How to Improve Your Office with a Desk Booking System

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A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that flexibility in the workplace is not a temporary fix. Hybrid work models have become the norm in the post-pandemic landscape. And while employees are embracing this trend, employers are finding that managing a flexible workspace comes with its own share of challenges. From boosting productivity to optimizing space to ensuring safety and hygiene, hybrid managers have a lot on their plates.

This is where a desk booking system comes to the rescue.

We will discuss what benefits come with a desk booking system and how it improves your office space. 

How Does a Desk Booking System Improve Your Office

A desk booking system allows employees to book desks, share resources, and manage their schedules in the hybrid workplace. Here is how it improves your office. 

  • Improves Productivity

With flexible seating arrangements and employees occasionally working from the office, sometimes, there is a clash. Employees could reach the office only to find that the desks available are not suitable for their needs. 

Providing a smooth experience in these ancillary areas contributes to increasing employee productivity.

A desk booking system empowers employees to address logistical issues easily, saving valuable company time. Employees can book their workstations and their desired resources before arriving on the company campus. This keeps them motivated, stress-free, and ready to get to work.

A desk booking system increases the productivity of the entire company by ironing out small but important details that throw employees off course if not sorted.

  • Helps Reduce Costs

A desk booking system provides data on how many employees are in the office and how many resources are being utilized, giving the ground reality. This helps companies reduce real estate costs as well as incidental charges.

Through the usage analytics provided by the desk booking system, you will be able to predict employee needs over time. This will ensure minimum wastage of resources, cutting costs substantially.

Research undertaken by EY estimates that companies can save as much as $11,000 for each employee that works in a hybrid set-up. So, as companies aim to streamline their additional expenses, adopting a desk booking system can translate into important cost efficiencies.

  • Optimize Office Space

The hybrid workplace involves employees working from the office but, more importantly, remotely as well. Because of this, companies have had to re-evaluate their real estate needs. 

This has led companies to downsize their office space and adopt flexible seating. But identifying spaces to retain and let go of can be tricky. This is where a desk booking system comes in handy.

It generates utilization reports and desk booking patterns to help companies identify the optimum number of work desks they need to accommodate all employees on a given day. This facilitates better space optimization and maximizes real-estate ROI.

  • Supports a Flexible Work Model

The hybrid era is all about flexibility in the workplace. A report by Mckinsey & Company found that workplace flexibility is the top reason employees accept new jobs. 

A hybrid workplace is our future. But adjusting to it can be challenging. With a scattered workforce, coordinating and allocating resources in the office is challenging without a desk booking system.

A desk booking system supports the company by managing its logistical needs. Whenever employees have to work from the office, they can book a workstation in advance. And when they reach the office, their desk will be waiting for them. 

A desk booking system ensures your employees can focus on their productivity without disruptions.

  • Promotes a Healthy Work Environment

Non-dedicated workstations are an essential element of flexible workplaces. But with shared desks, the health and safety of employees become the biggest concern. This has made cleaning and sanitization more important than ever.

Desk booking systems offer automated sanitization workflows that ensure workstations are sanitized immediately after use. This minimizes the risk of spreading infection and promotes a healthy workplace environment.

The pandemic may be behind us, but its effects continue to linger. Even with successful vaccination drives, companies need to continue complying with safety norms. Desk booking systems promote practices of social distancing and make sanitization measures more effective. 

Final Thoughts

A desk booking system is imperative to a functional hybrid workplace model. It maximizes workplace flexibility, boosts productivity, optimizes space, reduces operational costs, and keeps a check on health and safety in the workplace. 

If your hybrid workplace hasn’t leveraged the power of a desk booking system yet, you’re missing out on a ton of benefits. Leading platforms like WorkInSync offer a comprehensive desk booking system that comes with real-time desk availability and booking feature, interactive floor plans, access to employees, sanitization workflow, and usage analytics report. This will help you manage your hybrid workplace smoothly without logistical disruptions.

Visit the WorkInSync website and book a demo today!

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