Sword in the Stone Disney World Is a Hidden Gem You Can’t Miss

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Don’t miss an unpopular place at Disney just because you don’t hear the hype. Sword in the Stone Disney World was inspired by a famous Disney movie, “The Sword in the Stone,” released in 1963.

As per belief, this special sword in the theme park is not just for show. There’s a secret story behind it!

A few lucky people have had the chance to try to pull the sword out, just like in the movie. And guess what? Some of them say they felt royalty, even if it was just for a second.

In this article, we’ll explore the story that inspired this magical place and learn more about Arthur’s exciting quest to claim the legendary sword Excalibur.

We’ll also discover the fascinating reality of people who got to experience the thrill of trying to wield the sword’s power and become like kings and queens, even if only for a little while. It’s like living a fairy tale adventure in real life.

What is the Sword in the Stone Disney World?

The Sword in the Stone is a popular Disney animated film released in 1963. The film tells the story of the young Arthur, who becomes the legendary King Arthur of medieval British folklore.

In the movie, a sword is embedded in an anvil atop a stone, and it has a magical inscription that reads,

“Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of England.”

Numerous knights and nobles tried to extract the sword from the stone, convinced that the individual who accomplishes this feat shall rightfully claim the title of king.

However, the young Arthur, often called Wart, accidentally pulls the sword out of the stone while acting as a squire for Sir Kay, his foster brother. This event sets him on the path to becoming the legendary King Arthur, one of the most iconic figures in British and medieval mythology.

The Sword in the Stone is not only a classic Disney film but also an essential part of the Arthurian legend that has been retold and adapted in various forms of media over the years.

In the context of Disney theme parks, you will find references of Sword in the Stone Disney World in the form of attractions, shows, or merchandise related to the Arthurian legends and the Disney animated film.

Sword in the Stone Disney World

The story behind the attraction

The attraction was first installed in 1971 when Disney World opened in Orlando, Florida. It is a stone that holds the legendary sword, and people are invited to attempt to pull it out, just like the legend of King Arthur.

According to the legend, only the true king of England could remove the sword from the stone.

In the early years of the attraction, a ceremony was conducted several times a day where a young guest was chosen to try their luck at pulling the sword from the stone.

If guests successfully pulled the sword, they were crowned the Leader of Fantasyland for the day, adding a playful and interactive element to the experience. However, this ceremony was discontinued in the 1990s.

Over time, the Sword in the Stone attraction evolved into more of a photo opportunity rather than an actual challenge. While you can still try to pull the sword from the stone, it is not physically possible to do so.

The sword is cleverly held in place by a hidden mechanism, ensuring the experience remains fun and magical for all guests without causing damage or accidents.

Even though you cannot remove the weapon completely, the Sword in the Stone Disney World attraction continues to be a popular spot for guests of all ages.

It offers a delightful and interactive way to immerse oneself in the timeless story of King Arthur and Merlin, two iconic figures of medieval folklore.

Additionally, the attraction provides a perfect setting for capturing memorable photos to commemorate the visit to Disney World.

Where to find the Disney World Sword in the Stone?

The Sword in the Stone Disney World Magic Kingdom park is situated in Fantasyland, close to Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel and the iconic Cinderella Castle.

The attraction features a stone plinth with the famous sword embedded in it, and a plaque beside it carries the inscription.

Here are some directions on how to find the Sword in the Stone at Disney World:

  • Enter the Magic Kingdom park
  • Head to Fantasyland
  • Follow the path past It’s a Small World and Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel
  • The Sword in the Stone will be on your left, near Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel

The attraction is open all day, and there is no additional cost to visit it.

What you should know before visiting

Here are some details every visitor must know about the Sword in the Stone Disney World:

  • The sword is a replica of Excalibur, which King Arthur said to have pulled from the stone
  • Crafted from stainless steel, the sword has a weight of approximately 12 pounds
  • The stone that the sword is embedded in is made of concrete
  • The mechanism of the sword is controlled by a cast member who is hidden from view
  • The cast member can choose to allow a guest to pull the sword from the stone, or they can prevent the guest from doing so
  • The decision of whether or not to allow a guest to pull the sword is based on several factors, including the guest’s age, strength, and enthusiasm.

How does the Sword in the Stone Disney World work?

The attraction is a bit of a mystery.

There are a few theories about how the sword works. One theory is that the sword is held in place by a magnet.

When you try to pull the sword, the magnet activates and prevents the sword from moving.

Another theory is that a series of wires holds the sword in place. As you pull it, the wires tighten, preventing movement.

The truth is, no one knows for sure how the sword works.

Disney has never revealed the secret, and they will likely never. After all, the mystery is part of what makes the attraction so appealing.

Ways to pull out the sword

There are two ways to pull out the sword in the stone at Disney World:

1. Strength

The most common belief is that an electromagnet holds the sword in place and that only someone strong enough can pull it out. However, there have been reports of people of all sizes and strengths being able to pull the sword out, so this theory is not entirely accurate.

2. Luck

Some people believe the sword is held in place by a random number generator, and anyone can pull it out if they are lucky enough. This theory is supported by people of all ages and sizes pulling the sword out.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of pulling out the sword:

  • Lift the sword from the crossguard (t-handle). This is the strongest part of the sword and will give you the best leverage.
  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground and bend your knees. It will help you to generate more force.
  • Wait for the Royal Majesty Makers show. This show is held periodically throughout the day, and features cast members acting out a scene from “The Sword in the Stone.” During the show, cast members will invite nearby onlookers to try their luck at pulling the sword out.

There is no guarantee that you can pull out the sword, even if you do everything right. The sword is only pulled out by a select few, so it is considered a lucky experience.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • The sword is not made of metal but a lightweight resin. This is because the real sword would be too heavy for most people to pull out.
  • The sword is only about 6-10 inches long when pulled out.
  • The sword will only stay out of the stone for about 30 seconds before it goes back in.

You will be a true Disney legend if you are lucky enough to pull the sword out!

Things to do at Sword in the Stone Disney World

Here is a list of other things you can do with the Sword:

1. Take a photo with the sword

Taking a photo with the sword is a popular activity among visitors. The sword is a significant landmark and symbolizes the legendary tales of King Arthur and his knights.

2. Read the plaque on the sword

Near the sword is a plaque that provides information about its history and significance in the Arthurian legend.

This plaque details the sword’s origin, connection to King Arthur, and associated legends. Reading it can enrich your understanding of the sword’s historical and mythical aspects.

3. Listen to the audio story

An audio story is available at the location to further immerse visitors in the King Arthur legend. This audio story likely narrates how King Arthur became the rightful owner of the sword, a central theme in the Arthurian legends.

Listening to this story can be an exciting and educational experience, offering insights into Camelot’s legendary character and magical world.

4. Watch the Royal Majesty Makers show

This show is a live performance that occurs periodically throughout the day. It features cast members acting out a scene from “The Sword in the Stone,” a well-known tale from Arthurian legend.

During the performance, you may witness an attempt to pull the sword from the stone, mirroring the legendary moment when Arthur became king.

The show’s interactive nature allows involvement of nearby spectators, adding to the entertainment and enchantment of the experience.

5. Visit the Sword in the Stone gift shop

The location has a gift shop dedicated to “The Sword in the Stone.” The shop offers various merchandise related to the legend, including t-shirts, hats, and replica swords. This allows you to take home souvenirs and memorabilia to remember your experience and connection with the Arthurian lore.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can I pull out the sword in the stone at Disney World?

Yes, if you are lucky, the sword sticks to a hidden mechanism making it impossible to pull it out completely. It only comes out for 30 seconds then goes in.

2. Is the sword in the stone a real medieval artifact?

No, it is just a replica of Excalibur from the Disney animated film “The Sword in the Stone.”

3. Do I need to pay an entry fee for Sword in the Stone attraction?

No, visiting the attraction is included with the entry to Magic Kingdom Disney World.

4. Can children participate in trying to pull the sword?

Yes, people of all ages can attempt to “pull” the sword, but it is not physically possible to completely remove it.

5. What is the significance of the plaque beside the sword?

The plaque provides information about the sword’s history and connection to the Arthurian legend.

6. Can I purchase replica swords or themed merchandise related to the sword in the stone?

Yes, a gift shop nearby offers various merchandise inspired by the Arthurian legend and the Disney film.

7. Where is the Sword in the Stone at Disney World?

Sword in the Stone is at Fantasyland in Disney World. You will find it between the Cinderella Castle and Regal Carousel.

Final Thoughts

The Sword in the Stone Disney World attraction remains popular in Fantasyland, offering an enchanting and immersive experience that allows you to step into the magical world of King Arthur and his legendary sword Excalibur.

It’s a reminder of the enduring power of storytelling and how Disney brings these beloved tales to life for generations to come.

We pray you might be the lucky one to pull out the sword! Also, what are your experiences with Sword in the Stone at Disney World? Please share your comments.

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