7 Most Gruesome Deaths at Disneyland

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Anyone who goes to Disney returns home with a wide smile and a lifetime of memories. But what if we told you that for some people the day they visited Disney parks became the last day of their life? Trigger warning, but today we’re sharing stories of 7 most gruesome deaths at Disneyland.

Despite being family-friendly places, unfortunate incidents can happen in amusement parks as well. From accidental drownings to ride malfunctions – shocking accidents can happen in any amusement park and Disneyland is no exception.

7 Most Gruesome Deaths at Disneyland

Since Disneyland started welcoming guests in 1955, thousands of visitors have been injured. Some people have also lost their lives. If you are curious to know about Disney deaths, here is a list of incidents at Disney Parks:

1. Fatality on the Matterhorn Bobsled

Disneyland was considered perfectly safe until 1964 but in May 1964, the flawless record was tainted. A boy of 15 died as he was enjoying the Matterhorn Bobsled. He did not pay attention to the safety guidelines and unbuckled the seatbelt. When the ride was going down the hill, he suddenly stood up and lost his balance.

The boy was thrown on the track and his ribs broke when he fell. There were several injuries and fractures on his skull. Three days later, he succumbed to the injuries.

2. The Big Thunder Mountain death

On September 5, 2003, one of the cars on the iconic ride Big Thunder Mountain derailed. The crash injured 10 people and killed Marcelo Torres, a 22-year-old guest. What happened was due to the negligence of the park staff. The mechanic left a few bolts loose and so the train separated from its track.

After a month when Big Thunder Mountain was reopened, during the test run, two of the trains crashed. The state gave strict orders to Disneyland to train its workers properly and take the necessary safety measures.

Big Thunder Mountain

3. Teenager killed while sneaking into Disneyland

The demise of Thomas Guy Cleveland should serve as a lesson that trespassing into Disneyland is a terrible idea. The 19-year-old boy lost his life in June 1966 while trying to enter Disneyland by climbing over its fence.

Cleveland succeeded at climbing over the 16-foot fence and was standing on a Monorail track. A security guard saw him and tried to warm him but by then it was too late. The monorail car hit the poor boy and dragged him along with it. When the monorail stopped, the body was in pieces.

4. Roger Rabbit Ride killed a child

Sept 22, 2000 was the miserable day on which a four-year-old child suffered fatal injuries at Disneyland. His name was Brandon Zucker and he was riding a taxicab. He fell out of the cab on Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin Ride and another vehicle drove over him. It took ten minutes for the emergency personnel to rescue him and by then, he went into a cardiac arrest.

Although Brandon lived for 7 years after the incident, he never walked as the brain damage was irreversible. On January 26, 2009, his painful struggle culminated.

5. America Sings kills an employee

If you are a fan of Disneyland, you must have heard about the attraction named America Sings. While it seems docile, this attraction features robot animals and a rotating theatre. Only 9 days after the opening of the show on July 8, 1974, a Disney staff who was present there, died. His name was Deborah, and he was only 8 years old.

How Deborah died remains a mystery. The audience heard his screams when he was crushed against a wall. He died immediately and after his gruesome death, the show’s operators installed safety lights. They also redesigned the walls but in 1988, the attraction was shut down.

6. Drowning near the Tom Sawyer Island

Two mischievous brothers once planned to make the most of their visit to Disneyland. So, they hid on Tom Sawyer Island during the closing time of the park. When they were hungry and bored after some hours, they realized that the only way to leave the island was to cross the Rivers of America.

The younger one didn’t know swimming and his 18-year-old brother decided to carry him on his back. He couldn’t finish the journey and the little boy drowned. A ride operator spotted them and rescued the elder brother and his brother’s body was found the next morning.

7. The People Mover or the People Killer?

The maximum speed of People Mover at Disneyland is 2 miles/hour. With this harmless speed, how did it end up killing a passenger? On August 21, 1967, Rickey Lee Yama, a visitor, attempted to jump in between moving cars. The ride was inside a tunnel then and he fell in the dark.

The boy of 17 was looking for some adrenaline rush but the train ran over him. On June 7, 1980, another visitor imitated Ricky’s fatal stunt and faced the same consequences.

How many people have died at Disney World?

In total, 64 fatalities have taken place in Disney theme parks. On July 26, 2023, a man fell from the balcony of his hotel room at Magic Kingdom and died. Other than accidents, some people have also committed suicide at Disneyland and Disney World.

While no place is free from accidents, the 7 most gruesome deaths at Disneyland reminds us that fun places can also become the last place we enjoyed!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how many people have died at Disney World, you don’t need to postpone your trip to Disney World. However, you should be careful, understand the risks, and supervise your children.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mission Space death count at Disneyland?

Two people diet at Disneyland while experiencing Mission Space. The first person was a kid of 4 years who had a heart condition. The other individual was an old lady who had a stroke because of high BP.

2. Why is Splash Mountain closing?

Splash Mountain is a well-known ride that Princess Diana experienced in 1993. It is getting closed for featuring racist stereotypes.

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