Top 11 Best Food at Disneyland and Why People Love Them

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The best food at Disneyland creates an unconscious impact of your overall experience at the California theme park. While we go the for rides, attractions and every bit of the fun Disney has to offer, what we cannot ignore is the extraordinary food. From classic churros to pineapple dole whip, there is a lot to try here and a must-list to note down!

Best Food at Disneyland

While its exciting rides are the biggest attractions at Disneyland, the food here is equally tempting. They serve so many Disney-themed delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Here’s a food enthusiast’s guide to the best food at Disneyland Park in California.

best Food at Disneyland

Dole Whips

When at Disneyland, forget all about strict dining etiquette and begin your day with dessert. Dole Whips are soft and juicy pineapple treats and undoubtedly, the best food at Disneyland to beat the heat. You might find different variations of this dish elsewhere, but Disneyland’s Dole Whips are the most detectable.

Turkey Leg

What’s the most iconic food at Disneyland for non-veg lovers? It’s the hot and spicy Turkey Leg and every bite of it is heavenly. The giant-sized leg, loaded with protein and flavored with aromatic spices, will instantly boost your energy.


You must have seen photos of people posing with churros at Disneyland. Ever wondered what makes them so special? Besides being sugar and cinnamon-coated, Disneyland’s churros come in limited-edition and themed flavors.

So, which one will you order for yourself? Is it the Star Wars-inspired red and blue lightsaber Churro or the Green Apple Churro representing Tomorrowland?

Fried Chicken

Other than its extraordinary preparations, Disneyland’s restaurants also make drool-worthy chicken starters like fried chicken. It is the best food at Disneyland for you if you’re craving some juicy and flavorful chicken.

Seasoned with herbs and deep fried, the herb chicken is crispy from the outside. The platter is filling as they serve the chicken with mixed veggies, buttermilk biscuits, and mashed potatoes. Most places serve two large pieces of fried chicken that you can share it with your partner.

Mickey Beignets

Whether you’re in Disneyland for the first time or you’re revisiting, you cannot return home without having Mickey Beignets. These are fluffy, powdered sugar-coated, and Mickey-shaped pillows that are loved by kids and adults alike.

While Mickey Beignets are available in all seasons, they prepare the flavored ones only during holidays. So, if you plan your Disneyland trip during the Christmas vacation, don’t forget to taste this dessert.

Corn Dogs

Irrespective of when you go, Disneyland is always crowded. So, how do you distract yourself when standing in a long line in front of a popular attraction? The filling corn dogs, one of their signature quick bites, can come to your rescue.

Mint Julep

How to keep yourself hydrated and satisfy your craving for something sweet and sour? Mint Julep is a non-alcoholic beverage that will go well with pizza and other best food at Disneyland.

The drink is citrusy, making it perfect for summer and the mint flavor will freshen you up. As it does not contain alcohol, you can also share this neon-colored drink with the kiddos in your group.

Mickey Bar

Disneyland makes sure that its guests never run out of interesting things to do and eat. As Mickey Mouse is among the most adorable Disney characters, there are many Mickey-shaped snacks.

While the Mickey Beignet is a warm dessert, the Mickey Bar is the classic cold dessert that you cannot resist. It tastes similar to vanilla ice cream coated with a thin layer of rich chocolate. It will become your chosen palate cleanser after enjoying a heavy meal.

Breakfast Chimichanga

What to do when your body screams for some sustenance but you forgot the protein bars in the car? Grabbing a breakfast chimichanga will solve this problem most deliciously. You can easily find them as there are many stalls.

The meal is a combination of meat, beans, cheese, and rice and they all blend harmoniously to create magic. The dish is so tasty that you won’t miss your regular homemade breakfast at all.

Roasted Chicken Salad

Disneyland does not forget about those visitors who have dietary restrictions or food allergies. The best gluten free food at Disneyland is roasted chicken salad.

One bowl of this chicken salad, enriched with fresh vegetables, will keep you full for hours. As it is roasted, it’s also healthier than the deep-fried and sugary options.

Strawberry Fruit Bar

If you think the same ice creams are available at all Disney theme parks, you are wrong. There are scrumptious options like Itzakadoozie Pops, Mickey Premium Bars, and Strawberry Fruit Bars.

The Strawberry Fruit Bar has the richness of fruits, and it is another gluten-free food. If you walk up to any ice cream parlor, you will find several other amazing options.

Safari Skewer

Need a break after experiencing several crazy rides? Then you can order a Safari Skewer which is nutritious and palatable. It is asparagus wrapped in bacon and they serve it with a lime slice. The dish is so popular that you can have it at other Disney Parks as well.

Final thoughts

So, if you like to taste unique dishes, you will have a memorable culinary expedition at Disneyland. Make sure you try at least some from our list of best food to eat at Disneyland. Follow us to stay updated about the park’s upcoming celebrations and share your experiences at Disneyland in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular food item sold at Disneyland?

Pickled Corn Dog, Muffuletta Sandwich, Curry Beef, Potato Sambusa, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Lobster Nachos, and Pork Lumpia are acknowledged by guests as the best food at Disneyland 2023.

2.  What is the best food at Disneyland Paris?

Mickie’s Waffles, Banana Split, Tramp Spaghetti, Churro, and Dole Whip are some of the best things to eat at Disneyland Paris.

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