You must have health insurance worth 竄ケ10 – 竄ケ20 lakh to ensure adequate coverage

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In today’s medical inflation, it is essential to invest in health insurance. As per your requirements, you can invest in health insurance with coverage between ₹10 – ₹20 lakh. Medical emergencies can strike at any time. The rising cost of healthcare can often leave families in financial distress. Hence having health insurance coverage within the range of ₹10 – ₹20 lakh is crucial for ensuring adequate protection for your family.

Why Opt for Medical Insurance for the Family?

Securing a health insurance policy within this range provides numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why opting for medical insurance for the family within ₹10 – ₹20 lakh is essential:

  1. Rising Healthcare Costs: With medical inflation outpacing general inflation, healthcare prices are skyrocketing every year. The cost of hospitalization, treatment, and medications has grown significantly over the past decade – making health treatment unaffordable for many without proper coverage.
  2. Increased Life Expectancy and Aging Population: With advances in medicine and healthcare facilities, people now have longer lifespans. As people age, they may have increased healthcare needs, which would require substantial financial resources to meet.
  3. Exposure to Multiple Health Risks: Unprecedented exposure to pollution, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, and stress-induced issues often result in increased susceptibility to ailments like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, among others.
  4. Protecting Family’s Savings: Unforeseen medical exigencies not only take an emotional toll but also cause financial strain on families. A comprehensive health insurance policy safeguards your hard-earned savings from being drained by hefty medical bills.
  5. Providing Quality Healthcare Access: Health insurance plans provide access to an extensive network of cashless hospitals, ensuring superior healthcare facilities without causing a burden on your wallet.

Benefits and Advantages of having ₹10 – ₹20 Lakh Insurance Coverage

  1. Financial Security: Catastrophic medical expenses can put an immense financial strain on families. Insurance coverage within this specific range helps secure your financial future by providing a safety net in case of unexpected medical costs. 
  2. Debt Repayment: In case of any outstanding debts or loans, an insurance coverage of this amount enables your family to clear them without facing financial distress.
  3. Children’s Education: A substantial insurance coverage helps secure your children’s education by providing funds for their school and higher education expenses.
  4. Retirement Planning: Medical insurance for family with this coverage can serve as a source of income during your retirement years, ensuring you live comfortably without relying on others.
  5. Medical Expenses: Insurance policies with adequate coverage help cover critical illness treatment costs and other related medical expenses, reducing the financial burden on you and your family in times of ill health.
  6. Tax Benefits: Investing in insurance policies with this level of coverage qualifies you for tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.Health insurance also brings tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, subject to prevailing tax laws. The premiums paid towards your policy qualify for tax deductions, thereby reducing your taxable income and offering additional monetary relief.
  7. Long-term Savings: Long-term investment opportunities are available with an insurance policy that offers a high sum assured, providing capital appreciation over time.
  8. Inflation Protection: With ever-increasing living costs, having a substantial insurance coverage provides a buffer against inflation, protecting your loved ones’ future financial requirements.One of the critical reasons for having health insurance coverage within this range is to protect yourself against the relentless rise in healthcare costs. Healthcare inflation is a reality, and without adequate coverage, medical expenses can quickly escalate, leaving families vulnerable to financial strain. Ensuring that your health insurance coverage is sufficient offers protection against inflation and safeguards your family’s financial stability in the face of mounting healthcare costs.
  9. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your family is financially secure in your absence brings immense peace of mind and allows you to focus on other aspects of life without worrying about future uncertainties.
  10. Income Replacement: Losing the key breadwinner can lead to financial difficulties for the family; however, an insurance policy with ample coverage ensures that the income flow does not stop and guarantees financial stability.
  11. Quality Care for the Entire Family: Medical insurance for the family with coverage between ₹10 – ₹20 lakh ensures adequate protection in case of hospitalization, surgery, or any other medical treatment. Having robust insurance coverage ensures quality healthcare access to all family members without discrimination based on individual limits.Having an adequate coverage amount allows you to choose from a wide network of hospitals, ensuring that you receive the best possible medical care when you need it most. This coverage ensures that you have options and can pursue the necessary treatment without compromise.
  12. Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

If you or any family member has a pre-existing medical condition, it becomes even more crucial to have health insurance coverage within this range. Pre-existing conditions require ongoing medical attention and can be expensive to manage. By having adequate coverage, you can receive continuous treatment and care for these conditions without bearing the full financial burden yourself.

  1. Additional Benefits and Riders

Health insurance plans within this range often come with additional benefits and riders. These add-ons can enhance the coverage and provide even more comprehensive protection for your family. Riders such as critical illness coverage, maternity coverage, and accidental disability cover further strengthen your policy, ensuring that your family is adequately protected in various scenarios.

  1. Flexibility and Customization:

Health insurance plans within the ₹10 – ₹20 lakh coverage range offer flexibility and customization options. You can tailor your policy to suit your specific family needs by choosing deductibles, co-pays, and additional features according to your preferences. This flexibility allows you to strike a balance between affordability and comprehensive coverage.


Investing in health insurance coverage within the ₹10 – ₹20 lakh range is of utmost importance to ensure adequate protection for your family’s healthcare needs. It provides financial security, access to quality healthcare, and coverage for expensive treatments and pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, it protects against healthcare inflation and offers additional benefits and riders. 

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