Live Esports: Where to Watch Gaming Content Online?

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Not everyone has an opportunity to visit a stadium where an esports live tournament takes place. This is why developers made the content available to the online audience. These days, there are more than several platforms that let people watch their favourite events without leaving the comfort of their homes. Which of them deserves your attention? Which of them has a better product offering? Let’s see the best options for esports fans.


The worldwide-famous social media platform is known for brief written posts. But there is more to explore. It also allows users to make live streams for various events. Many individuals successfully earn money by broadcasting esports content rather than user-generated content.

Even though there isn’t a directory for streams, you can easily do it by either looking for a particular hashtag or simply checking the event organizers’ own feed. Moreover, Twitter has a special gaming account that operates as an aggregator of live-streamed services. Some of the CS: GO matches today covered on Twitter can be found


Saying that Twitch is the leader among online video game streaming services is never an exaggeration. It has undergone a lot of technical issues that plagued it earlier. Now, it has become a favourite destination among esports players who want to watch Fortnite World Cup or Free Fire World Series online.

The site comes with a quick assortment of tournaments, matches, and other markets. It also comes in different languages which makes it convenient for the broad audience. All games are sorted out based on relevance and popularity. After choosing a specific game, all streamers will be listed in accordance with the number of viewers they have. Some games pop up at the top of the directory due to being distributed by the developer, although it’s rarely indicated in the listing.


When talking about the video platform, it’s hard to find something more popular than YouTube. This streaming service has many similarities to Twitch. Users have an opportunity to navigate between various categories and types of content. The platform differentiates itself from the others by supporting both live content and VODs on the homepage.

YouTube makes it easy to explore the network in search of the necessary content, whether it comes to esports guides or esports live matches. The combination of both live streaming and regular video content is one of the main advantages YouTube has over Twitch. It can easily function as a way to deliver traffic to separate channels even after they’ve ended streaming.


The streaming service is relatively new on Facebook. This way, the platform tries to expand the range of products offered to the audience. It sealed numerous high-profile contacts with ESL and Gfinity, leading esports tournament organizers. So the social media platform is used for Dota 2, LoL, and CS:GO live matches. Livestreams are promoted through heavy marketing campaigns so you can be quickly exposed to engaging games and matches through your feed.

When searching for non-esports content, Facebook also has an extensive directory similar to the one offered by the closest opponents. You are allowed to navigate every available game offered for streaming.

For more convenience, you search for a particular title using a search tab. The sub-menus are there to specify that you’re interested in live video content. One feature that Facebook misses is any kind of sorting through the channels relying on viewer numbers, language, and relevance.

Join the Show with the Whole World

Do you want to join a multiplayer game? Do you consider watching it from the comfort of your home? Or are you eager to boast your crazy esports gaming skills to your audience? The opportunities for having fun are enormous.

Choosing one of the above streaming platforms can make your live experience easier. Read the characteristics of each service offered and pick the one that addresses your needs and capabilities most. And don’t forget to have a clear plan of what you are going to do with the upcoming stream: use it for fun or real money.

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