Disney Bedtime Stories and Why You Should Read Them to Kids

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There was a time when no kid would fall asleep without listening to a bedtime story. Things changed over time, and TVs and mobile phones replaced storybooks. But thanks to Disney for keeping the flame of the fantasy world ignited. Their collection of Disney bedtime stories for kids is the best way to introduce your kid to the world of books and stories.

If you already read bedtime stories to your kid or would like to introduce this ritual to your night routine, we would gladly help you find the best Disney bedtime stories.

In this article, we have enlisted the best Disney bedtime stories of all time and where to find these stories. But before we jump to that, let us tell you why reading bedtime stories to your kid should be on your radar.

Read further to know why you should read bedtime stories to your children.

Why Should You Read Disney Bedtime Stories to Your Children?

Reading bedtime stories to children has many benefits.

It is not only a way of putting a child to sleep, but it also shapes various aspects of their life.

Here are the many benefits of reading bedtime stories to your kids:

It sparks their imagination

Talk to them about the magical world of the prince and princesses, witches, fairies, beasts, and wonderlands, and see the imagination of your child taking wings.

Bedtime stories teleport children into a whole new world. Every word you read to them conjures up a picture of something unbelievable and extraordinary in their mind. It taps into the realms of fantasy and opens the door to imagination.

Wading through a fantasy land will help hone their guesstimation and decision-making skills.

It enhances reading skills

When you read a story to your child, you introduce them to a vast world of reading. More often than not, they tend to take this habit along with them through the rest of their lives.

Children who grew up listening to bedtime stories are often good readers, and as you know, reading is one of the finest habits to develop.

Indulge in a shared reading experience with your kid. For instance, take turns in reading. Let your child read to you sometimes. It will help to improve their reading skills.

It helps to improve your child’s vocabulary

All the Disney bedtime stories aren’t just rich in imagination but also rich in the lexicon. Reading a story to them every night will expose them to a new world of words, helping to build their vocabulary.

It makes way for wonderful conversations

It is not like you will read a few pages from the storybook or online and your child will fall asleep listening to them. On the contrary, the stories will make your child curious, they will ask questions, and you will answer them.

Bedtime stories create a leeway space for wonderful conversations.

It hones emotional intelligence

Bedtime stories Disney captures the real meaning of life. These stories embody threads of different emotions interwoven tightly. They tell about friendships, love, heartbreaks, respect, misery, and hardships.

Your child will identify with the emotions assimilated in each Disney story. Reading stories about difficulties in life, like illness and other problems, will make them realize that hardships are a part of life and everyone faces them.

Reading bedtime stories will expose them to an array of emotions, and hence, they will be able to recognize their emotions and feelings well.

It promotes mental wellbeing

Several studies support the claim that reading is linked to mental well-being. Reading Disney bedtime stories to your little ones contributes to improving their mental health. Moreover, children that read tend to be creative, healthy, and happy.

It helps them relax

What could be a better way to unwind and relax than curling up in bed and getting lost in a fantasy land, leaving behind all the worries of the day?

A bedtime story-reading schedule can also be a great bonding time for you and your child.

It lays the foundation for independent reading

‘Children are made readers on the lap of their parents.’- Emilie Buchwald

Reading bedtime stories to your child will help build an independent reading habit in them. It will make them fall in love with books and make them want to read books independently.

Given how reading benefits every aspect of life, nothing could be better if your child inculcates a love for reading at a very early age.

Now that you know that reading bedtime stories Disney is loaded with benefits, let us introduce you to the best Disney bedtime stories of all time.

The Best Disney Bedtime Stories

Disney unlocks the world of fantasy-filled, adventure-coated bedtime stories for kids. For many decades, Disney has been putting forth a world of imagination for kids to savor.

From bedtime stories to animation movies, it has never failed to throw the kids into a state of reverie.


We all have read and loved Cinderella to the core. Why keep our children away from this beautiful Disney story?

Cinderella is a gentle, kind-hearted, hopeful, and beautiful girl stuck between her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters.

Her step-family leaves no stone unturned in making her life miserable, but she is full of optimism.

Cinderella’s life changes when she participates in a royal ball. Her fairy godmother transforms her into a beautiful princess, wearing a gorgeous gown and glass slippers. However, this transformation has a shelf-life- only till midnight.

The story will take your child into a mesmerizing world of fairies and magic.

Disney Bedtime Stories and Why You Should Read Them to Kids

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

One of the most famous Disney princess bedtime stories, your child will love the story of Snow White and her seven dwarf friends.

Snow White escapes her home after learning that the Queen wants to kill her. She runs away to a forest and lodges herself in a small house belonging to seven dwarfs.

On knowing that Snow White is still alive and living with seven dwarfs in the wood, the wicked queen casts a spell on Snow White, putting her into a long slumber. However, the spell is lifted when a handsome prince comes and kisses Snow White.

Snow White Disneybound

The Chicken Little Story

The Chicken Little story is a simple and interesting American fairy tale. The story is about a cute chicken who thinks the sky is falling.

Once an acorn falls onto Chicken Little’s head and bounces back into a tree hole. On finding nothing around him, the chicken thought the sky is falling.

Scared, he runs away, adding more little creatures to his entourage, and goes to inform the king.

The funny antics of Chicken Little will tickle the funny bones of your child.

Duck from Chicken Little

The Jungle Book

This epic Disney bedtime story is full of lessons. The story of a little boy who lives with animals in a jungle will teach your child compassion, courage, and acceptance.

Mowgli is a little boy discovered by Bagheera, a panther, in a jungle. Bagheera takes him to the wolves who raise him.

Now, Mowgli happily lives surrounded by wolves, elephants, panthers, and other animals. However, fear of Sher Khan, a man-eating tiger, always looms over Mowgli’s head.

This interesting tale is full of adventure and happy and sad moments. It is surely one of the most enticing bedtime stories to read to your kids.

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast, as the name says, is the story of a beautiful girl named Belle and the Beast. Originally written by a French novelist, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, it is of the most loved Disney bedtime stories.

Beauty and the Beast is a tale about love and compassion. Belle landed in a palace where lives, the Beast. Although initially scared, Belle develops a sweet camaraderie with him. As the story unfurls, Belle discovers that the Beast is a prince under a spell.

This story will teach your kid to value character and kindness over physical appearance.

Disney Bedtime Stories and Why You Should Read Them to Kids

The Lion King

The Lion King is another much-loved Disney bedtime story to read to your children. The story follows the life of a lion king, Mufasa, his queen, Sarabi, and their child, Simba, who live in Pride Land in Africa. Simba is next in line to become the king.

Scar, Mufasa’s brother, who wants to be the king, wants to get rid of Mufasa and Simba. He makes evil plans to kill them and successfully manages to kill Mufasa.

The story traces the life of now-young, Simba, and how he avenges his father’s death and takes the throne.

This Disney bedtime story will bring a broad smile to their lips and make the eyes of your kids, wet.

Disney Bedtime Stories and Why You Should Read Them to Kids

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is also one of the most popular and much-loved Disney princess bedtime stories.

It is the story of a free-spirited and adventure-loving sea mermaid, Arial. She is the daughter of King Triton.

The life above the surface of the deep sea always fascinates Arial. Although forbidden, she always ventures to the surface of the water. One day, she saw a ship sailing on the surface. On board was Prince Eric. Arial was immediately enchanted by the prince.

After a storm, the ship crashes. But, Arial manages to rescue the prince. What follows is a series of interesting events and some twists thrown in by the sea witch, Ursula.

Flounder Little Mermaid


Mulan is an off-beat Disney princess bedtime story. Set in China, it is a story about Mulan, who disguises as a young warrior to fight against the enemies, Hun.

Mulan is a tale of courage. How Mulan breaks the tradition and shoulders the warrior of the Imperial Army is an inspiring tale.

Her valiance is an example that not only men but women too can face enemies when it comes to saving their beloved empire.

Adventure of the Gummi Bears

Adventure of the Gummi Bears is a fun Disney bedtime story. It follows the life of six Gummi Bears, Gruffi, Grammy, Tummi, Zummi, Sunni, and Chubbi, who lived in Gummi Clen.

Their funny antics, the quest for gummi berries juice, and one-on-ones with Duke Igthorn make up for an interesting read.

Read this adventurous Disney bedtime story to your kid. They will surely love it.

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is tied in a vicious curse cast by an evil witch, Maleficent. The witch cursed Aurora to die on her sixteenth birthday. The princess’s guardian fairies save her, but she falls into a deep sleep.

The spell can only be broken if her betrothed, Prince Philip, kisses her. To keep this from happening, Maleficent abducts the price. Aurora is in a deep slumber, waiting to be rescued.

This story of a prince and princess, fairies and witches will entice your child.

aurora sleeping beauty

Where to Find the Disney Bedtime Stories?

While reading story books has always been the tradition, the internet is breaking the barriers. You can now find all these wonderful Disney bedtime stories on the internet.

The most exciting part is that you can get Disney bedtime stories online free. Moreover, you get your hands on a vast collection of Disney bedtime stories. So, there is a new story for your kid every night.

Final thoughts

Reading bedtime stories to children is now a lost tradition. Although there are many benefits of reading bedtime stories, the advent of media has strangled this tradition.

It is time for you to revive the bedtime story-reading ritual for the overall well-being of your kid.

Several websites on the internet boast a collection of all the adventurous Disney stories. Find the best Disney bedtime stories to read online and introduce your little one to a fantasy world. Your kid will always thank you for this.

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