Instagram Not Working? 6 Ways to Solve Your Issues

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In the last decade, Instagram has gained a vast user base. While it usually offers a seamless experience, users sometimes report technical difficulties. 

Common Instagram issues range from challenges with logging in, app crashes, and posts not showing on the feed to being banned. This article offers some ways to solve various Instagram problems for a dynamic and smooth experience.

1.Reset Your Password

If you are experiencing Instagram login issues, resetting your password is the first course of action. It works if you have forgotten your password or suspect that your account has been compromised. 

On the login page, click on “Forgot password” to initiate the password reset process. Instagram will prompt you through various steps to create a new password and regain access to your account.

In the case of account recovery or when the account security was compromised, there may be extra steps to verify your identity. It is also important to set up a two-step authentication

to add an extra layer of protection to your account. If you still have challenges logging in, contact Instagram customer service for further assistance. 

2.Update the App to the Latest Version

If you are experiencing app crashes, glitches, or slow performance, you may ask yourself: “Why is my Instagram not working?” Chances are, your app is out of date. This could also be evidenced by some features not working.

Instagram updates its app constantly to enhance user experience. To resolve the Instagram issues mentioned above, update the app to the latest version. Updating gives you access to the newest features, fixes bugs, and clears accumulated outdated data and codes that may make the app slower.

Updates are essential for security as they allow users to avoid potential data vulnerabilities and guarantee compatibility with the latest versions of mobile operating systems.

3.Uninstall and Reinstall the App

The process of uninstalling and then reinstalling Instagram is known as a “clean install.” It can solve several Instagram problems, including app glitches, cache and compatibility issues, outdated files, and corrupted data.

A clean install restores the app to default settings and provides a fresh copy of the app codes and files. As such, it deletes corrupted files and data, misconfigured settings, and cache data.

The clean install process varies slightly for Android and iOS devices. To uninstall the app on iOS devices, long-press the Instagram logo on your menu screen until it starts to wiggle. Tap on “X” to uninstall. Then, open the App Store, search for “Instagram,” and select “Install.”

On the other hand, if you are using an Android device, go to “Settings” and scroll down under “Apps or App Manager” to find “Instagram.” Select Uninstall. Subsequently, open the Google Play Store, search for “Instagram,” and install it.

Once you have reinstalled the app, log in to your account to get access to various features.

4.Ensure You Have a Stable Internet Connection

Multiple Instagram issues, including slower loading times, video buffering, failed uploads, inability to post, inactive features, login issues, and many more, can be caused by a weak or unstable Internet connection.

Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that you have a strong and stable Internet connection when using Instagram. Check that your Wi-Fi or cellular data has a strong signal, close unnecessary background apps to free up bandwidth, and improve the quality of your Internet connection.

5.Adhere to Instagram Community Rules

To maintain and encourage a respectful and safe environment for all users, Instagram retains a set of community rules on multiple topics. Failure to follow these guidelines could end up in the deletion or deactivation of your account, which would result in the loss of your followers and content.

Instagram also penalizes violation of community rules by shadow banning, limited reach, restricted access to certain features, content removal, inability to advertise, and reduced user experience.

Therefore, don’t ignore the Instagram community rules and ensure you use the platform responsibly. If you want a positive experience, don’t break Instagram rules. Should you receive a deactivated Instagram notification, contact customer support for assistance in reinstating your account.

6.Check if Instagram Is Down

If you can’t resolve various Instagram issues, check if the app is down. The easiest way to do so is to conduct a quick Google search for “Is Instagram down?” If that is the case, there are likely to be several news articles about the issues.

You may also check the latest consumer reviews on forums, Google or App Store, and review websites such as If Instagram is down or there are issues with specific features, they will come up there.

It can be frustrating if Instagram is not working. While at times the issue is easily identifiable and resolvable, other times it can be challenging to pinpoint the problem. Here, we have highlighted some common Instagram problems and ways to resolve them. It will help you troubleshoot and promptly address various issues, allowing a seamless experience on the app.

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