My Disney Experiences: Ultimate Planning Tool for All Reservations

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Disneyland is nothing short of a dream experience, and so the planning process is quite elaborate too. Moreover, there are so many details to note, and doing it all by yourself may look too tiring. However, there is a magical way of making everything work in a wink, and that is My Disney Experiences. It is the best planning tool to help you plan the perfect trip.

My Disney Experiences is an app through which you can make dining reservations in advance. Plus, you can also avail of mobile ordering options and FastPass+ choices. In this article, we will tell you the most straightforward processes of doing all of the work. Moreover, using the My Disney Experience app makes it easy to get information regarding wait times, park hours, and more.

If you are going behind time, doing an online check-in is smart to use this app. Altogether, using My Disney Experiences, you can pretty much do all the work regarding vacation planning. Moreover, the app is compatible with almost all forms of electronic devices. So, irrespective of whether you are carrying your laptop, tab, mobile, or all, managing all the tasks is possible through My Disney Experiences.

On the other hand, if you are traveling in a group, for example, with friends or family, the My Disney Experiences tool comes in handy. Using the same, you can share tour details with the entire group. The only condition is that everyone must be a user of the app. Customizing the MagicBand is now more effortless when you have this app. The MagicBand is an accessory that you wear on the wrist during your Disneyland trip. It has the option to control everything from your hotel lock to the FastPass+ selections.

My Disney Experiences

Making FastPass+ selections using My Disney Experiences

If you are a Disney junkie, then most of your friends will come to you regarding tips and suggestions for a trip. That is undoubtedly a tricky question because you won’t want to be a reason for a bad trip. However, there is now a way in which you can advise your friends confidently.

So, for everyone who wants to know how to make your trip the best one, there are two primary suggestions:

Reach the park as early as possible to ensure that you can start touring before it gets crowded.

Please make the most use of FastPass+ on My Disney ExperiencesNow. There is a possibility that most of the people visiting the Disney Parks maybe annual pass holders, veteran tourists, and locals. So, for them, the rides are never a priority. Therefore, they don’t want to use the FastPass+ that much. However, if it is your first time, then the FastPass+ is the ultimate tool you need. Therefore, the intention here is straightforward: to tell all the first-timers about the basics of the reservations and selections on FastPass+.

Here are two of the most important notes before you ultimately start using the tool:

  • While the necessary booking and reservation rules are relatively straightforward, the tips you get are subjective.
  • There may be additional steps that you will require for a more updated plan. However, what you will find next is the central part, while the rest will be petty details that you will understand while making the reservations.

Step 1: Download and sign up for a My Disney Experience account

  • Go to the official website
  • Now you will have to either create a new account or try to sign in with your existing details

Step 2: Understanding the dropdown bar in the MDX (My Disney Experience app)

  • When you open the website screen, it will be an option for a dropdown menu on the top right-hand corner of it. Now, there are several ways in which you can find menus and options in the app. However, clicking the dropdown is the best way of finding things when you are new to these things.

Step 3: Linking your tickets to the My Disney Experience app

  • If you are reserving tickets from the Disney official website, then there is no extra work required. It is because your ticket linking is already done with the MDX app.
  • If you obtain tickets from any other source, then linking them to MDX is essential. As a result, you can manage your whole trip from the app itself.
  • Go to the dropdown bar on the MDX app, and click on the “My Reservations and Tickets” option.
  • Then, you start following the instructions you find next to complete all the tickets’ linking process.
  • After the linking is complete, you are now eligible to utilize the fastPass+ option for all other reservations.

Step 4: Tap on the FastPass+ option from the dropdown menu after opening the booking tab

  • Now you will land on the FastPass+ homepage.
  • Choose the “Get Started” option.
  • Select the people who will be accompanying you on the trip. So, the app robot will recognize all of those names to make bookings easier later.
  • After the selection process is complete, scroll down till the end of the page, and choose the “Next” option.
  • On the next screen, what you have is a form where you must enter your Disney Park trip dates. You will also need to answer the number of days you will be staying there.
  • After entering your choices, a table will appear to show you whatever dates are available for further booking. While FastPass+ will try to give you dates as per your choice, it may not be possible every time. Therefore, the dates on which there are blue ticks are the ones that are available for your booking.
  • Lastly, you will have to click on all the dates you want to book for your stay.

Step 5: Choosing Disney Park for your visit

  • After you select the desired dates for your visit, FastPass+ will show you the parks that will be available
  • Now, you have to select the park that you want to visit

Step 6: Selecting the attractions

  • Now that the dates and park availability part is sorted, you can pick out your choice of attractions. The FastPass+ option will divide the attractions based on the number of days you are in Disneyland. Moreover, some parks won’t allow you to choose more than one or two attractions for touring in a day.
  • After you pick out the attractions, FastPass+ will show you if they are unavailable and the reasons for the same. Therefore, using the app means you get all the latest updates. Besides, knowing such things help you to plan the perfect trip.

Step 7: Choose the timings of your visit

While it does not matter what time you choose, there are suggestions on FastPass+ that you may follow. The dashboard on the app contains threads by several people who talk about their ways of planning. For example, many people find it better to make bookings during supper time the last evening. As a result, they may be able to check-in for their tour early.

On the other hand, reaching early means waiting time before taking rides will be minimum, and you can cover your day’s trip chart by afternoon. By lunch, you can return to the hotel, freshen up and get some rest. Again, in the evening, you set out for the rest of the activities while the pre-bookings are already in place. That’s exactly how you utilize the benefits of the FastPass+ option on MDX.

Step 8: Confirm all the selections

You must ensure that all the bookings are duly complete. It means that you have to double-check whether you have mistakenly left a process before clicking on the finalizing option.

Step 9: Check the FastPass+ details

It would help if you took a note of all the “arrive between” time slots. For example, most attractions keep a buffer time of an hour within which you can visit. However, there are exceptions to this rule. There is the rigidity of buffer allowance during the late hours of the day and for show timing.

Step 10: Choosing a different day or the same day

The question that arises here is how many bookings can you make for a day? If you are considering attractions, then the maximum number is three for a day. Moreover, all of these three attractions must be in the same park. Once you complete exploring the three books, it is time to check out the FastPass+ rolling option. So, under this scheme, you can expand your booking either from the My Disney Experiences on your mobile or a kiosk in the park.

My Disney Experiences

Using the My Disney Experience app on your mobile

What are the functions and options you will get when you are using the MDX app on your mobile phone?

Here is a list of the significant options that you will get on the app when you are operating it on your mobile:

Personal details and latest updates

Map Guide-Disney World

Whenever you try to do a My Disney Experience login, the first tab that appears is the home page. Here, you will mainly get to see the recent updates and announcements, if any. Apart from that, there are maps of the various sections of the property under the option of “park maps.” Moreover, you will get information regarding descriptions, wait time for rides, characters meet and greet availability and PhotoPass member locations.

Plus, you get all the updates regarding dining options, entertainments, guest services, events, and more. If you are looking for a Disney resort, you will get options for that as well. Apart from the activities only, you can go for a relaxing spa session and shopping too.

My account

This is the section in which you will get every information regarding you and your trip. For example, there will be both personal and reservation details. So, what all can you expect to see under this tap. Of course, your name and picture will be there.

Apart from that, there are your contact details, birthday, Cards, and MagicBands that you link with the app. Moreover, there is a list of your preferred communication mode, payment methods that you prefer, and your family list. Last but not least, this section also consists of all the Disneyland vacation club information.

Park entry and information

Show timings for the day

As you enter this section, there is an elaborate list of all the show timings for fireworks, parades, and nighttime events for the day.

Park timing details

The details under this section include the regular opening and closing hours, availability of shows and attractions, and the Extra Magic timing.

Your tickets

There is a “My tickets” tab on the MDX app. This is where you will be able to check out all the tickets that are linked. It is also an easy way to check whether all the tickets’ linking process is duly complete. Moreover, besides every ticket, there will be extra information such as the validity date of the same and its eligibility on a specific day.

Pass Blackouts

You may already know that there are different types of passes available for entry into the Disney Parks. The blackout dates of the passes largely depend on the type of pass you have. Therefore, under this section, you can check whether you can enter the parks on a particular date as an annual pass holder.

disneyland passes

My plans


Now that you are already aware of the benefits of the FastPass+ option, there is no need to explain more about this.

Reserve Dining

There are specific restaurants at Disney parks that require prior reservations mandatorily. Therefore, using the app for bookings is the best way to secure a spot.

Food ordering

There is a mobile food ordering option that you will get when you start using the MDX app. This reduces the waiting time for food pick-up.

Other options on the mobile MDX app:

  • link dining and hotel
  • My photos
  • Spotlight

Final thoughts on Disney Experiences

Planning for Disneyland is quite a task, but with the above details, you will do it correctly without any hassles.

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