List of Top 20 Shows From Disney Plus Anime Collection

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Disney has been trying to create a space for anime lovers on its platforms. It includes hosting shows like Tokyo Revengers and Summer Time Rendering to owning Star Wars crossover series. Disney Plus Anime is coming up with more animes as they wish to continue in the industry, making people look forward to what else they will offer.

Disney Plus has different options in its anime collection. But how to watch anime on disney plus?

Disney Plus or Disney + offers endless access to one of the best animes on their platform. There is a section on ‘Anime’ in their categories where viewers can click and get the list of animes.

What Anime Is On Disney Plus?

Is there anime on Disney Plus? Well, yes, there is. It has some of the popular animes like Bleach, Dr. Stone, and Attack On Titans, to freshly released ones like A Promise of Netherland and Spy x Family. Here is the list of the top 20 animes available on Disney Plus.

1. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is one of the latest shounen on the Disney Plus anime list. Even though it has a simple and straightforward story, but the anime has the best animations.

Tanijiro Kamado lives with his family, and he sells charcoal to lead their life. One day, when he returns, he finds his entire family tragically killed in a demon attack, leaving his only sister, who turned into a demon herself.

Tanijiro teamed up with Demon Slayers to save his only family and find a way to get his sister into human again. The story progresses as Tanijiro finds out about the demon who killed his family, Kibutsuji Muzan, and chooses to avenge his family’s death.

2. Spy X Family

Spy X Family focuses on Lord Forger with the hidden first-class spy personality, Twilight. He receives a mission to find more information about Desmon Donovan, a politician.

To succeed in his mission, he has to create a fake ‘normal’ family, adopting Anya as daughter and Yor as wife.  Not knowing, Yor is a secret assassin, and Anya has powers to read minds.

The storyline has light suspense, action, and comedy and is filled with the adorableness of Anya. It’s one of the most popular anime that can be watched on Disney Plus.

3. Kaguya- Sama: Love is War

Adapted from a manga with the same name, student Council president Miyuki and Vice President Kaguya appear to have a perfect romantic relationship.

However, both have too much pride, which makes them stop to confess their feelings. They both plan to scheme so their partner confesses their love first.

The romantic comedy with a psychological and slice-of-life plot is an interesting anime to watch.

4. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist is known as one of the best-known shounen available on Disney Plus anime. Along with a crafted story with an interesting plot twist, The anime has impressive action sequences that offer much more than it seems to be.

The story focuses on Edward and Alphonse, two brothers living a peaceful life with their mother in the countryside. But, when their mother dies, they decide to learn alchemy so they can bring her back.

The rules go against their wish, and they end up losing one leg of Edward and the whole body of Elric.

To bind Elrim to the realm, Edward sacrifices his arm. The brothers travel in search to find what they have lost.

5. Tatami Time Machine Blues

To people interested in the traveling concept in anime, Tatami Time Machine Blues is a unique story of Ozu, a terrible friend of the ‘protagonist.’

On a hot summer day in Kyoto, Ozu accidentally drowns his remote for the air conditioner in soda.  This leaves a group of his friends suffering the terrible heat.

When they lose all hope, they find a time machine that can make them travel back and get the remote back from Ozu. However, they are unaware of the adventure they are about to face.

6. Bleach

For anime lovers, you have Bleach anime Disney Plus to watch. Ichigo Kurosaki has the ability to see ghosts since he was a child. However, he was not happy or wanted to have such power.

Ichigo lost his family in an attack by a malevolent lost soul, Hollow. Because of this, Ichigo became a Soul Reaper and dedicated his life to protecting the innocent and helping tortured spirits. The journey progresses as high school student Ichigo sets his aim to save people from Hollows.

bleach anime disney plus

7. Jujutsu Kaisen

Another Disney plus anime that gained huge popularity among anime fans. Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga adaptation that was written and illustrated by Gege Akutami.

The series depicts the story of Yuji Itadori, a teenager with a kind heart. He joins the school club for fun but eventually finds out the members are actually sorcerers who have the power to manipulate the energy for their own use.

Yuji eats the finger ( a cursed talisman) to protect his friend and becomes the host of Sukuna, a demon. He joins Tokyo Metropolitan Magical Technical Colleges to find all the demon’s body parts and to exorcise himself.

8. Attack on Titan

It’s one of the must-watch anime for all anime fans. Attack on Titans has a gruesome storyline with strong characters.

The titans, man-eating demons, appear after 100 years to hunt the humans. With the help of massive walls to stop these giants, humans protect their lives. But the safety only lasts for a while as a giant titan smashes their wall and enters the safe zone.

Soldier Eren Jaeger witnesses his mother get devoured by one of the monsters, leading him to vow to kill all these Titans. He created a group to save the people and become the last hope for humanity.

9. One Piece

Fans of the anime consider One Piece as the king of Shonen. Even though it has an odd art style with lots of episodes, it is still a masterpiece.

Adapted from the manga, the series shows the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, who created his team of praises to find the treasure of Gol D. Roger. He was once a famous pirate with all fame, wealth, and power and the title of Pirate King.

At the time of execution, he reveals his hidden treasure, ‘One Piece,’ at Grand Line. The location was hidden, leading more people to find the treasure, but no one was successful.

After 23 years of the death of the Pirate King, Luffy decides to find the treasure with his crew.

10. Tokyo Revengers

Adapted from a manga series written by Ken Wakui, Tokyo Revengers takes its viewers on an emotional roller coaster.

Takemichi Hanagaki lived his life in absolute despair. The Tokyo Manji Gang killed his girlfriend. Learning about her death breaks him; at the moment, he is standing on the platform but ends up getting pushed by a herd of people.

Instead of dying, he finds himself back in time of 12 years.  Takemichi decides that he will live his best life but also takes revenge.

11. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga adaptation written by Kohei Horikoshi. It’s streaming on Disney Plus for anime watchers.

The world is populated with people who possess superhuman powers. Izuku Midoriya is the only one without any powers. However, he enrolls in the prestigious Hero Academy. Eventually, he learns that being a hero is much more than what he believes.

The anime was a commercial success and became one of the most famous among anime lovers.

12. The Promised Neverland

Released in 2019, The Promised Neverland is one of the latest Disney Plus anime. Three gifted kids, Emma, Norman, and Ray, find out the truth behind the isolated, idyllic orphanage where they all live with their ‘Mama’ and other siblings.

Also, they discover the sinister motive of why they have kids in the orphanage in the first place and why they get adopted by the age of 12.

The Promised Neverland has two seasons, with interesting storylines and twists throughout the journey of three siblings.

13. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone was an adaptation of a hit manga series by Riichiro Inagaki. The anime had one of the perfect protagonists with all scientific accuracy in the series. It was a perfect option for people who like science geeks or are interested in such topics.

Taiju is about to confess his feelings to his crush, but the disaster strikes and turns all humans into stone.

After millennia pass, he and his friend Senkuu find that they have the power to awaken and have the ability to turn the Stone Age.

Disney Plus Anime

14. Summertime Rendering

Shinpei was treated as family in the Ushio household. But for his studies, he had to go to Tokyo and leave his family behind after he heard that Ushio died while he was rescuing a child.

Shinpei decides to return, but he realizes that not everything is as it used to be. There are a lot of unsolved and mysterious incidents happening in his hometown. Furthermore, he learns about Shadow and the reason behind his friend’s death.

15. The Rising of Shield Hero

Rising of Shield Hero is listed as one of the most famous anime in the Isekai genre. Naofumi finds a book in the library and accidentally teleports to another world.

He finds that his character is Shield Hero, whose purpose is to save people along with three more chosen heroes. Naofumi was labeled as the weakest due to his lack of experience and offensive capability.

Later, he meets Mayne, a princess who betrays him by stealing money and accusing him of taking advantage of her. It makes everyone hate Naofumi and makes him an outcast.

This makes him so angry and disappointed that he decides to fight the monster alone. Also, he vows to take his revenge against people who wronged him.

16. Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi is a perfect blend if you like sports and anime. The story has everything together, and the same studio does the animation as Haikyuu.

Ashito Aoi is a young and aspiring soccer player with special hidden powers living in Japan. He dreams of getting into a high school with a soccer club. But everything comes crashing down when he causes an incident during a match, resulting in losing and getting eliminated from the tournament.

But even with everything going on, it caught the attention of someone who came from Tokyo, causing a dramatic turn in Ashito’s life.

Disney Plus Anime

17. Overlord

Another famous isekai Disney plus anime, Overload, is one of the isekai anime with the best adventure and dark fantasy storyline.

The set is a dystopian world of the year 2126. An office worker logs into a video game to play it for the last time. The world-famous video game is about to end and shut down finally. Momonga tries to log out at 00:00, but instead of logging out, he gets transported to another world.

According to fans, Overload is one of the best anime in the ‘trap in game’ plot with an overpowered main character.

18. Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game takes an interesting take on what happens if you get trapped in a game with your friends.

Yuuichi Katagiri is a high school student. He cherishes his friends, consisting of his four classmates. Yuuichi and his friends get knocked unconscious by someone.

They find themselves in a confined room with Manabu Kun. It reveals one of Yuuichi’s friends has a debt of 20 million yen.  To pay back, they must participate in games that test their friendship and humanity.

19. Sword Art Online

With great animation and action, Sword Art Online makes you wonder what if you get stuck in a video game where logging out is not the option and death means actual death.

Kazuto Kirigaya, or Krito, is famous for being a professional gamer. He was selected to try the beta version of the Sword Art Online game. After the game was released and spending a few hours playing, he noticed that he couldn’t log out from the game.

Krito finds himself trapped in the online game, where, according to Game mater, death in the game will also kill him in real life.

20. Dance Dance Danseur

To those anime lovers interested in something rare and anime with drama,  Disney Plus has Dance Dance Danesure. The anime focuses on the ambitions of Junpei, who loved doing ballet since he was a child.

His dream is to become a professional. However, he kept his dream a secret from everyone. Junpei’s life changes when he meets Mori, a child prodigy who challenges him to prove his ambition and love for ballet.

Final thoughts

If you find more shows that we could add to the list, do share with us in the comments. If you haven’t seen the above yet, it is time to watch the best of manga.

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