Do Disney Employees Get Free Tickets for Theme Parks?

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If you are pursuing the position of a Disney World cast member, truckloads of perks and benefits are coming your way. But if you are a friend of a Disney cast member, it is time to put your relationship to use! Jokes aside, you cannot not wonder do Disney employees get free tickets when there is a cast member who can let you in. I am here to clear your doubts in both scenarios (if you are a cast member or a cast member who can give you free passes).

Do all Disney employees get free tickets?

All park members get their IDs within two weeks of joining. After this, they can avail of park benefits for themselves.

They do not get guest admission to the Main Entrance until they complete probation, which is usually three months. You need this pass to allow your friends and family to enter the park for free.

Eligible employees working in Disney World get three passes allocated for Main Entrance Guest Admission. Depending on the employee position, they might have more than one-time allowance to permit three guests at a time.

Note that free passes don’t work all the time. There are chances that you cannot invite your family in during Halloween or Christmas.

Before availing this perk, ensure you know the dates when you will have access to free entry for your folks.

Do Disney World employees get free tickets?

If you are a part of Disney World, it lets you enjoy being at the most magical place in the world every week. From catching the mighty fireworks to holiday parades, there is a lot you’re going to witness just by being there.

But what about free tickets? Let me break this down for you so you know all your entitlements.

Keeping a magical place worth what it should be takes a lot of hard work. Disney acknowledges the effort their cast members put in to make guests happy.

Walt Disney World ensures that cast members have free access to all parks for themselves. They also get additional passes for friends and family.

Cast members also get good deals to buy merchandise at discounted prices. Hotels, restaurants, and transportation discounts within park premises are a part of this, too.

But there is no one way to answer do Disney employees get free tickets.


Every position brings additional perks or vice versa.

For instance, a cast member handling operations at theme parks will not have the perks of a WDW executive. Again, some members get access to pre-production, making, and behind-the-scenes tours, while others don’t.

Do Disney corporate employees get free tickets?

Guest passes for the main entrance and free tickets are two standard perks you can avail yourself of as a Disney employee. This saves you $179 to $229 for every allowed member.

If you want to visit Disney World on a non-working day with your spouse and two kids, you save around $800.


Your entry is free, and you can bring 3 guests to the park at a time.

The charges of rides after entrance will cost, but you will most likely not have to pay yourself for any attraction.

You can also get freebies like food or vouchers, gifts, or discounts on goodies.

Your contract with WDW matters when considering such perks. Most perks are offered to permanent employees with long-term contracts.

How often can an employee use a pass?


You get three free passes to the main entrance, but how often?

Every month? Every quarter? or every year?

Well, this depends on how many years you have served Disney World.

If you have been working for less than 15 years, you get access to the Blue Main Entrance Pass. It allows you to avail yourself of free entry 16 times a year. So, if you can easily get 48 members to Disney World. But it will be across 16 times and not together.

After 15 years of service, you get an upgrade to Silver Main Entrance. There are no limits to how many times you can bring your family to the park for free.

Interestingly, you can only allow people to use the silver facility in your presence. You need to register the members through your My Disney Experience app to ensure they get entry with/by you.

What discounts do Disney World cast members have?

Discounts are more accessible than having free services as a cast member. After all, there are plenty of employees, and too many perks can hurt the business. So, be it rides, hotels, or food, you’d still have to pay.

As you start working in WDW, you will know that navigating through the theme parks comes at a price. And, in some cases, you may have to pay as much as visitors do.

Now consider this:

suppose you have a family of five, and only three of them get free entry. In such a case, you will get a discount on the admission of the other two members.

It can be 15-20%, depending on your job role.

For merch, most cast members get a 20% discount. Some goodies will come free for you, too. But these could be discontinued or rejected items.

Most hotel room prices are slashed by 50% for Disney employees. If you need additional rooms to accommodate relatives, other rooms can also come with a discount of up to 40%. Resort activities and rides at the theme parks come at discounted prices. But all of these vary as per season and employee position.

Not just the theme park, as a Disney employee, you have discounts to avail at:

  • Disney Springs
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Boardwalk
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Busch Gardens
  • Sea World

On their birthdays, there are perks and special gifts for cast members, including free meals, vouchers, coupons, and goodies.

If you want to host your dream wedding at Disney World or plan your honeymoon, you will get discounts for those, too. Getting a fairytale-like setting at a discounted price is worth every bit!

Do Disney employees get free tickets for family?

Suppose you have used up the allocated number of free entries for a year. In that case, you can depend on Complimentary Tickets.

There is minimal dispersion of these tickets annually, and employees can only bring their immediate family.

But why is that so?

It restricts any cast member from selling their complimentary tickets to random people. The person using the ticket must prove that they are related to you to get an entry.

If you need more tickets to accommodate additional members, you can buy the main entry at 10-15% less from the Disney store.

Do Disney Employees Get Free Tickets for Theme Parks?

Can you transfer Disney employee discounts?

No, employee discounts are exclusive for cast members, and they cannot transfer to someone who doesn’t work in WDW. But if you buy something on behalf of a friend or family member, you can always avail the discount.

Make sure your ticket isn’t used up, and do the payment transaction from your My Disney Experience app. It remains the same across rides, attractions, merch, etc.

Your friends and family will get discounts when you use the Main Entrance Admission for them. So, you most likely don’t need to transfer any discount as they will already exist.

Final thoughts

Disney World might be undergoing many changes, but employee discounts have remained. Employee privileges are one of the main reasons why work becomes exciting. The best part? You know the right places to take your friends and family after availing the free entrance.

It is important to note that in 2021, the company canceled the perk of offering free tickets to third-party employees. Currently, only cast members of specific theme parks have complete access.


1. How many tickets do Disney World employees get every year?

On average, cast members get four free tickets, but their job profile determines the exact number.

2. Do retired Disney employees get free tickets?

Retired professionals have limited access to Complimentary Tickets per year and no free entries. The exact number can be accessed from

3. How many guest passes can I get as a Disney employee?

The number of Main Entrance Pass Guest Admissions per year will depend on your job profile. On average, it is available for three people per visit. Repetition of the same perk per year depends on the contract, job profile, and number of years associated.

4. Do Disney employees get free tickets?

If you are a top cast member, you will have free entry across all theme parks in WDW and Disneyland. It applies to anyone working for Disney World, hotels, Disney Springs, and Downtown Disney.

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