.
  4. Less Variety: Although there are many channels in a cable TV package, they are still not enough! Meaning that most of the channels are not good, and popular channels are absent.

 4. Websites

There are many websites that offer non-copyright content online such as anime websites like anime planet and Crunchyroll. These websites allow legal access to a very limited collection of anime that are known as common creative videos, that are always free for non-commercial use. The lack of variety might be an issue, but you can still enjoy a lot of content, that being said you can also buy a premium account for other features. There are websites for literally every category, like Movies, Series, Live Sports (very rare cases are free), Live TV (only news), Anime (most free collection) and adult content. You can find such websites by exploring the internet.


We can come to the conclusion that we have a lot of freedom in choosing how we enjoy the content we watch when we want to watch them, and what we want to watch. This was non-existent a few decades back the only available option was traditional TV. The best service in this article would be Live TV streaming, which has all the content you may possibly need. All in all, it is still your specific needs that determine which service is the best, so try a few services and find the one you like the most.

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