5 Ways To Incorporate Your Style With Labradorite Jewelry Designs: A Fashion Guide

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Also known as the ‘Frozen Fire of Aurora Borealis,’ labradorite is the stone that is said to contain the Northern Lights. The iridescent blues, purples and greens of labradorite give it a gorgeous, otherworldly look, making it a popular gemstone to incorporate in stunning forms of jewelry. Whether you believe in its mystical properties or want a statement piece to go with your outfit, labradorite jewelry is your best choice.

Origin of Labradorite

Discovered by the natives of North America, labradorite has always been a gemstone associated with the metaphysical. The dark, ethereal colors have given rise to many legends about the stone being a link between Earth and other planets, being a home of spirits or containing the Northern Lights, as believed by the Beothuk people. 

Labradorite has since been mined worldwide, including in India, the USA, Mexico, Finland, Russia, Madagascar, Australia and more. 

Types of Labradorite Jewelry

If you want to use labradorite, you can either place crystals in your home or by the bed and meditate with it to open up your chakras and balance your energy. If you can’t find the time to meditate, you can always wear labradorite jewelry to ensure it stays connected to you – healing, transforming and energizing you at all times. Here is some common labradorite jewelry that will support your outfits extremely well.

Layering Elegance with Necklaces

One of the best ways to benefit from labradorite is by wearing it as a necklace so it stays on top of your heart chakra. A simple single labradorite necklace is great to wear every day as you go about your daily life. To dress it up, you can layer the necklace with complementing gemstones or simple neckpieces in gold or silver. For special occasions, a statement multiple labradorite necklace looks extremely eye-catching.

You can shop for multi name necklaces for sale at Jewlr, they’re also great for layering with other necklaces. after this sentence: To dress it up, you can layer the necklace with complementing gemstones or simple neckpieces in gold or silver. For special occasions, a statement multiple labradorite necklace looks extremely eye-catching.

Dark Statement Rings

Since labradorite is such a beautiful dark-colored gemstone, you will easily find different statement rings made with it. A chunky ring with a single labradorite in the middle is a statement piece in itself. If you would rather choose elegance over bold labradorite jewelry, you can find a range of labradorite cluster rings that are extremely eye-catching yet sophisticated. If you prefer dainty rings, then a simple labradorite ring for everyday wear is also a great choice. 

Earthy Danglers or Dainty Studs

Earrings are a great fashion accessory, especially if made of a dark gemstone like labradorite. Choose a labradorite earring that reflects your personality and style. You can either go for dangling labradorite earrings with intricate metalwork or simple, understated labradorite studs that add a touch of mystique to your ensemble. 

How to Incorporate Labradorite Jewelry in Your Style?

The choices when it comes to labradorite jewelry are aplenty. But how does one style them? Here are some ways to wear labradorite that elevate your fashion game.

  • Contrasting Minimalism

Minimalism is one fashion trend that can highlight a labradorite piece’s beauty. Plan a minimal outfit with contrasting colors and use the statement labradorite jewelry as the main point of the entire ensemble. Keep the rest of your jewelry minimal – delicate studs, a slim bracelet, or a simple watch – to let the Labradorite gem take center stage.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

If you have a free-spirited boho-chic style, layering multiple labradorite jewelry pieces will seamlessly fit into your aesthetic. Opt for silver, brass or oxidized metals to really let the labradorite gel with the overall color scheme. You can also choose jewelry incorporating nature-inspired designs to channel your earthy, adventurous energy. 

  • Vintage Revival

Labradorite is a gemstone that has been a part of history for centuries, giving rise to many stories. It has an old-world charm that can only be recreated through an all-vintage ensemble. Choose antique-style Labradorite rings with a lot of detailing and pair them with the Victorian aesthetic of lace, pearls, and classic silhouettes that transport you back in time. 

  • Edgy Elegance

Labradorite cocktail rings are a great option if you are one for the edgy aesthetic. The dark gemstone perfectly complements the rugged look of distressed denim, leather jackets and statement boots. Portray a powerful image with bold, unconventional, asymmetrical labradorite jewelry pieces. 

  • Corporate Chic

If you are a go-getter corporate worker, dainty labradorite jewelry pieces can easily elevate your workwear without making the outfit look unprofessional. Labradorite studs, single labradorite necklaces or a dainty ring could be the perfect accessory to your clean and polished look.

Wrapping Up

Labradorite is known as the stone of courage and transformation. If you believe in the healing powers of gemstones and want to use labradorite to bring positive changes in your life, shop labradorite jewelry online, go through the huge collection and buy ones that call to you the most. It is a versatile stone that can easily be incorporated into your style. Watch how the heads turn as the gemstone mesmerizes and captures everyone’s eye with its beautiful color play. 


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