Ticket to Disneyland Florida: What Are the Different Types?

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Are you thinking about visiting the famous Disneyland Florida? Disney Florida is one of the most entertaining and recreation centers with lots of theme parks. You may get to witness themed parks like magic kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s animal kingdom. Moreover, You don’t need to worry too much about the budget and ticket to Disneyland Florida, as we will help you get affordable tickets.

You may soak in a world that will seem more than magical. Your kids will love everything at Disneyland. We understand planning a trip to Disney Florida may seem too expensive, but your kid’s smile and laughter are priceless. So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy vacations at Disney Florida this holiday season.

Tickets to Walt Disney are the least flexible part of your travel plan. No matter what you do, if you are visiting Florida, you will have to visit Disneyland, and you have to take a ticket to Disneyland Florida. Your options on Disney world ticket prices are minimal, and thus, you need to know every little detail about getting cheap Disney world tickets.

Ticket to Disneyland Florida

Things to know about getting a ticket to Disneyland Florida

Before we move towards providing you with options to get cheap Disney World tickets, let’s get every detail about the ticket to Disneyland Florida:

  • The first significant point about the Walt Disney World tickets is that ticket prices vary from day 1. If you want to make a price comparison between different sellers, you will have to compare prices from the same starting day. Thus, if you’re going to get low and affordable Disney World ticket prices, you have to be flexible about the sellers’ date. Always make sure to check ticket prices from different sellers. Changing your trip date by a few days can help you to save lots of money.
  • If you don’t know much about the Walt Disney World tickets, you will be surprised to learn that different types of tickets are available according to the park’s theme and the duration. The standard tickets will help you visit per park per day, and the park hopper ticket will allow you to visit multiple parks per day. Thus, you need to be careful while selecting tickets.
  • The multi-park ticket can easily cover anywhere between one day to ten days.

Disney Florida tickets on sale: Is this real?

This may seem pretty surprising, but the tickets to Disney Florida certainly go on sale. Most occasionally, these tickets are on sale almost 6-months before the starting date. During regular days and everyday circumstances, you don’t have to worry about tickets getting sold out.

But, if you plan a trip on special occasions like NewYears and Christmas, you may face a bit of difficulty in purchasing tickets to Disney Florida. If you want to get the cheapest tickets to Disney world, the best months for which you should plan your visit include September, January, and February. In addition to this, Disney Florida can offer tickets at discounted rates anytime. Thus, it would be best if you kept your eyes and ears open.

florida Disneyland

Different types of Disney World tickets

Every parent needs to know every little detail about different Disney World packages and ticket packages. Following are some of the most popular ticket options that you can choose:

Base tickets to Disney

Base ticket will help you to get entry into all four Walt Disney theme parks. This means you can plan a visit to the magic kingdom, Disney’s animal kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The ticket will enable you to visit a single park per day. Thus, the use of the ticket won’t allow you to park hopping. In addition to this, the ticket does not allow any visitors to water parks.


Park-Hopper ticket type will help you to visit and exit the park as per your preference. Thus, if you want, you can see all themed-parks on a single day, or you can also plan to visit different parks on different days. This is your choice.

Hopper plus ticket

In addition to visiting the four themed parks, this category of the ticket to Disneyland Florida enables you to visit other water parks like the Blizzard’s Beach park, Typhoon and Lagoon water park of Disney, Disney’s Gardens Miniature golf course, and one of the most loved, Disney world’s Winter and Summerland Miniature golf course.

Thus, choose among these options to get maximum enjoyment and convenience in visiting Disney theme parks and water parks.

Annual passes and tickets to Disney Florida

Visitors with annual pass holders get discounts on dining, recreation, tours, as well as on merchandise. Following are some of the annual passes you can contact:

Disney platinum plus pass

This pass allows visitors unlimited admissions. This means you can take as many trips to theme parks and water parks as you want. This pass also allows you to get complimentary parking, and hopping across the park is also permitted if you have a Disney Platinum ticket with you. Thus, families that look towards unlimited enjoyment at Disney Florida must use the ticket to Disneyland Florida. This pass has a validity of 365 days after purchase.

Disney Platinum pass

This card can enable visitors to get unlimited options to visit the magical kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom themed park. Getting this pass will help you get complimentary parking, discounts on Disney hotels, recreations, as well as tours.

The pass also includes an additional and complimentary MagicBand. Like the Disney’s Platinum plus pass, this pass is also valid for 365 from the card’s day of activation. When it comes to both of these platinum passes, there are no blackout dates. Thus, you can enjoy your trips anytime you want after the activation date of the card.

Annual passes to water park

This pass enables users to get a year of entry to Disney’s Blizzard beach park and Disney’s Typhoon and Lagoon water park.

disneyland passes

Everything to know about Premier passport to Disney

This is the most fantastic ticket that every Disneyland lover should get for their family and kids. Getting this premier passport allows users to get unlimited entry to every Disney theme parks and waterparks in California and Florida. The Premier passport will also enable users to get free parking, download digital PhotoPass, and send newsletters from Disney land.

The Premier passport allows visitors to make unlimited visits to:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach
  • ESPN’s sports world
  • Disneyland park
  • Disneyland adventure
  • Disney’s oak trail golf course


Disney annual passes for residents of Florida

Residents of Florida get extra discounts and offers on annual passes and tickets to Disney Florida. Following are some of the Disney world packages for the residents of Florida.

Gold pass

The Disney Gold ticket applies to the residents of Florida and Disney’s Vacation Club members only. The Gold ticket also allows users to make unlimited visits to all themed parks and an additional and complimentary parking facility. Hopping across the park is also included under the Disney’s Gold pass.

Disney’s silver pass

The Silver pass is not as expensive as the Disney’s gold pass, but this also does not include any discounts and offers as the Disney’s silver pass. This pass provides users to get unlimited entry during some parts of the year.

This pass also includes park-hopping and complimentary parking facilities for visitors. You may get different discounts and offers on hotel booking, dining, and merchandising when you have this pass available with you. The pass has validity upto 365 days, starting from the activation date.

Disney weekday select pass

This pass offers to the users a year of weekday-admission only to Disneyland Florida. Thus, having this pass won’t allow you to enter the magical Disneyland on weekends. Therefore, you can enter all themed parks like Magical Kingdom Park, Epcot, Animal kingdom park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Monday to Friday.

In addition to this, Florida residents also get different types of discounts on Disney hotels, dining, recreations, and tours.

Florida resident’s theme park selected pass.

This pass has validity only for Florida residents. Thus, those people living in Florida who want to have entry to at least a single theme park all-round the year can choose this pass. This park will provide you with 325-days of access at selected themed parks and 175-days of entry to all major theme parks throughout the year. You can’t get enjoyment as affordable as this pass. Blockout dates for this pass will apply, and it can vary depending on the types of parks.

Disneyland Passes and What You Must Know Before Purchasing Them

Other types of ticket to Disneyland Florida

Epcot’s after-4 pass

This pass offers users the option to enter Epcot theme park on any day you like but after 4:00 PM. In addition to this, the Epcot after-4 pass also provides complimentary parking options and complimentary MagicBand.

Waterparks after-2 pass

This pass is also applicable only to residents of Florida only. This pass allows users to enter Disney’s Typhoon and Lagoon water park and Disney’s Blizzard water park on any day, but only after 2:00 PM. Florida residents, get ready to enjoy the magic and beauty of waterparks by getting this annual pass.

Pass and tickets to Water parks

If you are a water lover and want to visit Disney Land Florida to have fun in the water, these Tickets to Disney Florida can benefit you.

Typhoon Lagoon and blizzard beach water park

Having the water park ticket offers users the option to get one day’s admission into the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks. Users need to make sure that the ticket can be applicable only after purchasing a water park pass on the same day. This note will help you in making an affordable purchase of the ticket.

Water park annual pass

This pass allows users to get unlimited entry at Disney’s Blizzard Beach as well as the Typhoon and Lagoon water parks.

Locations for purchasing a ticket to Disneyland Florida

Although different online platforms can offer you the best opportunities to get unlimited offers and discounts on the purchase of tickets to Disney World, the following are some of the most authentic and genuine places where you can get affordable Disneyland tickets. You can purchase your tickets at the following locations:

  • Disney Ticket Booths situated at all Theme Parks
  • on transportation modes as well as Ticket Center
  • Disney World Water Parks (this place only sells tickets that are included for the admission to the water park)
  • Guest Relations at all Disney Springs
  • At the Concierge desk that is situated at Walt Disney Resorts
  • At the Orlando Airport and Disney shops
  • Disney Gateway at the resort named Gaylord Palms that is located at the Osceola Parkway
  • The Disney Stores at the Florida Mall, Seminole Towne Center, West Oaks Mall, East Disney Stores, Midwest Disney Stores, and World of Disney Store.
  • The Character Warehouse situated at the Belz Outlet as well as Premium Factory Outlet
  • At the Florida Military base that is primarily for Military personnel

So, get cheap and affordable tickets at great deals and discounts at these convenient locations.

While the entire world is facing the wrath of a pandemic due to Covid-19, it’s time to get some happy news that tickets to Disney Florida will be available soon. The arrival at Disney Florida will begin on April 30, 2021. Therefore, people are rushing to get cheap and affordable tickets to Disney Florida. At this gloomy and dark phase that the world is facing, a visit to Disney Florida will undoubtedly bring happiness and enjoyment back to the lives of your loved ones.

Final thoughts

Thus, get ready to discover the magical land at Disney Florida. Please pay attention to all information that we have provided in the article.

Discover this magical land with maximum happiness. Book all types of tickets and hotel bookings to avoid last-minute hassles.

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