Disney and Diamonds: Bling for Every Size Budget and Fans of All Ages

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Attention all Disney and diamond aficionados! Whether you’re splurging or on a budget, a novice fan, or a die-hard enthusiast, we’ve got the scoop on Disney and diamonds. 

This guide aims to showcase the mesmerizing array of Disney-themed diamond jewelry that sparkles across various shopping platforms. From traditional choices to innovative designs, it’s possible to add some magical bling in your life, regardless of your pocket size or age. 

5 Ways to Buy Disney Diamonds Online

Embark on a magical journey to acquire your dream Disney-inspired diamond jewelry. Here are five ways you can snag these treasures online while catering to different budgets.

1. Jewelry Directly From Disney

When it comes to getting incredible Disney-inspired jewelry, the best place to go is right at the source. Shop Disney has a plethora of incredible Disney jewelry that ranges from budget-friendly to expensive. All of their jewelry is, naturally, licensed by Disney themselves.

If you’re looking for diamonds for cheap, consider checking out their earrings. Their Minnie Mouse earrings are to die for. On the other hand, you can always go above and beyond and select their Fantasyland Castle Fairy Tale Diamond Engagement Ring for over $6,000!

2. Custom Jewelry from Online Brands

If you want something that’s unique to you and your style, consider shopping at a custom jewelry store. There’s a good chance that they’ll be able to design a piece fit for a prince or princess. However, they might not be able to perfectly create iconic characters or shapes.

With that said, if you want a blue sapphire ring in the shape of mouse ears, you can shop for sapphire rings here. If you want to make a silhouette of Stitch using pink diamonds and kyanite, you can do so within your budget. There are so many ways to create your own special jewelry!

3. Pre-Made Jewelry from Crafters

While many creators from sites like Etsy skirt the copyright line constantly, you can find Disney jewelry that’s both inexpensive and beautiful. Symbols like the mouse ears, especially when done in a certain way, can’t be copyrighted, so you’ll find plenty of gems in that shape.

You can also find real-diamond jewelry based on Disney princesses, other beloved Disney characters, and more. Some of our favorites are castle-based necklaces. If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, these websites are the perfect place to find jewelry based on this franchise. 

4. Disney-Jewelry From Disney Partners 

Have you ever walked inside a jewelry store and saw a Disney collection displayed? This is possible because these jewelers partner with Disney. Many of these collections are also only available at these jewelers, so we recommend looking around a few stores in your area.

While buying these pieces from jewelry stores can be expensive, they’re directly from the source and often contain mined or lab-grown diamonds. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly or doesn’t include diamonds, consider going to stores like Claire’s or Icings.

5. Second-Hand Disney Jewelry 

Are you interested in Disney jewelry that’s gone out of stock? Then, we recommend looking up used marketplaces like Depop to get your fix. Unless the jewelry you’re looking for is hard to find, you’ll typically pay less for diamonds on the used market than you’ll buy new in stores.

You’re also more likely to find a piece that no one else is wearing. For example, while it’s easy to find a Mickey Mouse ear necklace, it’ll be harder to find merchandise based on movies like Atlantis or Treasure Planet because they were only really popular upon their movie’s release.

In Conclusion…

Embark on your magical journey today and start sourcing that special piece of Disney diamond jewelry. Whether it’s a charming keepsake for a treasured memory or just to add a pinch of Disney sparkle in your life, the choice is yours. Your perfect piece is out there waiting!

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