5 Movies to Watch on a Lazy Summer Day

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Thanks to the summer holidays, all of us are in a casual, light mood. Summer holidays bring with them a nice, positive feeling that leaves us feeling refreshed and optimistic. Everything around us seems bright and colorful and we start craving all the nice things in life. 

We are aware that not everyone can afford to travel abroad during their summer break. However, watching amazing movies during a lazy summer afternoon is a constant and gives us all the entertainment that we need. 

Keeping all of this in mind, we have conducted a little research of our own and have come up with the top five movies that you can enjoy with your kids during the long summer break. These movies will surely widen your smile and brighten up your days. We have done the hard bit for you; your task now is to check if your internet connection is stable enough to support all these films. 

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Now that you are well prepared to enjoy all your movies without any interruption, you can go ahead and explore the ones we have mentioned below. Keep reading. 

1.Thelma and Louise (1991)

Summer is the ideal time to hop in the car with your besties, put on some amazing country music, roll down the windows, feel the summer breeze, and hit the road. While we would not actually suggest following the footsteps of the main characters of the movie namely Thelma and Louise, the main girls’ trip that they take, really does make us plan one with our best friends too. 

This cute, cunning, full-of-life duo will motivate you to be sipping in those margaritas by the sea on your amazing weekend getaway. Watch this movie if you are really missing your best friend. 

2.The Parents Trap

Everyone’s favorite Lindsay Lohan plays a double role in the Disney classic movie named The Parents Trap. She plays the role of identical twins who try their best to get their beloved parents back together. The cozy sleepaway camp scenes, the blazing fireplace plus the beautiful California vineyard setting, almost everything about this movie screams summer nostalgia. 


You have to add this old but classic movie to your watch list if you are fond of musicals. This film essentially is based on the 1971 exciting Broadway show having a similar name. The movie revolves around a group of teenagers led by the super-talented Sandy and ‘greaser’ Danny. Their all high school students and so are full of life. 

Sandy and Danny’s little summer fling gets super complicated after they accidentally end up at the same school. Grease is a very cute musical movie of the 90s. Add this film to your watch list if you want to relive your high school days. 


The main character of this movie is a shallow, rich, super extroverted, and social girl named Cher who is the star of her Beverly Hills high school. She considers herself a talented matchmaker and so persuades two of her schoolteachers into dating each other. Strengthened by her success, she actually decides to give a nerdy student called Tai a much-needed makeover. 

Things however take a sharp turn when Tai becomes more loved and famous than her. This puts a huge dent in Cher’s personality and she starts questioning her identity. She also realizes that her smart ex-stepbrother (played by Paul Rudd) was actually right about how misguided and foolish she was and so eventually falls in love with him. 

5.Weekend at Bernie’s

Weekend at Bernie’s is a thrilling, iconic comedy film that also takes place in the intense summertime. The movie revolves around two amateur corporate employees who essentially make the shocking discovery that their supervisor is dead just as they reach his beach house for a fun weekend getaway. Their continuous attempts to show Bernie as still healthy and alive are just the tip of the silly, funny comedy iceberg. Watch this movie if you feel like laughing a lot. 

Final Words

We all love the cool, casual vibe of the summer season and so we crave some form of entertainment during this time. If you are fond of movies, then do add the above-mentioned five movies to your watch list and thank us later. 

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