Club 33 Disney World – All You Need to Know About Membership

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Club 33 is a membership that is private and ultra-exclusive. Each venue of Walt Disney World has an outlet of this membership club open now. But getting into the Club 33 Disney World or Disneyland can be tricky, as you require a lot more than just money. So, if you want to know everything about it and how to join Club 33, start scrolling down! Here we have covered everything you need to know about Club 33!

What is Club 33 Disney World?

Club 33 is a creative concept that Walt Disney came up with himself. It is basically an exclusive club for people who wish to stay away from crowds and enjoy the elite treatment. The idea popped up in Walt Disney’s mind when Disneyland was overcrowded, and there was no distinction between elite-class people and the common public.

Walt Disney preferred working with investors on trying out new businesses at Disneyland. He also involved special friends and film folks in various places in Disneyland. So, it became tough to keep his close associates away from every regular park visitor. Therefore, he came up with the idea of Club 33.

So, he made this special place keeping in mind the fulfillment of his dreams by having peaceful discussions with his associates. Since you know well enough that the best discussion and concrete plans only take over a drink and good food, Club 33 is specifically designed as a bar, lounge, and restaurant. Also, you will find an adjacent smoking room and private parlor where wealthy people close their billion-dollar deals.

Club 33 Disney World

What makes Club 33 special?

Since Club 33 is an exclusive membership club, it offers the best elitism, concierge-level career, and services with loads of secrecy.

It not only has a fancy bar and restaurant but Club 33 has some authentic movie props too. Are you wondering what those props are? Well, they have props from movies like “The Happiest Millionaire” and “Mary Poppins.” Plus, it also possesses some artwork from the entire world.

However, now Club 33 is present all across the globe with the perfect elegance and detail. And their soul motto is luxury! Club 33 is special because of its exclusiveness. Keeping in mind the wishes of Walt Disney, the place is the elite’s sanctuary. Plus, it also means the benchmark of achievements and success.

That’s why it also creates a sense of anonymity. There is a specially made Club 33 gate that is, of course, fake, which is perfect for people to click pictures.

Just beside that, you will find the actual door, where you need to scan to get into the park. All the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Parks have the same setup at all their locations.

Where will you find Club 33?

Before your excitement level hits the brim, let us inform you that you cannot share your Club 33 membership. Club 33 membership you have at Walt Disney will allow you inside the four parks, but it will not let you into the one in Shanghai.

Check out the following locations:

Disneyland – Club 33

Club 33 at Disneyland is present at their original address of 33 Royal Street, New Orleans Square.

Tokyo Disneyland – Club 33

It is present at World Bazaar, Center Street.

Shanghai Disneyland – Club 33

It is present at Mickey Avenue, Shanghai Disneyland.

Walt Disney World – Club 33

Here are four parks of Walt Disney World where Club 33 is present:

  • Animal Kingdom – Harambe House, near Festival of the Lion King.
  • Hollywood Studios – behind The Brown Derby, at Walt Disney World – spotlight lounge.
  • Magic Kingdom – Captain’s Quarters, at Adventureland entrance
  • Epcot – World Showcase, American Adventure Pavilion, Constellation Club

Club 33 Disney World

How much will Club 33 membership cost you?

Now that you know so much about Club 33 secrets and how wonderful it is to be a member, the question on your mind is, indeed how much does it cost? Isn’t it? So, now we will answer that question below! Check it out:

Walt Disney World – membership fees for Club 33

For the initial membership, you will require around $33,000. And the annual dues are approximately $15000.

Disneyland – membership fees for Club 33

The Disneyland membership costs more as it is considered a more prestigious club with authenticity at its peak. The initial membership fee ranges between $25,000 to $50,000, and the annual cost ranges between $12,000 and $25,000.

The perks of getting a Club 33 membership

Apart from enjoying the star treatment and wonderful experience of Club 33, the membership also fetches you some perks. So, if you have a Walt Disney World’s membership, here is the list of what you will get:

  • You will get a premiere passport along with your family members. Here family member implies to children who are below 26 and your spouse.
  • Perks of having an essential premier passport
  • You will be allowed 365 days of admission to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
  • There will be no block-out dates.
  • You can download unlimited PhotoPasses.
  • Standard parking space for free.
  • Incredible discounts on guided tours, recreation, merchandise, and table-service dining.
  • VIP guided tours that are five daylong.
  • Park hopper tickets for one day – 50
  • A secretive number of FastPass and reservations
  • Accessibility to private concierge services
  • You can visit and access all the Club 33 lounges present in four parks present at Disney World.

Now that you know getting a Club 33 membership can fetch you so many perks, you must be wondering how to get it? Well, start scrolling down, and you will surely not be disappointed.

Club 33 Disney World

How to join Club 33 Disney World or Disneyland?

Joining Club 33 Disney World is comparatively easier than entering Disneyland. According to several reports, Disneyland does have long waiting lists. However, if you are lucky enough, you can avail of the membership. But the key to join Club 33 Disney World or Disneyland is ‘invitation.’ Only when you get an invitation that is time can you avail the membership.

How to get a Club 33 Disney World invitation?

If you want to see inside Club 33 Disney World, you can go with a friend or relative who is a member as a guest. However, that instance is rare, and you would not want to wait for that chance.

So, if you are sure you want a Club 33 membership, you can email them at their official email address. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the details, but they may require professional, financial, and social information. However, it is always best you go through their website and check out what specifications they are looking for.

Few tips and decorum to maintain inside Club 33

Walt Disney wasn’t fortunate enough to experience Club 33, as he died six months before the club’s inauguration. But his thoughts of giving his guests the perfect and exquisite dining experience and first-class treatment do prevail.

So, if you can get the Club 33 membership, there are certain etiquettes you have to follow inside the place. However, if you are not a member and are fortunately invited by a member, you can still enjoy Club 33. So, here we have made a list of things you need to keep in mind while visiting Club 33. Check them out below before you visit Club 33 Disney World or Disneyland:

Dressing perfectly

For lunch, dressing up in casuals is fine. You can wear your shorts and go into Club 33 at ease. But it would help if you avoided yourself from wearing swimsuits, cut-offs, tank tops, other beachwear, and of course, bare midriffs.

If you visit Club 33 for dinner, the rules remain the same, but you are not allowed in your shorts. However, you can wear a quality pair of jeans and pants with collar-shirts for men. And women can wear pants with a top or an informal dress.

Club 33 is particular about their shoes. So, if you are thinking about wearing your flip-flops, keep them out of the list.

For the drinking time

When you are at Disney World or Disneyland, Club 33 is the only place that serves alcohol. The list of cocktails and wine is massive and highly elite-class.

Enjoy a couple of drinks only if you can handle it. Otherwise, it is best to stick to one glass if you cannot stay classy at Club 33. Every drink you have and every food you eat is delicately made and is simply perfect.

Enjoy looking around

Getting inside Club 33 is not easy. You either have to be extremely lucky, wealthy, or both to get into Club 33. So, you should look around and enjoy a bit of your visit to this exotic place.

You can see some mesmerizing art displays and the beautiful décor inside Club 33. Also, another thing you must not miss is the bathrooms! Yes! It may seem odd, but the bathrooms of Club 33 itself are a sight for everyone to watch. If you are a woman, you will witness some upscale and well-maintained lady’s powder room.

Everything you eat at Club 33 is perfectly prepared and wonderfully served. And everyone who visits this place once is in sync with this statement. So, order different things they have on their menu and enjoy every bit of your food.

Enjoy every bit of your time

Since visiting Club 33 is a lifetime experience, there is no need to rush. Enjoy and feel every bit about visiting this place. After you finish your lunch or dinner, don’t miss out on seeing the balcony. It is beautiful and will also give you a chance to try out some window shopping.

However, some items mention ‘members-only.’ In that case, you would require the member to be with you to purchase any merchandise or souvenir you like.

After that, you can sit in the lounge and enjoy taking pictures at the Court of Angels. Sit and sync in the dream of being inside Club 33. With a sweet sorrow in your heart, when it’s about time to leave, take at the moment and live every bit of it.

Maintain a proper conduct

If you are lucky, then you will be able to enter Club 33. And if you have got the opportunity, follow proper conduct. It is ideal to be at your behavioral best and acknowledge the service you are getting. Also, you must keep in mind the privacy of other guests. Don’t go overboard and get obsessed about clicking pictures as it may tamper with your conduct.

If you happen to be inside Club 33 having your dinner, you get another perk of experiencing empty Disney World or Disneyland, which is indeed a rare sight.

You can take a stroll and be accompanied by the cast members of Club 33. They are friendly and extremely courteous. The entire experience of visiting Club 33 will be magical, and it will remain in your memories forever. Also, we must mention that the food they serve inside Club 33 is extraordinary and delicious. Dining in the finest restaurants is the best experience you can have. So, enjoy every bit of your experience.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, you indeed know everything about Club 33 Disney World and Disneyland. You may be anticipating becoming a member or be lucky enough to be invited by a member. Either of the opportunities will fetch you a world-class experience that you are sure to remember all your life.

However, if you can afford the Club 33 membership, check out their official email address and email them your details. You never know how you can get lucky! Also, if you get a chance to visit Club 33, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be delighted to know about your experience!

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