Orange Lightsaber Meaning and What to Expect From Next?

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Ever since the orange lightsaber featured in Ahsoka’s new trailer, Star Wars fans’ excitement has soared. However, the orange lightsaber meaning remained mysterious until its live-action debut in Ahsoka.

Orange lightsaber

The new episodes of Ahsoka feature two iconic characters wielding lightsabers with orange blades. This fantastic series is available on Disney. The orange lightsabers in it have grabbed everyone’s attention.

In an action scene between Shin Hati and Baylon Skoll, both used an interesting orange-colored lightsaber. However, neither of them is outright Sith, or else the lightsabers would have been bold red. All the Dark Lords wield bright scarlet lightsabers as these resonate with their state of mind.

But the fact that these lightsabers have a blood orange hue instead of pure red is what makes them unique. So, followers of Star Wars around the globe are curious to decipher the orange lightsaber meaning.

The history of Orange lightsabers

Orange is among the rarest colors of lightsabers in the Star Wars canon. To know the orange lightsaber meaning, it is essential to look at its history.

According to legends, the history of orange kyber crystals is fascinating. So, do you remember seeing orange lightsabers in Star Wars canon earlier?

Previously in Star Wars, the only Jedi who has wielded an orange-hued lightsaber is Cal Kestis. An Order 66 Padawan Survivor, Kestis, appeared for the first time in the Jedi: Fallen Order. The video game soon gained worldwide popularity. Cal Kestis’s mission was to restore the Jedi Order after evading the Empire.

The fun part was that players could select a color from various shades. So, Kestis was willingly a wielder of an orange saber. The game proves the existence of orange kyber crystals. However, Shin and Baylan pioneered Force wielders to use orange lightsabers in live action. Never before have people seen the orange lightsaber in action, and that’s what doubles the excitement.

Orange lightsaber meaning in legends

In legends, Force-sensitives wielded the lightsabers that were orange. They were known as Grey Jedi, and as opposed to the Knights of the regular Jedi Order, the Grey Jedi had one foot on either side of the Force. This means they weren’t fully committed to the dark or the light.

The orange blades were as uncommon as the Gray Jedi. So, the orange lightsaber meaning represents the middle-ground approach of the Gray Jedi. They exist between the Sith’s red and the yellow used by the scholars and guards at the Jedi Temple. Also, there weren’t too many Jedi who had the orange sabers initially. For example, the Jedi Council’s Jedi Master Plo Koon had an orange saber in Legends comic books.

Besides the Plo Koon orange lightsaber, Yaddle, another revered Jedi Master, wielded the beautiful orange blade in the original legends. The revised Star Wars canon has replaced it with the green lightsaber, which you will find in Tales of the Jedi. Kyle Katarn, another character from the Legends, also held an orange lightsaber for a short while.

Orange Lightsaber Meaning and What to Expect From Next?

Where does the color of lightsabers come from?

Specialized weapons that contain a rare type of crystal are called lightsabers. These crystals are special gems present only on some planets and can align with the Force. Jedi found these crystals and infused the magical crystals with the power within them. This is how they discovered that the crystal selects its user.

The Force must spend several days meditating with the Crystal and be adequately empowered. Only after the ritual succeeds can the Jedi use the lightsaber’s power in their favor. The user’s emotions get transferred to the crystal during this prolonged process. That is what paints the crystal and gives it its characteristic hue or dictates the blade’s color.

Orange lightsaber is a combination of red & yellow

The first evident thing is that orange lightsabers have the presence of both red and yellow lightsabers. That’s because we derive the shade orange when yellow and red come together. So, it is natural for the orange lightsaber to have something in common with yellow and red lightsabers.

Orange perfectly balances the Dark Side qualities of red and the Light Side characteristics of Yellow. Doesn’t this remind you of Mace Windu, who could master this balance? He did not let the Dark Side overpower him to stay a Jedi. Similarly, the wielders of orange lightsabers are not Sith.

Orange lightsaber meaning for Baylon Skoll

Lightsaber color plays a crucial role in highlighting the personality of a wielder and their equation with the Force. It reveals the path they have chosen as a Force-user. So, Star Wars followers couldn’t help guessing the orange lightsaber color meaning.

You can consider the significance of red and yellow lightsabers when figuring out what an orange lightsaber means. It’s reasonable to assume that they are symbolic of pragmatic hope. They serve as a reminder that the path to a brighter future can never be devoid of hurdles. So, one should expect casualties and be prepared to make sacrifices on the way.

Don’t you feel this increases the yellow lightsaber wielder’s chances of becoming mercenary? Despite being a mercenary, Baylon Skoll is unique, and therefore, his holding the orange lightsaber can indicate something different.

Interestingly, Baylon has several character traits similar to a Jedi Sentinel. He is cordial, hopeful, and reluctant to use the lightsaber. At the same time, the man is patient, calm, and full of sympathy. However, this does not mean he doesn’t possess a strong mind or the determination to perform his duties dedicatedly. He is one-dimensional and likes to remain focused on a far-off goal.

Hence, the orange lightsaber points out his optimistic nature in his case. He is positive that he can bring peace when he comes into power. And if there isn’t another way to invite peace than shedding blood, he has no choice.

This is what makes Baylon Skoll superior to Darth Vader. Vader wanted to become powerful only to spread hatred. Baylon, on the other hand, at least has strong reasons to seek power. The show’s creators have yet to reveal Baylon’s motives, which makes us wait for more!

Other characters wield orange sabers

The Star Wars orange lightsaber meaning has diverse layers as other characters have taken up the bright orange blade.

Lar Le’Ung

A Jedi Master from Star Wars: Invasion, Lar Le’Ung was another character to have held the orange lightsaber. It failed to protect him from the Yuuzhan Vang.

Torhaa Phaa

Torhaa Phaa was a dualist featured in the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure video game. The game did not offer much about his backstory to the players. The only thing that stood out was his orange lightsaber.

Polvin Kut

Yaddle had a mentor named Polvin Kut, who became a part of the dark side after a warlord slaughtered his family. A deadly battle took place, and Kut breathed his last in the presence of his apprentice. Several texts have addressed him as Yaddle’s master.

Soon Bayts

Bayts was among the Jedi murdered by General Grievous. The General took the blue lightsaber as his memento. He also had the orange one before the Clone Wars.

Does an orange lightsaber signify patience?

So far, one thing is clear about the orange lightsaber meaning: its ambiguity. It implies that the orange path is not entirely aligned with the negative side for Baylon Skoll.

At the same time, it also does not strictly align with the Light Side. So, it is safe to conclude that the users of the orange lightsaber Force may be fundamentally gray Jedi.

If darkness dominates the qualities that bind them to the Light, they may develop no deep affiliation with the Sith or Jedi. Lightsabers become a means to a pre-ordained end and modify themselves according to the wielder’s target.

Observant that he is, Baylon has noticed that Shin’s impatience is one of his major flaws. Because of this quality, Shin had to accept defeat. So, patience has to be a prominent trait of wielders of orange lightsabers.

Why do the villains in Ahsoka hold the orange lightsaber?

Since you are here, you have already watched Shin Hati and Baylon Skoll use the orange lightsaber. And now that you have learned the meaning of orange lightsaber, you must want to know about it’s significance.

It is presently unknown why both the characters are wielding orange lightsabers. Most fans have debated that they are the New Republic Era’s Gray Jedi. The 2023 Star Wars Celebration confirmed they will be in the league with Morgan Elsbeth.

Morgan Elsbeth serves the Heir to the Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn. As such, the orange-tinted blade likely separates them from the Sith.

This hints at some unorthodox elements involved in the construction of the lightsabers. They can also be a connection between the lightsaber and the Force. Baylan and his chosen apprentice are strongheaded despite their association with the orange saber. The duo is undefeatable, and nobody can trifle with them. Their confidence in wielding the stunning orange lightsabers speaks volumes about their personalities.

Dave Filoni, the showrunner, has a clean slate to offer orange kyber crystals the type of symbolism he fancies in the new canon. He does not have to stick to what is featured in Legends. It will be entertaining to learn more about these colored blades when season 2 of Ahsoka starts streaming.

Other lightsaber colors and their meanings

Although new colors can be introduced, presently, lightsabers are of some specific colors. According to the official lore, the following are the possible colors:

  • Blue – representing truth, justice, loyalty, and stability
  • Purple – wisdom and nobility
  • White – peace, positivity, purity, and neutrality
  • Orange – ambition, resourcefulness, and creativity
  • Green – safety, harmony, and growth
  • Yellow – warmth, energy, and goodness
  • Black – aggression, darkness, mystery, and power (the Darksaber, a unique weapon, is the only lightsaber with this color

Are orange and yellow-orange lightsabers the same?

Yellow-orange sabers are not typical, and they are different from orange lightsabers. They typically belong to the Jedi Sentinels. Jedi Sentinels are unlike others, as investigation and combat are part of their jobs. Bastila Shan deserves mention for wielding the most memorable yellow-orange lightsaber. He was a powerful Jedi whom you have observed in the Star Wars Legends.

What is the most uncommon lightsaber?

Extremely rare in the universe of Star Wars, black lightsabers are extraordinarily beautiful. But it isn’t every day that you get to see a black lightsaber on the screen. The Dark Jedi or Sith wield these lightsabers, typically linked with the Force’s Dark Side. The first ever Mandalorian Jedi created the Darksaber.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is too early to understand the orange lightsaber meaning with certainty. Again, it is too late to analyze if Baylon’s perseverance is just a vicious virtue or something more. So, for all mysteries to unveil themselves, you must wait for season 2 of Ahsoka.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Jedi uses an orange lightsaber?

The pioneering character to wield the wonderful orange lightsaber was Cal Kestis. He held the orange blade in Jedi: Fallen Order, a popular video game.

2. What is the orange lightsaber crystal called?

Of all the orange lightsabers, the Heart of the Guardian crystal is the most well-known. We came across this expensive crystal in the Knights of the Old Republic. This legendary artifact was instrumental in forming the Jedi’s guardian order.

3. Why is Cal Kestis lightsaber orange?

In the modern canon of Star Wars, orange blades have appeared only in special circumstances. An unlockable shade for Kestis’s blade was orange, while the laser sword was blue.

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